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ZACK GRAM Oct 2021
Rattah Tattah
Battah Bag had
Quick Lynch...

1 Trillion Ton
50 Million Trillion

Nuclear Tip Missile
Tank so Big Run-over ya crib

Take the guns? NAH!

corners sweepers
Government watching
Clock mocking
Hoes in line one a time..
Drop Em...

Cooper, Rupert, Doobie, Super, durp, Dean, Lean, Quavo, D, T, L, Wayne, Trigg, G Floyd, Stem, B.A., Cam, B, G, C, Mii, Cashish, Rah, Rob, Raheem, Jake, Rasheem, Black, Unc, Baby, Gettah, Guttah, Z, Pete, Reese, Raymond, Reggie, Will...

Ounce pound brick
Brick house pound
Cars ounce trash
Death Dismay
Hope, Prayer
Love an Trust
Faith in God
**** 1 God
Wrote a script
Paint a picture
A picture of...
Fortune, Fame, wealth and royalties
Pure loyalty

Rip off your nails...
Rip off your ears...
Rip out your teeth an tongue...
Cut off fingers toes 1by1...
Stomp your leg and arm bones,
Stab your ****...
Pour bleach on you with gas...
Choke you in an out of consciousness
You're future is tortured,
Mark My Words,
Don't Quote me ***...
There's 365 days out of the year and we multiply,
Multiply 365 by your age and you'll know how many days you've lived, you've survived, the time we spent through good and bad all our memories begin to surface our minds.
365 days makes 8,030 days I've walked this earth,
Don't waste your time, for time is precious,
make every day worth it like it's your last,
because tomorrow comes and it may not
be promised.
Age don't matter, but the actions we take does, so make it count and really do, "make it count"....
jas Jan 2018
what do you know about living my life
what do you know about drowning inside
I know im dying
you don't have to tell me
im already facing reality
losing my dignity
so what do think you know

im pushing but im barely hanging on
down to my last breath
on a tightrope of my life
and you seem to want to define , mine.
like you know

but you don't know anything
do you?
Jack Jenkins Jan 2018
One day at a time
Rain, Sun, falling leaves, frost
They have come and gone
Like love when it resided in this heart
Before suffocating
Bludgeoned by those
Who needed it most
I once loved you
Like I once loved life
But with both
Only shards and embers remain
Lost in every teardrop
One day at a time
//On ex girlfriend//
Lydia Jan 2018
I woke up today like I do any other

trying to come out of a dream that confuses my reality when I first wake up
for a couple of seconds when I open my eyes
I can imagine your still here
I can drag my dream into the sunlight
and make believe that this whole thing was just a nightmare
Day 1
Trisha Lapeciros Dec 2017
New year is fast approaching
Another new beginning of an ending
I'm Excited of what it may bring,
      scared of what's coming.

New opportunities, new challenges
And also a lot more chances.
New hope, new everything
A new chapter in the making.

Another story is yet to be made
While a new history has been made.
Last year's mistakes served as a lesson,
To become a better person in this new season.

Cheers to happier life!
May this new year be filled with smiles and laughter,
Making our hearts flutter.
May this new year be filled with peace,
To make our minds at ease.
May this new year be filled with positive vibes,
Para iwas bad vibes

We survived
We made it to page 365

This is the very first poem I made. I hope you like it. I'm not poetic.
MsRobota Apr 2017
Many stand on the side lines
Take the small steps and get left behind
Others seem to rush through life
They have every moment planned
But never take a moment to hit the pause
And see the beautiful unfolding of
Who they’ve come to be

With a new age, comes new page to wake up in
And I can only hope I get to wake up in yours
Till we’re 97, sitting on a park bench
Feeding the birds on a Monday morning
Complaining it’s too cold & we’re too cold
Saying all the little things we’ve said a million times
And all the things we didn’t say
Because we don’t have much time before we run out of pages
And you need to know all the little things I didn’t say
These 365 days

Like everything inside you
That you can’t see
I see

Like how I should know you by now
But I know nothing about you
Because you’re always changing
But that only makes you
That much more interesting

Because I cherish all these small moments
These 365 days with you

I’m sure there have been days you wish to erase
I only ask you never erase me from your life
Because I’m sure someday we’ll be fighting
Coming undone in a wildfire
But I have no doubt that
We’ll get home safely
Cause there’s always an exit on the highway
And if you can’t drive
I’ll drive us home

Because I don’t want to be
365 days without you
This poem is for a dear friend
Garret Dychiao Apr 2016
It takes about 365 days for the Earth
to make one complete rotation around the sun.
It takes 365 days to make a year filled with
memories and experiences that one will never forget.

But the crazily depressing fact that I’ve recently learned
is that the world won’t stop spinning,
nor will it tilt off axis, if I disappear from it.
It ***** to know that you can live 525,600 minutes
without even thinking of me.
I hate the thought of being that worthless —
that even if I just turned invisible,
you wouldn’t even know it.

It hurts more than you think,
realizing that I never mattered that much anyway ;
To know that you’d be perfectly fine without me
heck maybe you’d be even happier that way.
I can’t stand the thought that
even after the 365 ways I’ve tried,
you’ve found 365 more to get away.
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