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JosilinP 13h
I'll try my best to explain
in between two different people
smothered by ones dread and anothers hope
how is it that I dream to rot but I yearn to grow?
what makes one's life softer yet exhilarating
losing myself in the depression of one
and finding joy in living in another
the words don't fit  
so I cannot explain
JosilinP Oct 10
The same
There's no way
these things could change
The pain of today
rolled from yesterday
and the big way
they say life changes
is just another excuse
for saddened people

to survive
JosilinP Oct 8
I felt my bones shift to fit yours
as your body constricted mine
I think I left my heart outside

Soon I realize.
my body was never mine
sustenance for your hunger
inside my own slumber
JosilinP Oct 7
My ribs fluttered out, in a painfully slow motion
the tar sea poured down from my heart
Buzzing wasps swam
roses bloomed with bloodlust thorns
and fairies sang, my song of doom
JosilinP Oct 4
How much longer till they realize
  the shepherds are trying to be sheep
hidden by fake prophets
  trying to fake sleep
for they are the demons
  that make us
JosilinP Oct 4
Put your metal in my mouth
Feel the pressure on your chest
Pull the trigger and try your best
Not to make such a mess
JosilinP Sep 18
The skin peels
slowly and vigorously
a soft reflection of hope in the flesh
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