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 Nov 2017 Katelyn Rew
Kaye I
she's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
 Nov 2017 Katelyn Rew
allison fl
when i look at you
i want to feel nothing
but i feel everything
and my chest hurts.
 Nov 2017 Katelyn Rew
Anne Molony
he wasn't
what I expected
him to be  

he kept his hair short and messy,
wore funny clothes and enjoyed
comic books, Daft Punk and
of all things
and bless,
he thought his earrings
made him seem tough

In the end, it was
his confidence
that won me over
his smiley eyes
so seamlessly dissolved
my doubts and skepticism
and took with
my heart

the kisses he'd plant on my forehead would
drag me into
his silly world where
wonderfully weird hats were worn seriously  
and music played on our
candy-coloured 2000s cd player
while we read together
on the couch

he offered to massage
my feet and I blushed and thought
that I was falling for him and
he laughed and pulled me
close into his chest
while I wept with joy
for I'd found  
I miss you
 Jun 2017 Katelyn Rew
you don't deserve a word
not even a poem
how does it feel
when you lost the people
you confessed you "love"

how did it feel
when your own medicine
ran through your throat?
how does it feel
to steal so much time
from someone who treasured it?
holding it close to her chest
against her rib cage

how does it feel
to steal something you don't own
from a family you "care" for

and how does it feel?
to see someone who loves me
better than you do
because you thought
no one could ever love me like you
you lying *** *****, you are wrong
The marriage of sunshine and seawater
turned to bristling diamonds is a form of communication , a plea from an alien nation , a call for a congregation* ...
Copyright February 23 , 2017 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
Hey dork with the beautiful eyes,
How long will it take to realize,
You'll be fine, don't be surprised,
Problems disappear like water dries,

No more worries, no more fears,
Boy don't let me see you tears,
Your heart holds the future and steers,
Away from the discord that it hears.

You've got this, yes I'm sure,
Your beautiful soul will be your cure,
I see brilliance in your future,
I believe in you.
For my troubled one
 Jan 2017 Katelyn Rew
A swift crack to the head and suddenly I'm off my feet again.
A bit of paranoia settling in.
A lingering sense of regret over things unsaid.
Things I might want to give to friends just in case I never see them again.

A quick jab to the ribs and suddenly I'm taking it all in.
Seeing the importance of it.
The implications of knowing where to begin.
Beginning again after everything else has come to an end.

A clenched jaw with fingernails digging in.
A slip of the tongue that should've been bitten off.
A song sung while lying in a field thirty yards from the bar.
A poster hung from the walls of the place where we used to live.
A bit of bone sticking out from a sawed-off limb.

A fist hits me in the stomach and suddenly I can stomach anything.
The twists and turns and cigarette burns and the lessons twice learned but never accepted.

This is how it starts.
Reassembling the puzzle pieces of our broken parts.
The dark sky whistles a midnight tune
The breeze caressing her cheeks
Her cigarette burning in between her fingers
As she started to sing

She sang songs
That reminded her of you
Flaming youthful emotions
Sincere and true

A single tear trails gently down her face
As she whispers the line
To the midnight sky

*I miss you...
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