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Meenu Syriac Jun 2017
My thoughts weigh me down
In the middle of the night,
When distant rumbles
And flashes in the sky,
Wake my dreaming mind.
Tyranny rules our bleeding hearts
And this song is all I have.
A touch of humanity lost to a war cry,
All our words, forged in fire.
You strike, I retaliate,
And now we're falling apart.
Can you sleep? I can't.
I lay awake listening to the screams
That drown the silence of the night.
I count the stars that dare to shine
Even through these dark clouds.
We're lost, in time and space,
Waging a war we don't understand.
My kindred, my blood and flesh,
What are we fighting for?
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
The year 1975, a cold January night of a pretentious age.
Midnight approaching as the music plays in the background,
Soft yet endearing, perfect for a man with a broken smile.
He sits there in his chair, drinking whisky from the bottle,
With a mind much too stagnant, entrapped, too afraid to wander off.
His thoughts, having already killed his heart whole,
As he awaits confirmation to move on to ****** his soul.
A classic jazz piece of the decade, the woman's voice crisp,
Clear enough to enslave him with the truth.
And truth kills, sharp as a knife waiting to stab,
But more of a hostage at gunpoint, begging to be shot.
The chills begin, one last gulp before he climbs up
And puts the noose around his neck.
His heart stops the exact moment, the record ceases to sing,
As if holding its breath, never to whisper its heart endearing chime.
That cold January night of the year 1975,
There was a broken record cursed to never play again,
Along with the body of a man with a broken smile.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
.....Her body quaked from inside out.....

Trajectory set, object aimed,
Bullets slicing through the air.

Her eyes picking up a speck of light,
Heading her way, fierce and fast at sight.
Milliseconds counted, time runs ahead
No time to cry or catch her breath.
Her cortex incapable to process a thought,
Fight or flight, adrenal rush surging thru her veins.

Bullet strikes, bulls eye aim,
Right between the space
Where her soul finds no escape.
Searing impulses, noxious and stale,
Only to be silenced halfway.
Randomness always finds a way in.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
My self was no longer singularity
Another body to join the cosmic  dance
  From one end to another
Through swirls of galaxies and moon dust
  Our hearts can no longer be but together
In an anonymous cosmic acceptance
  Our souls unite with a lustful venture
  And there is nothing but love.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Its past bedtime.
All I can feel is
My head writhing
Inside out.
Trying to lie still
But what hits you harder
Than a broken wing?
Shadows loom like
Ghostly taunts of lost days.
A knife on my back
His taste on my lips.
Some long forgotten love
Threw me to hell.
Eyes open, mind awake
The nightmares
Even then haunt.

Voices from within the grave
A light not seen for
A hundred years.
This box encased around me
Imprisoned and locked
Away from the ordinary folk .
The religious charms and
Superstitious trinkets
The false belief of security.
No intentions to be a scare
But I can't help myself.
This itching ache in my breast
All I want right now is
For someone to put me back
To my eternal rest.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
I'm just a dreamer under the moon
Etching out lines on a paper, no one knows.
They see me in another world,
Far off, aloof, distant and forlorn.
You look at me, with the eyes of a spectator,
Do I look so funny to you?
Can you see these sad eyes,
Watching you make no difference
As you go on with your taunts
And poorly worded chants?
I'm a dreamer, with a world inside my head
I can create a magic, within.
Then bring it out with just some words.
I am a dreamer, under the moon,
Penchant to writing,
Adding colors and dimensions
To dimly lit corridors,
To green fields that
welcome the morning sun.
Painting darkness and light with
The subtle strokes of my mind.
Sculpturing a woman or a man
Their life, and all their strife.
I am a dreamer, under the moon
The pen, to me, is definitely
*Mightier than the sword.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
When the first rays of the sun is cast on you through the venetian blinds
Your hair, a golden hue, in curls they tumble and fall on to your sides.
Your skin, a tanned wonder, Aphrodite will envy with her immortal soul
And your wild and untamed spirit, through your eyes, even Artemis will fall.
Your voice is like honey and works magic to the heart and mind
As you sit there, by the window and sing till the heavens will open and the gods descend down.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Dear God,
I'm not asking for a miracle.
But I sure wouldn't mind one, either.
Yours sincerely,
A Soul in Despair
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
"Robert, what do you see, tell me
Out beyond those high mountains
Underneath the starry sea?
Can you really eye that city
The one mother told us about?"
"Sister, calm your urge, its been awhile
Maybe get a shut eye, and then
Maybe back to your silly dreams"
"But.. But.. Brother, you've grown,
Grown over the summer,
Really, only you can see,
I've been meaning to climb the wall,
If you plan to be so mean to me"
"Tiffany, the time isn't right,
See, I've been busting my brains out,
On that silly homework, Miss Pittypat
Handed over to me.
Maybe tomorrow, or the day after,
But till then won't you hold off
On your wall climbing strategies?"

