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Leo Pais Jan 2015
Young girl, brown eyes
***** blond hair,
A smile that lights up my eyes
Seems to be shy and grey
I Only see beauty
When she acts like a beast
She is such a cutie
***** she thinks i have cuddies
But the only thing i have
Is a gente heart and it longs for you
Leo Pais Jan 2015
Thump thump foot steps roar
Thump thump till it hits sold core

Wush wush sings the wind
Wush wush goes my hym

Drip drip dances the rain
Drip drip abel blood in hands of Cain

Zzz zzz I sing today
Zzz zzz just wishing and dreaming of another day
Leo Pais Jan 2015
You said I did what?
Trust me when I say I didn't tap that
She told you ?
Well babe she is taking you for a fool.
Why would you ever do that?
Why would I change you for someone flat?
You were the best thing I had.
You make me feel like im so bad
Roumer has it,
You been around ****
***** for me
Just gonna have to refil the new clip
Leo Pais Jan 2015
When you said your last goodbye
Now who will take my side?
You took my soul and swept  it clean
I never thought you would be so mean
When you said your last goodbye

All I needed you took
You just lifted the rod and left the hook
Took my heart and left the pain
Only left cloudy days of rain
When you saidyour last goodbye

I crave your return
Only scared of what you torn
Forget the mess and come fly
Your the only preditor of my eagle eye
When you said your last goodbye
Leo Pais Jan 2015
Never seem to say no
Maybe its a bad thing
Do you care to know?
If I wanted my belongings

I still remember your retreit
I still haven't even slept in weeks
I rather stay and admit defeat
Even if I haven't slept in weeks

You broke my heart with each word
You used to say
That we would Travel the world
Im left alone every step of the way

Hoping to see your return
Just not my style to cry
But seeing you only burn
Haunting me to that lie
Where you left me broken
And left me to die
Leo Pais Jan 2015
There are son many things I offer
Why can't  you see that?
Now you say I'm selfcentered?
I never crossed my mind it was always you
You hate what I've become
Just had to do something for me
Now you choose black instead of white?
Just everything with white seems to slow me down
Don't you steal my heart!
Trust me, wouldn't even try, full of mines of lies surrounding it.
You say I never loved you?
When I have you my heart, was that not love?
Just don't want to loose you.
Its been lost for a while now
Leo Pais Jan 2015
Why do they mean so much?
One simple no,yes,hate or even love
Can turn an awful day into a great memory.
Words have their sick and strange way to make the world spin around, what would we do without them?
We wouldn't be able to feel.
Words are simplely our way to show or speak what we have been thinking or thought
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