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Andrew Hartnett Dec 2020
I didn't have bitters
I didn't have an orange peel
I didn't have a mixer
I didn't have ice cubes

sugar in a glass
splashed with whiskey
teaspoon swirl

Andrew Hartnett Nov 2020
I'd be broke
no doubt

no one knows about the internet in the 20's
so my programming skills wouldn't get me very far

I haven't read enough about historic sporting events
to make any money gambling

I wouldn't even know how to apply for a job
would I have to use a typewriter to type my resume?

I could start a moonshining business
but I wouldn't know where to get the moonshine

I could predict the future for a fee
but I would be limited to things that happen in the distant future

perhaps I could write a fictional novel of a dystopian future
and just write my memoir of everything I can remember
Andrew Hartnett Nov 2020
I'm thankful for my dog
because she gets excited
to head to the backyard
and chase a ball for a little while
Andrew Hartnett Jun 2019
I always finish the wine when it’s opened

My thumb’s always the shoehorn for my shoe

I always miss the snow in the spring time

And I’m always thinking about you.
Andrew Hartnett May 2019
I'd park out somewhere with a view
Splurge on a high end whiskey bottle
Turn the music up just enough
And drink a glass for each year
I wouldn't be working any more
Andrew Hartnett May 2019
Something about the smell on my
fingers, lingering
But for whatever reason
when I chew tobacco
I feel like the cowboy
I grew up wanting to be
Andrew Hartnett Dec 2018
We clanked our wine glasses together
Suits for the occasion
And I tried to remember the names
Especially the ones who’s faces I recognize
One man in particular looks older than I remember, with a haircut far too young
Talking all about
The deal of the last year
Maybe a Christmas bonus this year
So he can go home to his wife
“Look honey we can buy another car”
And maybe this time she won’t sleep
With the neighbor
I shake his hand hard because the poor old b*stard needs something
And maybes its this extravagant event
guys like me shaking his hand firm enough
That he knows he’s important somewhere
And we are all impressed by his hard work and loyalty
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