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  Nov 2017 Ree Bunch
I'm afraid
to look at you
because maybe
you'll be looking back
and I'll be reminded of the
ways my heart learned to love
the person you pretended to be
Ree Bunch Nov 2017
Your entrance door is shattered and tattered, yet you feel safe.
Your windows are now his eyes into all of your secret places;
But still you sleep in your prettiest negligees.
Your locks are just parts of brass adorning wooden pieces;
Although you think they are enough to keep evil and good balances even.
You walls are built high to the sky, impenetrable in your dark brown eyes;
But all he sees are clouds of smoke that will come down with the simplest of lies.
You feel all of safe and sound snuggled up in your warm bed,
Oblivious to the real world around you in instead.
Ree Bunch Mar 2017
You laughed and caressed my cheek.
Your hugs so strong and endless.
Your words play on repeat,
"I love you fervently"

You showed me the person you really are;
But I thought it better to paint you as my masterpiece.
When people show you who they are- believe them.
Ree Bunch Jan 2017
Yellow stained teeth yet she smiles.
That smile is excuding pride.
Body hair growing wild,
Yet her arms give such warmth.
She disappears amongst a crowd.
Lurking as a helpful eye.

Men laugh at her unibrow,
Dismissing her giving heart.
Disregard of her love's vow.
She'd love with all of her being
And her pride yellow stained smile.
Yet eyes only see her flaws.

Her inner beauty shines bright,
Guiding true love through the night.
There is a person for everyone that will only see the beauty that truly matters.
Ree Bunch Jan 2017
Pickaxe swings,
shards fly.
Pieces move,
yet inners hide.

I've been swinging
both day and night.
Understanding you
is a futile fight.
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