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Zhavaed Haemaed Mar 2020
Light steps taken through teenage and out,
Into the labyrinth of knowledge immense.
The days he spent were rigorous & tough,
Enlightenment sought for a spiritual dance.
Six years went by and more eventually will.
The eternal student in the medical field.
Harrowing swiftly over his patients of old,
And sick and depleted and demented and cold.
He earned his due over their recovery, well
A touch of satisfaction akin divinity's swell.
Higher powers of cure none else could whim,
But wait, the pack made a all-knowing of him.
"How could he not cure the morbid of ills?
What use of his nobility if the reaper won still?"
And it was then that the violence did start!
With bare hands, metal bars and no holds bar!
He survived, near death_just mortal he was,
The in-fights & dog-fights & fist-fights too much.
With loss of faith and beliefs in shambles,
The young doctor, yet arose atop all scandals!

Distraught and desolate yet dauntless in will
He hopes for his servitude to have a meaning, still!
Written in solidarity with the doctor fraternity in India. The young gun, the best minds of the country .. being subjected to violence at the hands of those that, in their griveous hurt_ take it all out on the young doctor. For no fault of his.
Grace Thaba Aug 2019
When your heart is broken
And you couldn't make them stay
You don't have to feel that way
Don't be lost- don't stray
Just Pray

When self doubt weighs in heavy
And you dont know which direction you heading
Guidance is on your way
Don't be lost- don't stray
Just Pray

Sometimes days don't get easier, but that doesn't mean it has to be the end
Did you know you'll get stronger from those days?
You'll get the answers as to why you lived those days
If you kneel and pray

I didn't mend this heart on my own
I kneeled down and I prayed
I didn't make it this far on my own
I kneeled down and I prayed
So if you feel that way
Don't be lost- don't stray
Just Pray
When days are dark and everything seems to not be going your way, PRAY
Herselfher Feb 2019
You may feel down and out
You may feel like you can’t get out
You may feel worthless
You may feel like no one will ever love you
You may feel homeless
You may feel selfish
You may feel confused
You may feel passion
You hold on for the ride
The day will come
Things will be alright
Hydeer Jan 2019
A string will have imperfections and little threads that poke out and look ugly
Some threads even hurt the structure of how strong the string is
And that's ok they all do if you want you can try to fix the thread and put it back
And a lot of the time it will work and the string will be stronger than ever
The important thing to do when an impefection occurs in a string and refuses to be fixed is to
Now this part is important
Cut. It. Off.
Cutting a thread of is hard almost all the time
But if you tried to wound it back in with the others as best you can and it is just to stubborn
Cut. It. Off.
I wish I learned to cut off threads earlier. Not saying it's a good thing but it'll be better for everyone in the long run.
Dirt crumbled at my feet, as moths finish off my sleep. My whole skull is uncovered, unconcerned with greener leaves.

Will this comfort ever stay? I'm losing hope as it decays. Decorate my heart with iris, because its carcass has faded grey.

Lace my body for the crows; nest my ribs, and clean my bones. Residue of torture palpitates, from within its catacombs.

Who knows when winter will come, so freeze your lungs until they're numb. Because breathing isn't worth this turmoil, and I think the dark swallowed your Sun----
All feedback is welcome and appreciated :)
Declan Quinn Aug 2016
One more week,
I didn’t spend the time I should.
One more day,
I didn’t say what needed said.
One more hour,
So you can tell me those things I already know.
One more minute,
So I can tell you the same.
One more second,
Of that silent, perfect love.
One more,
Adellebee Feb 2016
I am a shell
Someone I used to know
A memory of a shattered soul

I used to be someone
Who had something to say
Someone had an opinon

I used to see the day
Sunlight, on my face
The clue clouds
And even sometimes, the rain

I used to

I am a shell now
So many burns and horror stories
So many heartbreaks
My chest of drawers
My infinite sorrows
I let them go unnoticed

They never see the surface
I hide them on purpose

I am shell now
An empty home
Looking for a new place
A new place to hang my hat
And loved
Before hard times pass;    
Life stinks and hurts,
Worse than a wound oozing pus.
In such times....
Its always wise to realise that;
Every kind of pain,contains gain.
So choose to endure,
Because such times are always
An opportunity to bloom and mature......
My very first poem on HP :D

— The End —