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Rita Sailor Jan 2019
my love is stained with anger
you're two men in one man's body
the one that never told a lie
the other one invented very concept
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
would it be so awful
                          if we were in love
                                               and i was enough
                                                                ­    and you didn't have to go
                        also... did i mention there's beer in the fridge?
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
with all the ******* we did
you could've thought we might at least got some of it right
                          but i felt twice as much when he took my hand tonight
                          i pulled away, of course...
                          at least i'm on a learning curve
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
i spoke and i've been heard
do you know the feeling?
                                                                                   oh how i've missed it
                                                                                   it's been missing
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
does it even counts as 'sticking around'
if i burned the bridges leading up to your front door?
now i'm in the eye of the storm
convincing myself you're the shelter
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
i moved down the street
across the pub you've done your drinking at
the new guy's sorry to say
your name doesn't ring a bell
                                                  guess five minutes is five munites now
Rita Sailor Jan 2019
been staying awake doing an inventory
picking my own thoughts from those i borrowed
how do you not miss them? guess you sleep better now
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