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Sarah Oh Jul 2017
Life can be strange, sometimes
One way or another
It makes no sense, yet it rhymes

There’s no way of telling
Where our lives are going
Well,  then don’t stop trying
Sarah Oh Mar 2016
Dusk has fallen,
And the day is done
The sky is receding,
For the night has just begun
Sarah Oh Mar 2016
I've been searching
For the right words to say
My heart's aching
For you to stay
Since the day you walked away
Sarah Oh Mar 2016
****, you say
Laugh, you make me
Cry, I break you
Anger, you fear me
Sarah Oh Mar 2016
Stir my soul
Not my goal
Face my fears
Leave no tears
Time ticks by
Your heart won't lie
Sarah Oh Feb 2016
From the first day i met you,
You're a memory
From that day you walked away,
You became history
Till the day we meet again,
Your scent is the only accessory I wore
Till my heart aches again,
I cannot ask for more
Sarah Oh Feb 2016
Risk everything you have for freedom
Fuel your passion with all you got
Feed your lust for everything you believe in
For there's a compass in your heart that lies within
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