"Say, brother! Wake up
You've been snoring too loudly
I bet you had the best sleep.
Now, come, won't you,
I've been waiting eagerly,
Today, you'll tell me,
What you see beyond the breeze!"
"Tiffany, alright,
You've been pestering me all day,
Grab my coat and yours,
Today we'll solve that mystery!"

"Careful,Robert, those branches do look weak,
Keep your eyes on your step,
Last thing I want is for you to fall, oh dear!"
"Sister! You should see this, what beauty revealed.
Mother was right, I see the lights line the sky
And I say, those aren't stars,
They're are the bright city lights,
Oh how pleasing to the eye!"
"Oh why! Why should I be so small
That I can't see the world outside
Robert, tell me, is it the most wonderful sight to see?!"
"Tiffany, sweety, I promise you'll see it one day
There, I can almost feel the lights beckon me to come away!"
"Will you go brother, away to the city?
If you do, tell me, you'll take me along with you!"

"Sister, its a fact, mother needs you here now,
Besides, you need to learn the lessons that begin at home,
Now your wings might seem clipped, but believe me,
They're not ready to fly out yet.
One day, when the time is right,
You'll find your way out.
Come join me then, I'll  be waiting, alright!"

"All that matters now is that you grow and nurture
Mature and understand.
This life, take one step at a time,
Dont grow up way ahead, and forget your innocence,
Increase in knowledge and the world will welcome you with both open hands."
My first try at this.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Sometimes it takes more than just a whisper to calm the storm inside.
A mere touch couldn't quench the thirst that dries her out.
A word could dare put out the fire that ravages her soul.
And yet underneath all that prowess her eyes yearn to tell another tale.
As the light would fade out and bring in the darkness,
As the sun goes out to give way to the night,
Her name could twist and twirl the very ends of your hair.
She was everything the earth, fire, water and wind
Combined, to leave you hollow and empty within.

She was all things terrible, rip you apart, fighting for your very own breath.
The hurt you felt when you gazed into her eyes
Yet the touch of sweet death, to delude your senses unrefined.

She was all things beautiful, her soul tarnished but divine.
Her voice beckoning like a song,
A song, putting you to sleep,
On a cold winter's night.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2015
This night,  these stars,
This breeze, that embraces my heart,
As it entwines with every fold of my skin,
Oh,  how I wish it was you, rather,
Here,  holding me in your arms.
May this wind carry my longing,
To where you are,
And find you in all earnest hope,
Wanting the same,
And hear my song as a whisper in the night.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
Passive aggression
Filling the void.
Her voice resounds
In an endless rage.
Beware the wrath
Her mind can't restrain.
Inside her head,
She pleads in vain.
She wants to stop
She craves a change.
Her throat, sore
From her cries for help.
She can't hold her tongue
She needs to lash out.
Her body trembles
And her head throbs.
Her fury burning
Like a white hot blade.
One two three four
This needs to stop.
Five six seven eight
Self-control was never her mate.
Nine ten and a billion more
Till her breath runs out.
Placid face, decision sways
For the umpteenth time.
This is it, i need help
She says.
#anger #rage
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Her eyes skirted off in to the distance
She was all too accustomed to this silence.
Her shadow followed her, maybe the only one
She picked at the ends of her dress and looked at the setting sun
Her eyes were anxious and her lips quivering
Her face pale, as she sat by the river, singing her song,
For no one to hear and no one to care.
Her voice echoed back, and for the first time,
She knew she was alone.

Her eyes were now fixed on the dancing flames, sending smoke upwards.
With every ounce of strength, her heart fought hard to break free.
In her head, it was chaos,
A chaos only her mind could comprehend.
She'd sit down to write and stare at the blank page
Always wanting her life to be made in to a book
But inside, she was a mess, always questioning,
How incomplete everything felt,
How she couldn't fill in the empty spaces.

