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Nylee Dec 2020
Three hundred and sixty
the days blurred away
I have had so many thoughts
I have lost them in time and places
no memories come to mind
only insecurities in the face
all my connections hard to find
It has been a surreal time.

The lush green picturesque view framed in mind
It is the year twenty twenty
No sunshine touched my face
up and lost like every other day
nobody new came in my way
same struggles and my prayers
My hair four inches longer
the only thing grown this year

Twenty fifth year of mine,
slowly approaching
The previous decade had me
losing hope with time
I am just curiously watching
what new problems
would headline this new year
A new decade to remember.
The last poetry of the year.
If the beetlebee can fly another day
Maybe so can we

We don't have to be anything we aren't
As long as you're with me

I love you, oh so very much
Hopefully, that you see

I'll just wait here, next to the traintracks
Until you're mine baby
A poem every day.

I'm a trainwreck.

What a hell of a ******* year this has been. It was a wild ride. Dare I say, the weirdest year I've had so far. The world is so ****** up, and in this world full of poetry with meaning we tend to lose ourself in the darkness. Let's not do that for once. Let's be happy. I know it's hard, and that's okay. I believed it even was impossible some times this year. A few days ago, it almost was. But, you know what? I'm still here, and if you're reading this, it means that you are too. I've learned a lot, been a lot, and seen a lot this year. I think the most important thing I learned, that I tend to forget often, is that things always work out. Just usually not in the way you expected it to. Life doesn't always have to be great. It isn't always great. That's just the way this world works. But, I don't think the world would be endurable if there wasn't sadness. Hapiness is a little surreal for me, and I bet it is for you too. That's okay! We're still here, and I'm so ******* proud. Of me, and of everyone who's reading this. Of the people who have been following since the beginning, and everyone who came inbetween. Now, let's talk happy. There's enough time to be poetic and sad later.
Since I posted note 1, A lot of good things happened too!
I stopped doing cocaïne!
I barely drink or smoke anymore.
I have a new boyfriend, and he's the best person someone could ever imagine.
I ****** up school, and I'm working on fixing it. I'm still failing, but it got better!
I made more art,
Wrote a lot of poetry
Started a book!
Re-modeled my room (a million times)
Got so much closer to my brother (and built some forts with him)
I made graffiti with my boyfriend (finally)
Started doing makeup!
Came out as a transguy
Came out as transmasc enby!
Got closer to my friends
Made music! (and released nothing)
Killed a lot of cactuses and got a new small tree
Made a lot of food, and baked a lot
And, I signed up for climbing classes.

A lot of bad **** happened this year, and you know what?
THAT'S ******* OKAY.
We're all still alive here. It's gonna be okay.

Thank you so much for all the support! I've posted letters here, notes, poems, song lyrics and sometimes it wasn't even a sentence. But it was here for me, so thank you, for not making it worthless. I'll keep writing notes till HelloPoetry goes down. I love y'all so much, and I'm forever grateful for you.

Goodbye fellow writers,
Until tomorrow

Your Local Grocery Store
jas Jan 2018
what do you know about living my life
what do you know about drowning inside
I know im dying
you don't have to tell me
im already facing reality
losing my dignity
so what do think you know

im pushing but im barely hanging on
down to my last breath
on a tightrope of my life
and you seem to want to define , mine.
like you know

but you don't know anything
do you?
Jack Jenkins Jan 2018
One day at a time
Rain, Sun, falling leaves, frost
They have come and gone
Like love when it resided in this heart
Before suffocating
Bludgeoned by those
Who needed it most
I once loved you
Like I once loved life
But with both
Only shards and embers remain
Lost in every teardrop
One day at a time
//On ex girlfriend//
Lydia Jan 2018
I woke up today like I do any other

trying to come out of a dream that confuses my reality when I first wake up
for a couple of seconds when I open my eyes
I can imagine your still here
I can drag my dream into the sunlight
and make believe that this whole thing was just a nightmare
Day 1
Trisha Lapeciros Dec 2017
New year is fast approaching
Another new beginning of an ending
I'm Excited of what it may bring,
      scared of what's coming.

New opportunities, new challenges
And also a lot more chances.
New hope, new everything
A new chapter in the making.

Another story is yet to be made
While a new history has been made.
Last year's mistakes served as a lesson,
To become a better person in this new season.

Cheers to happier life!
May this new year be filled with smiles and laughter,
Making our hearts flutter.
May this new year be filled with peace,
To make our minds at ease.
May this new year be filled with positive vibes,
Para iwas bad vibes

We survived
We made it to page 365

This is the very first poem I made. I hope you like it. I'm not poetic.
MsRobota Apr 2017
Many stand on the side lines
Take the small steps and get left behind
Others seem to rush through life
They have every moment planned
But never take a moment to hit the pause
And see the beautiful unfolding of
Who they’ve come to be

With a new age, comes new page to wake up in
And I can only hope I get to wake up in yours
Till we’re 97, sitting on a park bench
Feeding the birds on a Monday morning
Complaining it’s too cold & we’re too cold
Saying all the little things we’ve said a million times
And all the things we didn’t say
Because we don’t have much time before we run out of pages
And you need to know all the little things I didn’t say
These 365 days

Like everything inside you
That you can’t see
I see

Like how I should know you by now
But I know nothing about you
Because you’re always changing
But that only makes you
That much more interesting

Because I cherish all these small moments
These 365 days with you

I’m sure there have been days you wish to erase
I only ask you never erase me from your life
Because I’m sure someday we’ll be fighting
Coming undone in a wildfire
But I have no doubt that
We’ll get home safely
Cause there’s always an exit on the highway
And if you can’t drive
I’ll drive us home

Because I don’t want to be
365 days without you
This poem is for a dear friend
Garret Dychiao Apr 2016
It takes about 365 days for the Earth
to make one complete rotation around the sun.
It takes 365 days to make a year filled with
memories and experiences that one will never forget.

But the crazily depressing fact that I’ve recently learned
is that the world won’t stop spinning,
nor will it tilt off axis, if I disappear from it.
It ***** to know that you can live 525,600 minutes
without even thinking of me.
I hate the thought of being that worthless —
that even if I just turned invisible,
you wouldn’t even know it.

It hurts more than you think,
realizing that I never mattered that much anyway ;
To know that you’d be perfectly fine without me
heck maybe you’d be even happier that way.
I can’t stand the thought that
even after the 365 ways I’ve tried,
you’ve found 365 more to get away.
Heather May 2015
Three simple numbers, a lot of meaning.
365 the number of freckles scattered over your body
365 the amount of times you told me you loved me in one day
365 the last 3 didgits of your cell number
365 the amount of times I watched your chest rise and fall until I fell asleep

365 the total ammount of days since you left
365 May no longer be the amount of freckles you have, she may have found one I missed
365 the amount of times you've said you loved her, it may have multiplied or tripled
365 no longer your last three digits, believe me I've checked

365 days of living without you
365 has tore me down and brought me to hell and back
365 no longer stands for the total number of days in a year
365 stands for how may days my heart has broken and how may times you've said goodbye
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