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JosilinP Dec 2020
The chains which bind me
to this body of leather
restless and tired
flame with no fire -
I wonder whose eyes
glare upon my soul...
unfinished, I hate it
JosilinP Dec 2020
there is a river in everyone
some flow fast and some flow slowly
some are dry some are flooded
but no matter what it will leave a path
even though someone may lose their way
they have a river to remind them of where they lay
don't try to contaminate someone's river
JosilinP Apr 2020
it doesn't matter what we do
just as long as I'm here with you
we can sit in silence all night
and you'd still turn my world bright
JosilinP Apr 2020
when I can't see her smile
it's like the tunnel gets 100 miles longer
and it gets harder
to see the light
JosilinP Apr 2020
I see her in the hall and my heart
I can't get enough of her
cherry lips
button nose
tigers eye stare
she is the reason I glow
she is the reason I love
JosilinP Feb 2020
A tired delirious mind in a warped reality
JosilinP Nov 2019
It's a bad dream
the feeling of being stuck
inside a latex suit
pushing to get out
in all restricting more
impossible to break free

that's my reality
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