And like the wisp of smoke spiraling up to the blue sky
*All hope she had, said a last goodbye...
Meenu Syriac Oct 2017
Of nights spent awake, blank pages, empty thoughts.
Of dreams misconstrued, eyes wide open, staring at the wall.
Fear holds me prisoner, silence grips me tighter.
Words were my ally, now they have failed me too.

Sundays spent in the dark, probing memories,
Pleading to be left untouched.
Of hurt and regret, my constant companions,
Once upon a time, helped me write songs for my broken heart.

Of the moon and the stars,
The serene night sky,
Back when I could serenade them endless,
Now I greet them with empty hands.

Of days when words spilled at the brim of my chalice,
Now parched and dry, soulless and wary.
Aye, my misgivings keep me company,
As I ironically write an ode to my writer's block.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Nov 2014
On a ship back home,
These high sailing seas
Tear this weary soul of mine.
And the deafening roars of the gods,
Ascertained with every thunder that rocks.
With every wind that wails,
My heart longs,
To see the ends of these dark waters.
As the rising tides commune,
Fear drives me away,
*But hope guides me home.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Aug 2014
An unquiet mind,
Toiling with thoughts,
Evil as the doom that lines the dusk.
And on your doorstep the devil waits,
Vicious words, way of the world
To taunt and hate.
So what does your devil look like?
Pain, disgrace or greed and shame?
Hatred boils, right to the core of the soul and heart.
Soldering iron, ablaze, red hot,
Imprinting a gene, an instinct sought.
And as the night creeps in, so does humankind
A curse, or so I believe, to wander the low land.
What you sow, so shall you reap,
And in heaven, will your judgment heap.
The way of the world to my unquiet mind
Shadows daring to seek out the wrath.
Pure evil, our hearts are dark,
And in this hour of the darkest night
Seek out the only light that shines within.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
To the words that flow uninterrupted,
Misconstrued to a poet's imagination
Sketching, painting, plotting, twisting.
To the silence that reigns everything around
To the peace found in the eye of the storm
Perched in a corner, for all of life to be written down.
An inborn error, discovered, captured, tamed and taught
Wild to the mind and food for the soul
Words become friends and sworn enemies.
A journey of words and faces, realms of an untapped drive
That writes words like ant trails on paper
A prelude to a poet's mind.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2015
A vast endless plain, wet from the storm and the hail,
Rolling hills with a perpetually infinite progression of scenery.
Here, the rules of life, are those in a game of cards,
Play well, forget not, with each turn of the wheel.
And at the horizon, beyond the reach of man or beast,
After the heavy grey and rain,
Forms a rainbow, a bridge with the dreams.
This storm passed, long before the shadows could haunt,
What to fear, my mind at peace,
Yet here I stand in a soulless valley,
Where is that *** of gold, they promised,
At the end of the colour scheme?
©Meenu Syriac

Greed exceeds the need for attainment of peace.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Chances are, its going to burn you bad.

Staring at the ceiling, painting dollars in your head
Can you move your limbs and actually make it happen before you're dead?

Turning tables, now the blame's on you
A deal with the devil, now your head is the price.

Call your gods, let them intercede for you
I like company, its pretty much a game for two

Dust your jacket, put on your finest piece of cloth.
Dont want to look shabby when you're invited for a dinner with that dude.

Deal the cards, let the money roll in,
You were a dead man, even before you were born.

Rattle your chains, let the noise be heard
This game is mine, I tell you all the rules.
This was so random
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
A tear for the fallen
A shadow hiding behind the cover
A dew drop on a leaf
Blown out into the open by the wind.
A song for the dreamer
As he puts the rope around his neck
A letter for the lover
As she walks off with another man.
A kiss on the cheek
Before they close the lid of his coffin

Everything has an ending
As the colors fade into nothing
Every hello and goodbye
Every tear and smile
Every moment to behold
This life has its closing act
A scene of exit,
Where your choices, you make
As you define yourself
The way you sign your name
A billion people around the world
Living and breathing
Every act, every take
Every decision, every stake
Does it leave a mark?
Does it change a heart?
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Darkness fills the landscape of thoughts.
Dreary looks and wicked souls.
Tortured and vile minds filled to the brim.
Tore us apart and stole our hope.
Their desolation keeps the locks on our doors.

