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Julija Ilich Jul 2014
I texted you
You didn't reply

I can't sleep
Cause I miss you
You're non stop on my mind

I want your lips
On mine right now

I want you
To lie next to me
And hold my hand

To say everything
Is gonna be alright
Even though it's not

I just want you

I'm sad
Sad because I miss you

The stars would remind me of you
But there are no stars
Cause there's no you

Why would they shine
If you're not here beside me?
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
When I was with you
None of the heartbroken love songs made sense
Now that we went our separate ways
That changed as well
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
Do you ever feel like
You suddenly don't belong anymore?
Like you used to matter in someone's life,
But now you just exist there?
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
How's it like for you
To not think about me anymore?
Cause I think of you constantly.

How's it like for you
To not have me there anymore?
Cause I can't stand being away from you

How's it like for you
To not miss me at all?
Cause missing you is tearing me in two
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I heard a song on the radio
And it reminded me of you
It reminded me of us
But the song is over
And sadly, so are we
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
How can you just forget?
All the time we spent together?
All the memories we shared?
All the promises we made?
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I smoke too much
But that's because I want to get rid of
The taste that you left in my mouth
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I lie awake at night
About you
If you ever do the same
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I will never understand
How easily you forgot me
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
They say
Everyone is good at something
I can't help but wonder
When will I find it?
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
We all have something that takes the pain away
Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes
Oh, but love
Love's the worst of them all
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
Do we not see?
How the time is slipping,
Like sand through our fingers?

We try to stop it,
Closing our hands into fists,
Hoping it won't escape through the holes.
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I'm not the same as I was before
But I know what I was like with you

I was happy, scared, sad
Confused, cheerful, mad

Now, I don’t feel anything
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
I lie awake by my phone all night
Waiting for a call that'll never come

— The End —