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Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
We often confuse what we wish for with what is

Our minds and hearts can get into such a mess
We think yet we feel even more
Only to find the door to an empty room once more
Once it was great it felt so much more
Yet I seem to already know but I cant help but let it have another try
I let my heart have the start
Only my mind is clearly more aware
How , I just tag along giving in to be
more confused and tattered again
We think we can be smarter we can be stronger yet we end up again
in a similar mess
Confused & Constricted
Maybe I will listen to my mind maybe just maybe I will..
© Jennifer DeLong 7/11/19
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
And the truth is

Live person
Can act
Like a dead

But the dead
They can't
It just is

I felt that
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Learn Unlearn Relearn
Saudia R Nov 2020
I decided to give you back

I know now

I thrive with those who see
where I begin
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
he said, “stop apologizing.”

it’s a bad habit of mine.
I apologize even when
I know I’m not at fault.

he said, “stop apologizing.”

I didn’t even realize I was.
it’s an automatic response that
I’ve been programmed to use.

he said, “stop apologizing.”

I tried to notice when it happened,
but it’s not an easy habit
to unlearn after years of training.

he said, “seriously, stop apologizing.”
I said “I’m sorry.”
Elioinai Oct 2014
I came back, from the great fight,
With my heart in a mess,
My mind began to crumble,
And my strength was ebbing away,
When did I forget the victories already won?
Cover up the truth, see the conquering line receding?
When did the spots reduce my vision?
And my dreams lose their bright contrastings?
I have found, that victories in life, are not like plaques on a wall,
But wrestling belts, for you must always fight to keep them.
July 16, 2013

— The End —