A light shines through the thick fog,
A beacon, a beam of hope.
A Savior, a Hero.
A force unknown.
A reason to dream
Beyond the walls.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2014
As the light touches her skin,
A fire deep within,
Ablaze to set free, your desires.
And in the light of the moon she lies
Ethereal beauty,
The queen,
On *****, she breathes her fire.
Purifying the soul,
Her eyes burn,
Deep within your whole.
The night she claims her own
A magical spell to weaken you.
You, oh Icarus,
Fly too close to the sun.
And in her arms you lie,
Charmed and bewildered,
Wanting for more.
Meenu Syriac Jul 2015
A faint glow of light
Casting long shadows in the corridor
Dust gathering,
In this house riddled with secrets
Lurching behind the curtains.
Time, stands still,
As these walls seem to breathe
With their eyes watching me.
In this endless solitude,
I've found my solace
In this madness,
I have begun to revel.
Intoxication finds me hospitable
Blankly staring at the photographs
Hung up high on the wall.
And I whisper into the growing darkness
An unsolvable equation to my insanity.
I have lost myself within these hallowed halls,
Built a temple around my being
With my inebriated dreams.
I fall deeper and deeper
Further away from all that is real.
Oh how comforting,
This swirling blackness,
Ushering me in to the unknown.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Here I am, at the end of the road
With a darkness raging like a fire, it burns me till I cannot feel.
I cry silent tears, a mix of salt and dreams, as I catch myself from falling,
From the edge of life, from the peak of my fears.

Take away from me, my past and all that holds me
Give me a light I know I can shine forth, one that guides me home.
Cleanse me from this plague in my heart
With a reason to see beyond the chains that bind me.
Find me a home, a promised land, one where You and I can be .
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
As the wind gently sweeps in,
*The promise of tomorrow

Touches my being.
The rustle of the leaves
With the transient tone of the breeze.
Standing at the edge of glory,
I see my rise and fall.
And as the thunder begins,
To make its way near,
A drop of rain, falls
To become one with the ground.
Long awaited,
Something to fill my soul.
The water to quench the thirst
That rages within.
Let it rain,
And fill my barren soul.
Let the wind blow,
Let the thunders roar,
*My soul awakens to life once more.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2015
She stood in the middle of the courtyard
Her arms outstretched, embracing life,
What little she knew of it.
In the rain, she let her bonds fall to the ground,
This sense of freedom, if only for a moment,
She wanted it to be her own.
That brief time, between fearing and dreaming,
She let herself loose.
As the rain washed the blood and the mud,
Her soul needed the cleansing, she thought.
For the first time in years, she chose not to look for scars,
She forgot the pain.
In this big house, she was a prisoner.
Prisoner of rites and beliefs,
Of men and patriarchy.
And only when the rains came to visit,
Did she forget the cruelty and the evil.
Only then, did she believe of balance and equilibrium,
Only then, did she wish for rights and freedom.
In her dreams she saw a much better world,
Outside these four walls.
And in those dreams,
She wasn't a prisoner of fate or creed,
She was a woman of no fears.
In the light of all that is happening in India...
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Feelings lost to someone during the day
Lose herself to someone else at night.
Finding reasons for how she feels
Life is hard,she recalls.
Tonight in someone's arms
Tomorrow yet to be found.
Dreams of princes, castles and chamberlains
But now she hides in her own disdain.
Looking for love she lost her way,
Now in the dark she fades away.
Money to earn,
But a bigger price to pay.
What she is, wishing things could change.
Body and soul destroyed,
Life has been unfair.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
There she lays
Her beautiful body
But inside she writhes away.
Meenu Syriac Aug 2014
Lost to the chase, her hands bear the trade
Talking to walls, the closest to a conversation she's ever been in.
That's what this life presents,
Choices we cannot guarantee, to a crown of fallacies.
She was broken even before she could mend her shame
Her arms told stories where blades met to caress and tear.
Because its a broken world, broken records of life lie in the shade
She could swim against tides, she owned the waters she said,
Only to be found dead in a pool full of her own blood.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Caged in glass,
*Can you see thru to the other side?

