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Andrew Hartnett Jun 2019
I always finish the wine when it’s opened

My thumb’s always the shoehorn for my shoe

I always miss the snow in the spring time

And I’m always thinking about you.
Mike Virgl Jul 2017
I saw a beggar pass me by today
On my way to catch a train
I offered him a sandwich
"No" he said in pain

"Sir, just take it there is no need to pay"
But my offer fell in vain
"I need you to consume it"
I held out my chain

He seemed to move closer
But turned his head away

"Do you want it, use your words for god's sake!"
I said hoping to provoke
"Speak an answer, yes or no?"
I hoped to invoke

"I am offering you something you want"
This must be a twisted joke
"Please I want you to take it"
Suddenly he spoke

With a long, searing stare
He licked his lips and said,

"It holds no matter what I desire"
His eyes peered into my heart
"I-I do not look through rose tint"
He shattered apart

"If you saw in my eyes the memories"
His list stopped before the start
"And you know not what I want"
That phrase, simple art

He calmed down a little
And I decided to say:

"You want to be fed, I know this is true,
You cannot remove a past attached to you,
So, please eat and enjoy life"

He hesitated and decided
Then said: "Your train has arrived"

And he faded away
I told this from the perspective of a friend
Chloe Jun 2017
Words as solid objects
take the shape of moving air
if intention could be felt through skin
what protection would one wear?

Thoughts are heavy objects
to speak them is relief
but the burden collects like leaden dust
around the listener’s feet.

The mind creates these objects
it thinks but cannot speak
and as these objects fill its space
they become the speaker, me.
CK Marrow Feb 2017
I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
For in those briefest moments we touch
I wish we could just stay
Stay like this forever
With your blue intertwining my red
and create a beautiful masterpiece
A canvas in the sky, they said
For when we meet
It feels as if your lips graze mine
Brief and obsolete
In that moment you are thine
I wish we could stay in this limbo forever
Where the day met the night
But alas it has to end
We separate in plight
But when tomorrow comes
I can always count on you
Your darkness meeting my light
As day and night must do
And we partake in this game forever
Never a day complete
Without this dance we play
Like children on the street
I wait for you, night
I wait for you all day
I wish for you forever in the moments
But you can never stay
Montana Feb 2015
You look as I remember
Handsome and tall
But when I see you now
I feel nothing at all.

You still smell like soap
And faintly of pine
But when I smell you now
I don't wish you were mine.

Your laugh sounds the same
Boyish and gay
But when I hear it now
I don't want you to stay.

Your eyes they still sparkle
Blue like the sea
But when you leave tonight
It won't be with me.

Your voice still sounds sweet
When you call my name
But when you say it now
It just isn't the same.

What we once were
I can't seem to recall
Because when I see you now
I feel nothing at all.
Kambry Wilson Jan 2015
Take a breath,
Say goodbye.
Tonight's the night,
We finally fly.
Up, up, & away,
We can leave this place.
I won't go alone,
We don't need "space".
To Neverland we will go,
Have our dreams come true.
But all of this means nothing,
If I can't be there with you.
So take my hand,
We can go insane.
On our way to a place,
Far, far away.
A little bit of a lighter poem :D
Greg Davis May 2014
When One meets Another
One can desire
A reaction to warmth
Another can't acquire

— The End —