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JosilinP May 2018
math class smells like rot
but i never gave it a second thought
for i live with dead bodies in my brain
and i will never be the same
i did this in math class
JosilinP Feb 2018
theres just a little something
that eats away at me.
it caused me to see everything
that i don't like in me.
JosilinP Feb 2018
whats the point of my existence? why put a pebble in a stream full of fish
JosilinP Jan 2018
We don't talk much anymore
we'll watch as the clock hits the floor
as time is slowing
theres nothing showing
but a small clip of your life
and how you killed out of spite
try and fix it all
we'll watch as the world starts to fall
took me like 6 minutes to write this. sorry
  Nov 2017 JosilinP
Tristan Brown
I want to speak
I want to say hello
I want to say I love you and I always have
I want to tell you I keep going in hopes that one day
I might really know you
I want to tell you how even though you are human,
Somehow, you are perfection
I want to say I'll be there for you when no one else is
I'd love to tell you death is a small price to pay
To see you smile

But instead I tell you nothing at all
Because my voice,
My voice is a toxin
That freezes hearts
And when I speak
The toxin pierces my lips
And I am helpless to stop it

It wouldn't matter what I'd say
My voice would stab you as if it were a knife
And it would leave permanent scars

My voice would stain you with
All of the horrors that are me

So I'll keep those words to myself
And pray that you'll find someone
That can make you

— The End —