Wake up, love, the sun shines
Let your dreamy eyes' gaze align.
Could you hear her scream at night?
Wretched Pandora gives no peace of mind.
But dont you cry, love, because after the rain
Comes the rainbow, no more fright.
You hang in there, beautiful
And I'll come before the sun kisses the ground.
I'll make my way into your fortress
And steal you away at night.
Pandora awakens,
But no spell of hers can keep us apart.
Don't you cry, love
This knight will not falter.
There's no wall too high,
Nor a sword too sharp.
No dream too impossible,
Or battles unbeatable.
Hang in there, love,
I'll be there,
*Before the sun kisses the ground.
Yes, very fairytale-ish. ;)
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Being a woman is hard.
Being a woman
You expect me to be
Is hard.
Being who I am,
Well now,
That's really easy.

So society tells me
I should be thin
Maybe look like 'em supermodels
I guess since
That's not happening
I'll go drown my "sorrows"
In a box of ice cream.

Be beautiful
By putting all that mush on my face?
Sorry, no thank you
I'll pass.
I'll be me with all my spots, marks
Freckles and all.

Because you see,
What I am,
Well the genes,
Were handed to me,
By the two most beautiful people
In the world,
Yes, freckles and all.

I am independent
I am smart
I dont need to look like a clown
To please your senses.
I'm much more than
What's on the surface.
So if you wanna like me
Its a package deal,
Freckles and all.
Its very imperfect, but what the heck, I just wrote what came to my mind. This one's for the ladies. Yes, feel beautiful, be beautiful. Be who you are.
Have a good day :)
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Has the darkness seeped into you
And set you alight like a wild fire?

Beneath all the smiles,
Past all the lies.

Does it ravage your soul
As the loneliness burns each part of you ?

Beneath this surface
A storm begins to brew.

*Have you dreamed so much

Only to find that life has lost its flavor?

A shadow grows within me
Whispers drive me mad.

Do you wish for second chances
Even if you know you'd do it wrong again?

As the wind begins to roll in
And the waters begin to flood.

Would you love someone with all your heart
And let yourself believe in it, despite the truth?

You'll find me in the corner,
A girl with a broken soul.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2015
I dream,
Let me slumber, kind heart.
Stare into the fire,
Burn your eyes with the truth.
As a falling star turns to dust,
Dreamers will awake
To the sound of an ending world.

I cry,
Sing to me, minstrel.
A tear will flood this barren land
Our hearts have run dry of love.
Listen as the sisterhood prays,
Shouting out to the gods
That forgot us.

I crawl,
In the dark, take me.
These wounds have turned septic,
With the poison in our veins.
Read my lips as I sing of a battle,
A page out of an endless book,
Written with the sins we bled.

I forget,*
Enlighten me, lost soul.
Have the gates been closed,
Have we lost all hope?
Blood and dust,
Pain and misery,
Where have all the good men gone?
Maybe not a biblical apocalypse, but one has to just look around and see that humanity has lost its way.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
Beyond the walls that hold you in
Touch of crimson hue and stained with ink.
Write your story with your blood within,
Take a blade, and let the tale begin.

Down the lane, memories pretend,
Casting shadows, the mind cannot lend.
Let the lies be one with your self succinct,
Dreaming was always your dearest sin.

And as you take each step towards the door,
Rising fear, draws you back into recluse.
Stories, countless, but no courage to share,
A plea to take you back to the better days.

Let the pages be filled with pain and misery
Write it out now, let the ink run out with your story.
And with the last page, let the suffering be quenched
Step outside into the sun, let a new life begin.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
In the silence of the night,
You and I alone by the fire.
This rift between us, clear as day,
But cold as our hearts.

In tears, we learned love,
In pain, we fought the odds.
But tonight in this silence
We let ourselves undone.

Blow out these candles,
Let me see you in the dark.
All along, we held ourselves back,
Now let our hearts decide.

Blow out the candles,
Let me look into your eyes.
In this darkness, I'll find,
What we lost along the path.

Blow out the candles,
Its just you and me, tonight.
In this silence we'll lie still
And let our souls entwine.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Beckoning calls
From far away.
Echoing voices
All through the day.
I see myself
So dark and cold.
Wish some light
Could shine through.

Walking in the dark
I was born to the dark.
Feel myself being stabbed
Over and over again.
Those promises people forgot
Leaving me fighting for breath.

