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Allah my dear Lord
everyone wishes me
happy birthday today
though I still ponder when
my mind was born, o my Lord
I wish to thank You nonstop!

I wonder when did You pen
my birth set my destiny on the flow.
Why then - I feel like I saw
the ocean floor was dry on that mo
that very one ocean making drop
didn’t dance, then it didn’t billow!

Maybe because once all that start
be on the move then take a pause
but I wish to thank You nonstop.

There are exceptions like I bumped on
in Your awesome varied creation.
There is one that lives on the grave can’t swallow
You created that endless love time ago
and wrapped in it my soul in the core.
I did my little splash - my debuting first go
rose over the rainbow but sways to a full stop.
Dwarf me now start to realise why the sea below
turns a stand-alone dewdrop on the rose!

Like a broken sleep in the middle of the night comes
the next moment with a broken dream only seen half
and all the memory goes lost with the unseen half.
The nightingale buzzed up singing on the new dawns
on my memory lane though was yet to bloom a rose!  

The first light paints heaven on earth so clement  
retouch it just to blow it onto the rose you can.
Shines a light on the move dip in the polished angle
picturesque beauty unleashes amid the day’s sunny show
one more punter basks in it gets two more eyeballs.
The cutie that was yet to pop in the shining galore
stays in the fence cutting all the corner gets in the loop
and the sun showers its balmy blue light on this Moon!

One world scattered across the board
deep in the water is a one connected dot.  
One endlessly variant one ever-fluid on diverse flow
embarked timeless time ago yet that's on the row.
Off to the half-seen dream my day lo
entering the twilight zone, it sets on the go.
Yet to live the mo, no rope no continual binary code
up to the dream when can I ever draw O my Lord!

Help me, when You do that I can see the magic
even when blowing the husk off a small seed
rainbow laces blow out opening the arch of blue sky
the small patch of land I touchdown turns to gold dust
what crosses in my mind then is any one’s lucky catch!

Eying on that endless love that took my dream away
Paradise the butterfly on its wings is ever on the fly.
Punting down the serene shadow of heaven all the stars
confluence for the final constellation on their highway
dwarf I though yet to act on the meaning of my dream
thanks to You let me share with those larks my script.
Wish comes true may their lips break into smiles
their sky wall keyhole to open stupendous painterly spirals.
Raise me high on the tangent dear Lord I am running dry
pour me Your potion of mercy in my dew splash sea of elixir
so I can break my fast sipping that o my Lord no one dies!
 Dec 2018 makeloveandtea
When I realized
That I was left to stand
There heart in hand
Tearing myself apart just to give me to you
And it wasn’t that you didn’t want me
It’s that you never truly knew
Torn Heart In Hand
 Dec 2018 makeloveandtea
Breathing smoke
Blowing mist
Missed mornings passersby
And then
And then
A coffee hiss
A quiet whisp
Another day gone by
Days go by. Quick quick.
I will bake you a raspberry creme cannoli
if you bite my earlobes nimbly;
I dream your skin tastes of
 Aug 2016 makeloveandtea
rain dripped into my cup of coffee.
its the little things
Your mind-  it's too young.
Knows not the truth of the world.
I suppose its the reason why I adore you.

Your innocence, your purity,
Your heart, your soul, all intact.
All the things I've lost and watched shatter before my eyes.

You admire my physicality
Not my soul
For you do not appreciate the existence of one that is pure, and undamaged.

The kind that you have.

One day you will.
And you will understand,
Why we couldn't be together.

And if that day arrives
I will be here
Still adoring your everything just the same.
For a friend from high school
Sometimes I feel like that broken china doll
you found lying in a garage sale last summer.
Blackened eyes, busted lip,
and threatening to shatter at the slightest touch.
I oftentimes struggle to remind myself,
it's not my fault I ended up this way—
—for even the most avid of admirers
will occasionally drop their toys.
Music made from you,
With your voice,
Your instruments,
Are unrivaled.

Exquisite notes flow effortlessly,
Entrancing women,
To descent deeper,
And deeper in love.

Your composition style,
Is a gift inherited.
It can not be acquired.

You told me your
Ingenious father showed you
All that you know.

The casual way,
You beguiled me with
Your music, making me
Feel heaven bound.

My heart was your instrument,
Manipulating and conquering it.

Lies were your notes,
Enchanting them to
Appear truthful.

My mind the foolish audience,
Awaiting an encore,
One performance was
Never good enough.

You continuously performed,
Yet I continuously stayed.
We've all knew at one point the relationship was over BUT we just stayed.
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