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I know Simon’s a court poet. To dedicate
Odes to monarchs’s survival. Raymond as
A philosopher valued life’s democratic state,
I honour monarchy as any man, at last,

In whose heart the Empire’s spirit beating,
Long live the Commonwealth for time all!
By Nika for all time became blessed Britain,
The country army scare foes all!

And the Queen is the brand for all the world,
All ministers’ll retire but not the Queen!
I have not seen a monarch nobler from of  old,
Who honours just so traditions’, honour’s being.

Thank you for giving inspiration to the poet
For his poems, by your own greatness.
Thus, rule for the population’s good great,
Setting an example for other rulers.


Я знаю, что сейчас поэт придворный Саймон,
И оды посвящать монархам – прошлый век!
И как демократизм ценил философ Раймон,
Монархию я чту, как каждый человек,

В чьём сердце бьётся дух Империи Великой –
Содружества Союз да здравствует в веках!
Британия всегда благословенна Никой,
И армия страны врагам вселяет страх!

И Королева есть как Бренд международный:
Министры все уйдут, но Королева есть!
Не видел в жизни я монарха благородней!
Кто точно также чтит традиции и честь!

Спасибо Вам за то, что дали вдохновенье
Поэту на стихи величием своим!
Так правьте же ещё во благо населенья,
Давая так пример правителям другим!

Translator - I. Toporov
Sleep dear cousin, labor’s done
“God’s Grace” slumbers in your arms
Safe and warm and loved

*my pregnant womb flutters
or does it quake?
Now Elisabeth's full time came that she should
be delivered; and she brought forth a son.
4th in the "Ave Maria" series.
two women
matron and maiden
pregnant with divinity

carry sons
chosen to prepare a way
and establish a kingdom

carry sons
destined to baptize and to heal
and to die (one will rise)

but for today
matron and maiden
pregnant with divinity

delight in figs and tea
and weave soft blankets
and giggle with baby-time anticipation
this is my take on how it might have gone down for Mary and Elisabeth.  Mary being sent off to "help" her aged cousin with her pregnancy, because they did not know what else to do with her, and also to save her from possible stoning.  But I think that Elisabeth was the only one who really understood this young maiden.

— The End —