Catch me before I fall
My hands reach out.
My muffled screams
Through the vacuum.
Music playing
Dark and eery.
Conflict sounds
Desolation falls, like snow.
Meenu Syriac Jan 2015
Lo' there are clouds of grey gathering at the horizon,
Shades of gloom crowding the corners,
And all that my eyes see laden with sadness.
Despair has never been so unkind,
To someone who dreams to see the blue skies.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Dec 2014
Wake up to the morning stars as dew drops fall on silent ground.
The night falls short of a breathless whisper,
As the pitter patter of falling rain drowns all the noise.
Your kiss is an awakening from the nightmare of life,
Struck with poison from a broken arrow,
My eyes bewitched by all that you are.
Tear me into pieces for everything I know is buried beneath lies.
Cover me with your passion.
You've got stars in your eyes
And in them I am lost to the night.
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
Turning dark
Once a bright red
Now a bolder purple.
Slowly falling apart
Bit by bit.
A rose withering,
Petals falling,
Its beauty wasn't just in the red.
Still magnificent as such
Even when life has retired.

There by the window sill
Overlooking all of life yonder,
As the scent departs
And the thorns ***** harder.
One Saturday night
Someone's love expressed.
Embracing each other,
Its beauty beheld for a while
Lovers swaying across the room
Under the gaze of a fading essence.

Somewhere far away
A girl sits alone under an oak tree
Her lover never came.
"He loves me
He loves me not
He loves me
He loves me not..."
I had roses in my room, got it for my birthday. Each day i wake up,  i'd look at it and see it turn a different and darker shade. This is what i wrote when i sat and stared at it for too long.
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
To breathe without being strangled
To live without fearing life.
To think without judgment
To love without condition.
To give without asking
To care without getting hurt.
To dream without wondering
To smile without the tears.
I can't fix you,
So don't ask me now.
Wrecked and soaked in despair,
I'm broken beyond repair.
Meenu Syriac Apr 2014
She bared her soul to him
And gave him the chance to peek.
Everyday she slept in his arms
Her dreams were as vivid as ever,
Her sweaty palms and palpitations
Couldn't lie
Not when she bared her soul to this guy.
Right from the start
In an incredulous altruism,
She gave her all to him.
He plucked on her heartstrings
And made a song out of her.
She danced to his breath
And to the pounding in his chest.
Her smooth skin like silk in his arms,
He wrapped her in a paradise
In even moments that seemed unwise.
His eyes searching in profound wonder,
Unwinding, revealing, removing her layers.
And with every layer stripped, she grew beautiful.
She wept joy
In every moment of bliss.

That day when she hung herself
He had but a million questions.
Every memory created
Every moment made
Recounting, recalling.
And all he could see was
A broken angel
Her wings could never be fixed
And through all that soul baring
That's the one tiny detail he missed.
He was her addiction
He was her catalyst.
The zenith of her joy, reached
Her repressed guilt burst into flames.
Dreams had turned to nightmares
And even his presence couldn't subdue it.
Her lights were turning dim
She was broken even before she realized.
And all he was left with
Were memories
Her touch,
Her smile,
Her eyes.
She was broken,
But she was an angel.
Meenu Syriac May 2014
She lies there under the sun,
A slight glisten
To add to the paleness of her skin.
Right where he left her,
In the heat of a summer morning,
Her self crumbling within.
Piece by piece,
Can't even lift herself up,
To take a stride,
To forget the nightmare.
There she lies on the ground,
Where he left her,
Like*  broken china,
*Burning under the sun.
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
What a convoluted world.
They turn love to pleasure
And strip it of its innocence.

This dry land of men.
Spewing words of foulness
Like toxic gas it dances away.

Blind notions go a long way.
Dark men that hide in the night
Walk in packs and rob the daylight.

