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bakunawa Jun 2018
there was a
              perched in
                  my hand
                      and i was
      too afraid to
                           light it
                    yet the horrors
    in the road
        wasn't what
                terrified me,
            it was the destination ahead.
                        the light i held
              sought the
  road to
                 and yet
                       i just know
             it wasn't
                   the road
       i was taking
                nor could it be
          the roads
                     i will be passing...
                                it will be the road
              i take when
                            i finally decide
                                                to take a u-turn.    
with one foot down and a weary knee
                      thinking about
        every afternoon
             going to the 'right' garage
                      after strolling in the
                   wrong neighborhood
                             staring blankly
                                  at all the cities
              all the towns
all the villages
     all the blocks  
          all the intersections
               all the streets
                         in all garages
        that could've possibly been 'right'
                   and one that could've
              possibly been home
    possibly been hope
                         i park at the house.

          all i see is a
                             in front   
                               of me...
                               and the ride back home
                      so far away------
i ain't
are more

we made that shape
Walk with me, with calloused feet and weary eyes
Walk with me, through crowded marketplaces
Where they bargain over the price of love
And bodies are sold for a song

Walk with me, dusk is far away still
Our anklets are shackles, our souls a shroud
The market is a sea of sharks today
Their gleaming, moist teeth threaten and lure

Walk with me, my love, my heart, the air in my lungs
Let’s breathe freedom one last time
Where the tinkling laughter of a child is still heard
And the nights are still scented with jasmine

Walk with me, as our prices are fixed
For the sway in our hips, or the curve of our lips
Walk with me, dusk is approaching
And the auctioneer’s hammer is about to fall
A stranger in my living room
We've never talked
We may not even be compatible
And do we even share any interests?
Well god knows seeing as we've never seen
Each other before
And now I'm resigned to take him as my husband
My lover, my missing half*
My partner for the rest of my life
Desi life mosta the time
Leo Pais Jan 2015
Haunted by a shadow
pressure that fills your body
Scared of Failure
Hunger for success

Long days with short nights
fear of the imperfection
Clustered in the gaps
of the arranged plans

What if they don't fit?
Will they accept me?
They're to big
I'm to small
Just want to be me.
Kacie Apr 2014
She ended up further from the house than she originally planned, but it didn’t bother her.

She need some space.

The walls were too thick. She felt them everywhere she went, those walls. Even out in this field, they surrounded her on each side and stole the air from her lungs.

Did walls have to breathe?

She was used to that feeling. Short of breath, short of life. The problem was, this is the kind of life she had wanted. A marriage to a handsome, wealthy man. He could take care of her, he could provide to her anything and everything. It was everything she had hoped for. That’s what she kept telling herself.

But it wasn’t, and she knew it. She knew it, she knew it, she knew it. But she didn’t dare say. She didn’t dare give even the slightest hint of unhappiness. After all, her parents hand-picked him for her. It was a tough decision, they said, since she had so many suitors. But he was the wealthiest, the most promising.

They promised. And he was.

She would never forget his face, his eyes, and certainly not the way his hands felt,

as one grabbed her shoulder and the other one made contact with her face.

No dancing, he said. He wouldn’t allow it. It didn’t make sense, she thought, for her to sit concealed behind these four walls. All day, she sat, waiting for him to return. She knew not of what he did, not of how he made his money. But it was there, so she remained quiet, what choice did she have really? Submit and be quiet, or feel his hands. And she did not like the feel of his hands.

So today she decided to walk. He told her no, of course, when she asked. It wasn’t acceptable for a lady to walk. What are you going to do? You certainly cannot leave me. You are my property, you know this.

Of course not, she said. These walls, they steal my air.

Ha! He was mocking her. He raises his hand, reaching for her. They won’t be the only things…

She promised him she would stay inside, but after he left, she slipped away. Five minutes of fresh air, she thought, that’s all she needed.

So she walked. She was farther from the house than she had planned, but it didn’t bother her. She needed some space.

But then, the sky grew gray. And she knew, she just knew, that the universe was speaking to her. Get back inside, it said. Hurry, he’s coming back. Go! Now!

She turned and picked up speed. A giant pillow of wind rushed at her. Her body and the wind, like two lovers, dancing. It felt good. No, it felt wonderful. The wind was what she needed.

She stood suspended in that moment, and the wind breathed the air into her lungs that he would later take away.

— The End —