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Amber Dunn Feb 2015
I wish I was more like you.
When you break, you push everyone away
and make yourself feel better.
You're strong.
I need constant comfort.
I need you to hold me and kiss me.
Spoil me.
I'm weak.
So easy to break, so fragile.
I'll give you some of my heat if you give me
your frost.
We're like yin and yang.
So alike yet so different.
We're perfect for each other, right?
I believe so.
Amber Dunn Oct 2014
You are not your disease.
You are not depression.
You are not AIDS.
You are not cancer.
You are not asthma.
You are not your diagnosis.
You are so much more than that.
Do not let your disease control your life.
When you look in the mirror
See yourself,
Not your disease.
Do not let your sickness pull you under.
And yes,
swimming at first is hard.
It feels like you are always drowning.
You can’t breathe.
But don’t give up.
Don’t sink.
Keep on fighting.
You are not a slave to your disease.
It is not an anchor
if you don’t let it be.
I struggle with mental illness everyday. I has been hard trying not to give up. But slowly i'm getting better.
Amber Dunn Oct 2014
Anger fills my veins
And lust for the razor heightens
It talks to me
Tells me to set him free

Sloth is an anchor
Depression his rope
I am weighed down to my bed
To waste away

Greed runs circles around my head
Gluttony not far behind
Hunger for lavish and
The need to cease the emptiness overwhelms me.

Pride chains me back
I need help
Envy for the dead hits me in the chest
My sins killed me.
Amber Dunn May 2014
Last night when we made love
I couldn't wait to feel your naked body against
mine for the rest of our lives.
This morning when I was getting ready
and you placed your hand on my leg
you instantly calmed me
and I could not wait for you to kiss me
on our wedding day.
Right now I feel so empty with you not here
I can not wait to have you in my arms again.
Just ramblings
Amber Dunn May 2014
Tell me why I hold on to you
with the desperation that ill
never see you again.
Tell me why goodbye is so hard.
Tell me why I feel like I annoy you.
Tell me why I constantly need your
confirmation that I don't.
Tell me why I need you to tell me that
you love me every five minutes.
Tell me why I need you to hold me together.
Tell me why I can't do this by myself.
Tell me why I constantly need you by my side.
Tell me why I love you so **** much.
Tell me that i'm not a lost cause.
Tell me that you won't give up on me.
Please tell me.
  May 2014 Amber Dunn
kyla marie
I can't believe how amazing you are. You're the only person who's made me feel this special in a long time [delete]

are you sure you just want to be 'friends', I think I'm in love with you [delete]

can I have a goodbye kiss? I love your kisses, they taste like summer [delete]

I wish you would just say "Hi" to me in the hallways [delete]

that girl you always walk with is beautiful, I can understand why you didn't want me [delete]

when you told me I was beautiful and **** and all you would ever want, was that all a lie too? [delete]

I got a mosquito bite today and it reminded me of when we slept outside and were attacked by them [delete]

it smells like the nights we spent together [delete]

one, two, three...I've lost count of how many drinks are for you [delete]

I wish you thought about me as much as I think of you [delete]

why are your words stuck in my head [delete]

I was naive and young, I'm sorry I actually thought you loved me [delete]

it's been months since the summer nights we spent together. please tell me you miss me. [delete]

my chest hurts. my heart aches. everything about you from the way your lips tasted to how I got chills down my spine from just one touch makes me want to explode [delete]

the blood running down my wrist contains the words you said but never meant [delete]
Amber Dunn May 2014
I am needy and codependent
And I forget how to love myself sometimes.
I am clumsy and gangly
And I trip easily.
I am easily angered and moody
And I snap over the smallest things.
I am jealous
And I need to be reminded I am the only girl you want.
I am flawed.
But I am growing.
And you will never find anyone who will love more than me.
I love with the entirety of my being.
I will always be there for you.
I will always be your Sun
And you will always be my Moon.
Help remind me to breathe
And to take every day as it comes.
Grow with me.
Become one with me like a forrest
Because baby I want to get lost in you.
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