I'd rather be blind
To a world that's lost its way.
Children of men, beware,
Dont pass this baton of hurtful shame.
We wove a twisted fantasy of life,
The name says it all.
Stopping waging a useless war
Enough with these morbid schemes.
What this world needs
Is a ray of sunshine.
Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
In my heart, you built a home,
Promises and stories,
Whispering sweet nothings.
And ever since you walked out,
The cracks on these walls,
Have grown wider.
Lost in the memories,
Of a beautiful yesterday,
Still trapped, mindless
Within these four walls.
You built a home in me,
And left me hanging on,
To all we were,
But could never be.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Mar 2014
There's only so much you can take before the world splits into half. The world you know of, is just another illusion created in your head. Leading battles and marching to the drums. That ringing in your head is always a sharp note waiting to go off. You could look at the stars and feel everything was right. Now look at the same sky and feel yourself slip into the darkness. Everyone around you wants to see you lose the battle. Secretly they are all just waiting to watch you fall. Putting on a brave face and hiding behind a mask, all the same, just that, its never you. You can take on the world if you want to. But remember there's always a price to pay. Love was a concept made to mislead us. Just a sweet note to hide the cacophony of the composition. Sometimes, its a lonely war you rage. No one sees you put on the armor, no one sees you run head first into the enemy. Who is the enemy? Dont be surprised if you hear a voice inside saying, its you.
Here I am. Standing at the edge of the world.  Should I take a leap? Or should I fall back and never know what lay on the other side?
Meenu Syriac Jun 2014
She saw herself in the mirror,
Took one glance and felt her world cave in.
Let her fingers glide on the smooth shine of the surface,
Feel the pain as she looks at what she has become.
Turn around and maybe never look back.
Take herself apart and start right from the start.
Fix all the broken pieces and put back the puzzle again
Lies and pretence, her soul can't bear the urge within.
In the dark she lies, holding herself together
And outside a storm rages thru the night.
Bit by bit, putting together herself
From what little she knew of the woman she was.
Maybe if she closed her eyes,
The light wouldn't burn right thru her soul.
Maybe if she imagined the most wonderful things.
Then maybe she won't feel the pain
As she burns down in flames tonight.
Meenu Syriac May 2015
We wander, lost and unfound
Our lives, stories untold.
Weary souls, we walk an endless road
In the light of a burning star,
We rise and fall.

You may see the universe in our eyes,
Bright stars swirling in the deepest black.
Aren't we all waiting for the same thing?
By the side of dusty roads,
Waiting for love to cease us in this moment.
And we let our hearts lust, and be wild.
Because only then are we alive.
Love is pain and pleasure,
Sadness and joy,
And everything in between,
The darkness and the light,
The wrong and the right.

Let the storms take over
And the wind howl through the night.
Let the tides rise
And the waves rush to the shore.
We are everything we've ever wanted to be,
Everything, we can ever be.
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac Jul 2016
Can winter be about us?
As we looked out through the windows,
Watching as the snow fell gentle,
And the silence lulled out,
The unendurable human noise.
The world outside sleeping in peace
As we sat by the fire,
Hoping time would stay still,

Can winter be about us,
Of that last time we ever met?
Of warm summers we thought we'd see,
And rainy afternoons consumed in caffeine and poetry ,
Of cold starry nights under a sycamore tree.
Of all the time we thought we'd have,
But didn't.

In another time
In another place.
You and I,
©Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac May 2014
Solitude refined,
It aches in the most hidden parts
Of my soul, untouched.

Love refrained,
It aches to know we can never be,
It hurts to know you were
Never meant for me.

Searching for purpose
Why do I seek for love when I know,
It is the one thing missing?

Purged in iniquity
I dont feel human anymore.
Overpowered in every way possible,
Fighting for breath.

These words I write,
These words I say,
Can you hear me cry the night away?

I'm trying to come through,
Calling out
To the air.
Needless to say,
I feel like I'm falling
Head first onto the ground.
Here's something a little too sad.
Meenu Syriac Dec 2014
In silence, we left every sentence unfinished.
*As the dawn came

Every word we never spoke
Lingered like the mist.
On your lips, I kissed
Hoping to light a spark.
And as you looked into my eyes
All there was to our story
Died with our silence.
Rising and falling chests,
Trembling hands,
Let it fall to our sides,
Let our bodies rekindle with our souls.
Why do we fight this if we can let go?
Why do we fight for what was lost
*So long ago?
© Meenu Syriac
Meenu Syriac May 2016
Once I tossed my cares faraway.
I saw it crash and roll with the waves
As I drifted off silently,
Obstinately ignoring all that I am.
But when the skies turned grey and vengeful,
And the seas, harsh and unforgiving,
The salt in the air and in my mouth,
In my hair, and in my blood,
Swore to drag me away,
From the sweet, sweet bliss of ignorance.

Sweat breaks,
Silence rings loud and vehement.
Shards of glass leaving trails on my skin,
Seeking comfort and libations,
To fill this gaping void.
Oh the storm raged,
As I stubbornly tried to forget,
my encumbrance.

We eagerly wait to be the kite,
That flies freely in the wind.
But tethered are we, to this curse,
That is adulthood.

©Meenu Syriac
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