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The Redmen have won the Premier League,
The Holy Footballing Grail is coming back home to Anfield Road,
Because Liverpool FC are top dogs again,
So Liverpool FC and their fans are in joy and happiness,
Thanks To Klopp and the lads,
Thanks To Klopp and the lads,
Thanks To Klopp and the lads.
Dakes Jun 27
City of Blue
City of Red
Toilet rolls, none to be found
The Sun at hand, ready to shred

City of Blue
City of Red
Corona came
And we brought out our dead

City of Blue
City of Red
Standing together
River of tears unshed

Together in Joy
Together in Grief
Klopp went and did it
City together bows to the Chief

City of culture, red & blue
City of friends & wits that's true
As Lockdown lifts, the City awakes
Stay safe & alert. For all our sake's...
My beloved adopted City celebrates the Redmen winning the Premier League and crowds celebrate.

All in the belief that the virus won't attack them. Won't use them as a vector to the vulnerable. I really hope not...

But also, the spirit of my City remains indomitable in the face of the trials, tribulations, sacrifices & losses of lockdown 2020. Too many have gone before their time but this City will prevail.

May we all have a brighter future and take only what we want into the 'New Normal'.
Ryan May 6
So, up to Liverpool,
pretty cool,
I've got family there, and I'm trying to find my bearings.

When I was a kid I went with my Auntie to the Adelphi Hotel,
I remember it well,
so that's where I'll start, move my feet,
it's a quick walk to Bold Street.

Everyone flocks to the Albert Docks,
regenerated, updated, and has created a vibrant corner of a once-thriving port city,
which is pleasing,
the only downside is it's ****** freezing!

The nights out are decent too,
this where Liverpool really pulls through.
Matthews Street, can't be beat,
or Concert Square,
where, you head to Baa Bar for some shots and a few jars.

Then onto Nation with the rest of Liverpool's student population,
going down to Wolstenholme Square,
great memories, shame it's no longer there.

Capital of Culture, lots to explore,
the council wants to restore the city centre,
Liverpool One is second to none.

New shops to buy our Fred Perry tops,
new bars to entertain us,
new places to wear our smart Adidas trainers.
A modern shopping centre to walk through,
have they really called it Everton Two?

Girls off to the supermarket with their hair up in rollers and wearing their PJ's,
funny looks on the face of people who are new to the place.

Lads in black Lacoste trackies,
in the 1980s they came back from the continent after European success,
wearing Fila and Ellesse,
it was called casual,
the style went national.

A city of myths legends,
some more tongue in cheek but still unique.

A sock robber from Kirkby,
is it the original Cavern Club? Well, to a degree.
What about Carragher's tattoo?
He's blue born and bred,
is Paul McCartney actually dead?

I know it's a clichè, but I must say,
it isn't a mere rumour,
there is undoubtedly a Scouse sense of humour,
wordplay and the inflexion on the things they say.
A witty city that's for sure, come and visit,
you'll have everything you need and more.
A beginner who is looking for some opinions and constructive feedback.
Eleanor Apr 10
Today we talked about Christmas  
and saw a Liverpool match on T.V.
While we tried not to let these things hurt,
Because that’s life for my family and me.

Yesterday I saw a red car
And friends of his walked by.
I also heard his favourite song.
And Robert asked when horse would die.

We must always count the dinner plates
And number of seats in the car.
We must constantly watch our words
Because pain is never far.

There are more red things in my life now
Than back when Aaron was alive.
I didn’t do that on purpose  
The colour just seems to thrive.

And if he was still here  
I'd share a Spanish teacher with him.
And still see jam on table clothes.
And porridge bowls filled to the brim.

I wear a red heart around my neck
And a blue one for me.
The green one’s on its way in the mail
To represent child number three.

I still use Viber to talk to people
But there’s no annoying messages to see.
And I always see boys with bright curly hair,
Whenever I feel lonely.

My runners look like the ones we bought him
Just before he died.
And dinner tomorrow would have been his favourite.
Something spicy, slow roasted, not dried.

Today we talked about Christmas  
And watched a Liverpool match on T.V.
And because these were once happy times,
They will now never be pain free.
There are a lot of small things related to loss that happen everyday. Everyone's experience is different but similar in how they affect you.
The sky has turned red and there is nothing you can do about it
All I see victory
All I hear is victory
The street of the greatest comebacks story will give a perfect reminisce

Everywhere is red
You'll never walk alone
Not even the devil can shy us away from victory
Istanbul a sweet home for the Kops

You'll never
Not without the trophy !
Not without Hendo lifting the Cup !
You'll never walk alone
Steve May 2018
No blame
We go again
Through the rain
We go again
Liverpool oh Liverpool
We’ve never been prouder
Standing on the highest stage
We’ve never sang louder
Heads held high
There is no shame
To the golden sky
We go again.
Feeling pretty deflated today but through it all still proud of my team.
Steve Feb 2018
Old bill
Sitting on the step at the front door
Gassed and shelled in the first Great War
He watched the kids play in Exley Street
And he called me **** sparra
I remember he warmed my hands
-from the snow
Mugged me when I went to the shop for him
-because he couldn't go
His cap hung from a nail in the wall
- in the corner where he sat by the fire
I'd usually buy him 5 woody's with the shilling
He was 14 when he started work
-as a can lad
I'd usually get to keep a thrupenny bit
74 when he retired
I'd usually buy sweets or a comic with it
-still making the tea
He was my grandad
A brickie for most of his life
Except when he was Johnny English
And continental travel was rife
-he couldn't even catch his breath
Old Bill, my grandad still.
My memories of my grandad, he died when I was 14.
Luke Apr 2017
There once was a man from Liverpool,
he once decided he needed a bigger tool,
so he went to the shop,
he was in a flop,
and accidently bought a new stool.
this is a sad story about a man I knew from Liverpool
PSR Dec 2016
Back of the net,
A collective roar
Of instant joy,
Lets get one more.

We need the points
To stay on top.
So keep on chanting
in the Spion Kop.

Four wins on the trot,
lets make it 5.
We'll bring this city of
Liverpool alive.

It's now or never,
We're almost there.
This is the last game,
This is our year.

45 minutes to go,
Then the season ends.
Go tell your neighbours,
Go tell your friends.

Join in with the chorus,
Join in with the song,
We are Liverpool,
We are back,
Right where we belong.
My hopes for Liverpool football club winning this years premier league title in England
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