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Anna Sep 14
The lights flashed
In the dreary hallway
Through the keyhole, he watched her run
His hands were red as his eyes
The room maid heard everything
From shots to running steps
Oh, Annabeth
What did he do with you
She was caught in a nightmare
And for that there was no escape
Bunny trap in hotel bed sheets
We all heard he screaming to hell
He wanted her back
But he made a colossal mistake
She didn't reach the hotel front door
Oh, Annabeth.
Michael Hole Sep 12
The rudest awakening,
Alarm clock beckons.
From bliss to reality,
in two nasty seconds.

Early winter mornings,
an unnatural time.
So dark and depressing
is this great British clime.

The air is freezing.
The heating is broken.
It's to this Baltic *******,
that I am awoken.

Skin's hypersensitive
and lights are too bright.
Noises too noisy,
Take me back to the night.

Forced out of bed,
and all just for money.
But as everyone knows,
no money, no honey.
Alexis Sep 11
let me drown in the
vastness of my own consciousness .

let me sleep,
sleep once without waking up tired .

tired from the same feelings
that left me tired the night before .
a plead from an insomniac
I trust you so deeply to respect me.
And every day you show me in one way or another, that you really do. You don’t just tell me, you show me, too.
Jon Thenes Sep 6
We lay
as gloves
each a leisured hand
ingested by the other

Pleasure teeming
and weak for the feed

Keening to pray continue
we lay down
to play some more
Mitch Prax Aug 31
an empty bed
and the lights turned down
is the perfect recipe
for you and me
chloie Aug 29
and when i'm half-awake,
with my phone pressed against my ear,
listening to your voice lulling me to sleep,
i swear we come face to face.
ankles touching,
hands tucked beneath our cheeks,
eyes connected,
hearts intertwining.

on different beds,
on the same page.

it'll do. darling,
it'll do.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Serene and still, so fast asleep,
Your body, soft white gold,
Radiating morning warmth,
Wrapped up away from cold.

Your skin reflects the morning light,
sneaking through the blinds.
Your hair a thousand shades of shine,
conceals your perfect lines.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Hugs and kisses,
for my princess,
on this Tuesday morning.

I hope your sleep,
was sweet and deep,
without my awful snoring.

If I was there,
I'd stroke your hair,
And stare with eyes adoring.

We'd lay and talk,
I'd joke, you'd squark,
both, between our yawning.
Peter B Aug 21
One day they will join
their brothers-in-dust
and live together in box rooms
under the ground,
where no tables, no chairs,
no carpets, no sofas,
just simple beds.
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