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Mother ocean,
Fin me against ruins,
Held close clam and bow.
One moment she was there and the next she was gone,
I remember the harmful and the favorable,
Even though she caused wounds, she still did not deserve to be demised,
Dreams in her eyes killed by the men who stole her force,
Still, she is the one to be charged.
Loved ones sit at her funeral remembering the delicacy she once was,
Her last days were far from first rate,
But she could ray,
I stepped in her rope, the last she was traced,
One moment she was here and the next she was gone.
I am resisting the intrigue
Nodding off to the idea of it
Apprehension in entertaining the idea
I am speculating it will not be like nails on a chalkboard
Still dreading to flirt with the theory
Concentration like a bullet to my head
A circus of misery minds.

Aiming with my silver sword, ready to combat
My defenses drop, not a soul present
Perhaps a withdrawal?
I find not a body and face but mine
Timid to smile
Could this be a pleasing soft affair?
I am liberated by the fact that my humanness doesn't take away from what I have to offer and give.
Hear me loud,
Hear me roar,
For I am here in my truth.
I allow love to wash all over me,
Accepting the darkness and lightness of it all.
I flow with the waves and always chasing the sun.
For you are my optimism of sunlight.
I am destructive,
Any sign of peace, gone, deceased.
Dread. All in my head.
The weight of last night,
Contriving illusions, harsh hands,
Forged “good” mask the fatal.
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