because she built him up so high
that when he looked down from his castle
he realized
he no longer needed her

At midnight
her bones
come alive
and her
which slept through
the day stirs.
Her night is
her day and the
is her sun;
the stars-
her companions,
her silent
as she drifts through
the dark sky called "her mind"
feeling all

my love
please don't leave
i want your gentle kisses
i want your hand on my thigh
i want your eyes on me
i want your beautiful words
of love
and poetry

Sherry Juliet Jul 24

and I looked at you all the time
you were my best friend
but this was different
it was in that moment
through laughter
and inside jokes
when I looked up at you
and realized
by god
  I love this person

Sherry Juliet Jul 24

I love you
so deeply
and not in the way of butterflies
or nervous glances
or sweaty palms
in the way of calmness when you enter a room
in the way that I can see a future with you
where you kiss me goodnight
where we drink sweet tea on the porch and watch the sunset
we exchange gentle kisses
and hold each other
through hurt
and through everything bad in the world
I love you

  Jul 23 Sherry Juliet

Once, he was asked,
"Tell me what is true.
Why is it that you
write just what you do?"

He laughed, and said
with half a smile,
"I write so you'll
fall in love for a while."

After a pause, he said pleasantly,
"Not with me - I'm a liar, you see,"

And grinning wildly,
he spoke his conclusion:
"Love is a poet's favourite illusion."

As requested, the full version of the poem that long-adorned my bio.

when I first met him
he was a friend
years passed, we barely talked
I was too distracted by looks
and people who didn't love me
I didn't even see him
and now
now he's all I see
but he's moved on from me
he found someone else
someone who noticed his smile
and his gentle ways
and kind heart
someone who will treat him better than I
all because I missed it
I missed him
because I was too busy
focusing on beautiful facades
and dollar bills
to see him

he moved on
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