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  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
Riley Schatz
i held two hands and
one let go but one remained
and i clung to it

i think i still held
on even when you let go
i think i still am
2 haikus.
  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
If there's one thing I've learned,
It's that love is real
And it does exist.
And you have no idea
What it is like
Until you're over your head in it.
And there's never really a specific moment
In which you fall in love with someone.
After a while, you just realize that
The way they squeal a little
When they laugh to hard,
Or how they jump out from behind a corner and scare you
And laugh hysterically because you screamed,
Even though they knew you would.
Or how their heartbeat sounds when they're holding you in your arms,
Are things that you can't imagine ever living without.

And if you ever felt that way with with another person,
It just wouldn't feel right.

And I love you.
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
They say
Everyone is good at something
I can't help but wonder
When will I find it?
Julija Ilich Sep 2015
Do you ever feel like
You suddenly don't belong anymore?
Like you used to matter in someone's life,
But now you just exist there?
  Sep 2015 Julija Ilich
In this life I only saw emptiness

Such emptiness that swallowed

Me. Whole.

Even when I looked into a void

It resounded with the truth, behold!

Life cannot imitate the void,

For it is emptier as it unfolds.
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