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She made me cup my hands, softly
over her heaving full  *******, a gesture,
a tender moment when  she received
the first intimations of her motherhood,
we were awaiting, this moment, any time
she  never had known a  tenderness like this.

Just then I heard the billowing black clouds
loudly blowing their auspicious conch shells *
announcing arrival of good tidings
impatient clouds, at that time burst out
in torrential rains, cooling the heart of nature and us.
the seed I planted in her, fecund earth, lying in wait
with  her life blood and hopes
she too was lovingly watering it,
only a mother knows how to do it the best,
the water flowed through two streams
the milky way and the holy Ganga river
fiery star dreams and watery abundance
the mother's wish embrace ice and fire
in measures varying according to emotions.

Lifted my eyes to hers which were flooding
in a happiness, words find difficult to express,
like tender vines her hands circled my trunk,
we, man and wife who sowed our seeds
together in self oblivion are on immortality's steps!
wind, water, earth, fire and space, from you comes
our descendants, with eager eyes and singing voice!

This union, is a ritual divine, what hymns of Vedas
extol as fire sacrifice, to transcend the limits time set for us.
Now she is the enchantress,moon coming out of clouds,
we merge in a passionate kiss, our boat  moves in to the
cosmic stream, a flow eternal,without  beginning or end.
*.In India, blowing conch shell is considered auspicious in special occasions
 Apr 2016 Meenu Syriac
the first time you said I love you was on Valentines day.
On the way back to my house, on a winding street lined with pine trees
You said it as a joke, and that's why I laughed

the second time you said I love you was when we were on your living room floor
vinyls upon vinyls with the wrapping all around us
this time I just ignored it and gave a tight smile

the third time you said I love you it was attached to a quick goodbye on the phone
I hung up before I could react and dropped to the floor right after

because how the **** could you ever love me and not know about the planet of skeletons I have in my closest?
you never seen my bad days or my worst days
you don't know the way I light up and the way I fade away
you don't know the voices in my head or the numbers on my arm dialing a phone home
hell, you don't even know what that means

you can't love me because you don't even know that I'm a planet
you can't love me because you don't know that I gave up being a human a long time ago
and you can never love me because you'll never understand why
Do they ever wake up
And wish they weren't where they were
That they were somewhere else
With someone else
Do they ever wish that they were back in the past
When things were simple
When life was wonderful
Back in that beat up car
Tangled hair streaming through the air
When they were young
And the world was dumb
And she was beautiful
Inspired by Beautiful: Ben Rector
 Apr 2016 Meenu Syriac
Julia Mae
 Apr 2016 Meenu Syriac
Julia Mae
the good nights
used to be tinged
with kisses
and a soft caress
against my back
sending shivers
down throughout my spine
but now you say good night
with silence and
unmoving touches
i'm not too sure
how i became so dull
and unlovable
and cast away
to the colder side
of this bed
it's 5am,
i'm wide awake
this ache kept me awake
as you slept
your arms were in the wrong place
they were supposed to be here, here
holding me and keeping
the slumber less thoughts away


My dad never did go into have
his surgery. He needs an EKG first
to ensure his heart will be okay for it.

I'm very encouraged by all your
good wishes and prayers.
I'm certain he will be ok!
 Dec 2015 Meenu Syriac
Sarah Oh
There is a time
When silence isn't quiet
It's getting harder to breathe
My heart is in a constant riot

Life's on a merry-go-round
Wherever I'm going
It's spinning in circles
I'm finding my way around
 Nov 2015 Meenu Syriac
The ghost of me
It watches you sleep
Silently weeping
While you're hopelessly dreaming

The ghost of me
Wonders where you've been
Wonders why people always leave
Wonders about the things she never could keep

The ghost of me
Chokes on your screams
Cries out for your silent pleas
Unnoticed, a t r a n s p a r e n t screen

The ghost of me
It quietly grieves
Loud sobs of devotion
Sad moans of emotion

*The ghost of me
Will always be your creep
the ghost of me
Hopes this you'll read...
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