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Cat Fiske May 2015
he thinks he's burdening me,
with his bothersome texts and such,
but truth be told,
I love them lots,

he thinks he's burdening me,
with his bothersome IMs and photo spams,
but truth be told,
I find it cute and sweet,

he thinks he's burdening me,
but he writes me page upon page of poems,
on everything my life hold,
and we have and may never met,
I hope we can,
he know so much about me,
even the things I don't understand,

So I'm burdening you,
because yeah,
your wasting your time on little old me,
who just sit and wastes her life away,
living on poetry,
when I need to be living a life,
where things matter more,
then words I have on torn pages,
thats how I'm,
*Burdening you.
Brandon :P its for you.
Jennifer Weiss Jan 2015
A beautiful flower


Yet, it still drowns
with too much rain.

Too much power casts a shadow

Even a perfect flower
wilts the same.

There is no ignoring a diseased garden,
that is riddled with pain.

I am that garden
that rain
that shadow.

Afraid I will **** you,

my perfect flower,

in just the same way.
worst behavior.
Tony Scallo Oct 2014
What is the word acknowledgement, to someone
Who never does anything about what they acknowledge?
What good is acknowledging a problem,
If you choose not to act upon it?

It's almost as if acknowledgement helps us believe
We are better people if we are aware of the bad within or around us
As if acknowledgement taints our minds
With a false sense of enlightenment
That being aware, is better than being there
To actually change what it is we acknowledge to be wrong

But if people only talked about their words, with no actions
We would only need to acknowledge, never having to change our ways
For acknowledgement can sometimes be, the golden word we need
That justifies an ignorance to our false sense of bliss
Zead Jul 2014
you acknowledge a concept
no matter how you do
and when you grasp onto it so easily
you now know it is time
to critique the painting
to write the song
to film the scene

in order to express to one another

means to lose what you knew
at one point you played around
to only discover all harmony
but to only tear off a piece
and feed that alone to the others
once it was mastered
was as if everything else was forgotten
buried back into the depth's of your heart
to never be found again
unknown beauty
infamous tragedy
written while jotting down my second opus. in acknowledgement to any riff or any piece of art-that i couldn't bring to life.
Steven Fortune Apr 2014
Olive branches smother and dismember
in the mud giggling in time
with the squish emanating from
my alternating huff and puff

I trudge in Winter's sweat of
schizophrenic rain
My old defence, sheepish stolidity,
got tweaked in a twist-up
tight as a candy cane
with a modest gasp
of underground success

That shadowy hush of acknowledgement
ballooned in my ear like a blow fish
amplifying the environmental inertia
that never made me happier
nor this sad

I may have been mad
walking from informed opinions
like a failed Orpheus
but defence shouted in silence
and I returned home
to the unconditional support
of a pet art

Acknowledgement's shadowy hush
tore a blister trail down my back
The ointment of Winter will soothe and
release me before billing me
with a scar and littering in the recycle bin
of who I want to be

Today I wanted to be accepted
Night has arrived with reinforced snowflakes
and the chill on my hot back
has me wondering if I would rather be feared
03 29 14
preservationman Apr 2014
Wipe the sleep from your eyes
Today I am going to teach you to be wise
The saying today is “Wake up your career”
Determine where you want to go from here
You are probably feeling you are stuck in a rut
No I am not a nut
Make your decisions fierce
Have a strategy in how your career will be set up
Skip the route in being fed up
Decisions are easy to make
But it is your efforts in footsteps that you must take
Every effort being an achievement
Constant thinking being a commitment
You need to see your career going forth
Your career in what they say is what you need to put in
The lessons you learn in how to begin
Use the theory in your every day walk of life in your feeling of when.

— The End —