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Sierra Apr 2017
I'm sorry I couldn't make you even the slightest bit happy
When you made me the happiest person in the world
I'm sorry I wasn't wife material
When I couldn't wait to marry you
I'm sorry you didn't care about anything
When I was so in love with you
I'm sorry I could never be important to you
When you were the only thing that ever mattered  to me
Sierra Jan 2015
I am as blue and sad
As an ocean without life
Swimming in its depths

I am as silent
As a mime on the job

I am as empty
As an old abandoned house
A house that once
Held a family
Now empty

My heart
Now a cold barren place
Was once beating fast
At every touch of his

My skin doesn’t feel the same
My mind doesn’t work the same
My heart doesn’t beat the same
I am not the same

Without him

You’re only 100 miles away
But to me
You couldn’t be farther

Sierra Dec 2014
As my head was flooded
With the previous nights memories
I groaned
At the bad decisions
At the hangover
At the stranger next to me

"I'll never drink again"
Passed through my lips
Like a broken record

The day grows old
And the same feeling creeps over me

Night arrives

The next morning
My head is flooded
With bad decisions
Once again

"I'll never drink again"
The record plays on

Sierra Nov 2014
My poems were about you
Each and every one
Connected to you
In some way

The day I fell out of love
Was the day
The very day
I stopped being a poet

You were my muse
Now I'm left with no inspiration
No tears
No feelings

We were a toxic couple
We both knew that
From the beginning

I was destroyed
In every way possible
And your heart
Was crushed

For that
I apologize
I'm sorry

Happy anniversary

Sierra Nov 2014
Wish this was beer in my hand
Instead of mtn dew
So I could semi attempt
To forget about you

Sierra Nov 2014
I don't smoke he says
As the lit cigarette dangles from between his lips

I'll never lie to you he promises
With finger crossed behind his back

I love you drifts from his mouth
Before he goes home to his girlfriend

A walking contradictory
A breathing heartbreaker

The only one
Who truly understand who I am

And he is a walking contradictory

Sierra Nov 2014

That's all anyone ever cares about
No I'm not mad..I think I've accepted
That it is human nature

So excuse me
While I go comfort my friends
As I myself fall apart

I don't know how much longer
I can care

I don't even care about myself

And all they care about is


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