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Ylzm Sep 2020
The Day is the Year is the Month
Not of passage but of transit
Evening to Morning, Dark to Light

And Seven Days decreed as a Week
Unmarked, of abstraction, not perception
And Seven of Seven is the Week of Weeks

Of Time marked by the Sun
The Pentecost and Jubilee is the Day
After Seven of Seven Days and Years

But of Time marked by the Moon,
the Seventh is the First, the First, the Seventh
And Seven of Seven is 42 months or 1260 Days

Now what do the Stars do for time?
Colm Nov 2019
As deep calls to deep
Earth to sky
Heart to clearing mind
Clouded atmosphere to crying eyes
So also does my breath in quiet panting
Catch itself within my chest
When you are revealed in celestial being as
And your starlight veil has come to pass
Really pretty vision
Jeff Lewis Sep 2019
I have a universe
in my pocket... and some
lint. The world
at my fingertips,
all knowledge awaits
and forty two cents
in change rattles next to it.
I have a universe
in my pocket and what...? I
use it to watch cat videos
and trade petty barbs
with fellow trolls under a bridge.
I Did
Ha ha

I'm the actuary
Turned poet
Ologist so I




Maps in The Mirrors
Songs About Jane

The Giant
We killed
The Hive



Everyone gets the joke
There's no way
You could
Point right
The aliens landed

That's why the Lobster
Is now The Joker
You Walk on Water
Only when it's freezing

Sabian T Warren May 2019
Eye in the sky screams "dreams are not reality;" yet it flies impossibly on whirling bionic wings. "the force is a fantasy," laughs the big screen; yet it motions this ironically through ionic streams. "No power in an evergreen," shrills the factory; cutting from the same cloth that had allowed us to breathe. "That vision? A symptom of insanity;" suggests the PHD, and recommends fixing something so deeply rooted by consuming toxins repeatedly; denying this notion is the very definition of what you suppose we carry. "But don't you want to bee with everybody?" Whisper the walls and empty streets. Could it be that everything is simultaneously, as stone lock and river key? Would it seem that all we need to coax the dread of uncertainty, is to each weave threads of teachings, unique? Bound with an understanding sure as gravity, until we are warm in the cold of infinity, in a quilt of minds set free. ~by Sabian T Warren; AKA ScovilleNova.
You left fingerprints
In my heart.
A poem every day.
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
I find I was not searching for answers,
I was searching
For meaning.
Skye Varjak Dec 2015
I thought a lot about not thinking.
42 was the only solution.
No one will ever understand.
Feedback is greatly appreciated <3
Steve Oct 2013
Who’d like to meet the man from the future,
Who can remake the world however it suits you?

He can step back in time and turn water to wine,
He’s the saviour of souls, the maker of goals
He's the author of all that’s Divine.

The stalker of death, the giver of breath,
The angel of light, the path through the night,
The answers to all of your prayers.

He’s the man from the future in the spaceship that ***** you
As it slips through the eye of a needle.

He’s the impossible dream who makes the impossible seem
Like the truth’s at the top of the stairs.

He’s the giver of hope who meets out the rope
And he dangles his noose from the steeple.

The pauser of thought whose will can’t be bought,
The seer of all that is seen.

He’s waiting for you to discover him too
But to walk one step in his tired old shoe
Puts you back at the back of the queue for the queue.

The journey ahead, like the journey behind
Is mapped in the twinkling stars.

A flickering light, a mortal whim,
The moon jumps up and the sun grows dim.

The hope for the world in the beat of a heart,
A child cries out for its mother.

Chilled by the wind as the angels depart
And with only a shroud for a cover.
Same question different day

— The End —