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Louisa Coller Feb 15
A warm pinch, not painful.
Timid tingles, graceful lurking.
I think of your face, light-headed.
My mind is alluring.

I dream of your eyes, so dark and ripe.
Lips sealed, so tight.
My sinful night.
Louisa Coller Nov 2020
You carry on like a fast-paced wheel,
While I am stuck in place.
You carry on everyday,
But I'm stuck here just the same.
I hope I'm fine, I want more time,
Please don't take that away.

To be just someone else on a list
Of others
Would just pain me.
Louisa Coller Nov 2020
Across the seas,
where you once breathed,
Is where you left your body.

Some in water, some on land,
Some buried in Belgium's grounds.

British soil beneath my feet,
Your brother's return is why I'm here,
We sunk, we fought and exist today.

Thank you, for everything.
Louisa Coller Aug 2020
You're warm, I like that.
I see you so focused,
at blissful distractions.

If you keep writing the worlds,
you build steadily on truth,
I do hope that people...

Become more like you.
Louisa Coller Aug 2020
It falls apart.

A string of hope?
No, it survived.

A thread of the soul?
Intact, it's muddled up.

A simple heart string?
It feels sore but not gone.

What was it then?

Louisa Coller Jun 2020
Beautiful skin, shimmering with love.
Loving souls filled with stories.
Amazing music, dreaming of gold.
Curious wonders, captivated by lows.
Kind to one another, kind to all.

Living in fear, each and everyday.
Ignored by potential yet in pain.
Viciously harmed for being them.
Even today, when they plea for safety.
Some will just look another way.

March in lines for change and love,
Arrogance and racism left destroyed.
Together in community,
Together with care...
Everyone must understand,
Really how much is there.
Black lives matter
Louisa Coller Jun 2020
My voice is heard,
but my heart stops.

I hear your words,
And I want to stop.

If I just keep quiet,
I won't upset you.

It'll damage me, instead.
A romance setting.
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