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Alok K Panda Jan 7
I see your golden gown,
forming second skin,
enslavement to its master;

I see your bejeweled crown,
displaying majestic sheen,
thousand eyes from your suitors;

But do I see you naked down,
draped only in sunshine,
the modesty of your creator?
Alok K Panda Jan 1
I see your shattered heart,
poked daily,
to understand the disconnect;

I **** your pulsing veins,
hurt painfully,
to heal the disrespect;

But, do I see your crushed soul,
think furiously,
the burden of your emptiness?
Alok K Panda Dec 2018
Chill is in the air,
Sound of bells dissapearing,
Eyes moist with care,
For the past year endearing;

The tender sun shines on,
Brightening the darkest rooms,
Good and bad moments count on,
unable to light the heart in gloom;

So let's prepare the breakfast porridge,
Wiping the nostalgic tears,
Garnish heartily with hope and courage,
Serving a delicious new year;
Alok K Panda Dec 2018
I went to your garden,
guarded by lions,
"Intruder!!! Intruder!!!"

Meek birds perched on trees,
seeking shelter,
"Run! Run for your life O' Dear!"

Your Dear soul sits atop the fountain,
shivering with excitement,
"Is it queer or should I welcome with a beer?"
Alok K Panda Dec 2018
Rolling and roiling,
I travel through mountains,
and valleys,
asking "Am I good enough?"

All the mundane,
the routine crushes soul,
and heart,
wondering "Is this life enough?"

All the chills,
of the outside and inside,
from the Lord,
questioning "Is this all enough?"

Looking back from Kailasha,
the carved up plains of fertility and happiness,
the Lord smiling,
blessing " In the end it's all enough";
The Lord of Kailasha is the Lord of our universe. The almighty Shiva whose might and calm are omnipresent.
Alok K Panda Dec 2018
I see your beautiful eyes,
the fair skin,
"the warmth of the Sun";

I see your burly muscles,
the wide chest,
"the strength of the ton"

But do I see your insides?
the soulful heart,
"the love for everyone?"
Alok K Panda Dec 2018
Aah! look at your Majestic Mind,
The source of your Pride,
The concierge of your Dreams,
Your Mistress since Childhood;

Lo! see its Beauty in Naked,
In all the Material,
In all the Moral,
Yes!!! that's your Marker as a Human;

Bravo!!! of the pure genius in you,
You finally made out your identity,
creating a marker of self;
from the Oozy ****** miracle;

Alas, little did you comprehend,
the Irony underlying all of this,
For the judgement comes from the **** ooze,
with the verdict Never to underestimate Humanity's stupidity;
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