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Rachel Spell Nov 2020
eleven (11:11) eleven.
we see
in each other.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
you and me.

eleven (11:11) eleven.
so what
will happen
when we touch?
11:11 11/11
Rachel Spell Nov 2020
in another universe
we have what we want.
no one can stop us there.
let's picture it.

in another universe
our hearts aren't tethered
to poisonous mistakes.
let's imagine it.

in another universe
we remain our true selves,
no barrier of judgement.
let's dream it.

in another universe
things make more sense,
where we don't live lies.
let's make believe.

-- r.s.
in a parallel universe...
Rachel Spell Nov 2020
your burden to bury
in a casket of gray.
your heart is wary
since that autumn day.

your vow was spoken
under silver moon.
your promise, broken
unexpectedly, too soon.

your farewell has come
before a given chance.
til death do us part.
you may have the first dance.

-- r.s.
how did this happen?
Rachel Spell Nov 2020
car window moonlight,
familiar music plays through
crackling speakers,
serenading us.

muttered confession,
I pretend I do not hear
and will say I have forgotten
but I might never.

fearless actions,
stunning your audience,
I do not applaud
but I crave an encore.

quiet drive home
on deserted roads.
we panic at midnight,
then laugh at dawn.


— The End —