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athena Mar 4
three years ago
i lost a home
never belonging anywhere
wandering and writing poems
that never belonged to anyone

until today, as i watch him
lay his head gently
drifting slowly
and lightly

what did i do to deserve this?
this kind of love
that makes me hope
the kind that makes me dive deep down
without knowing what lies beneath

i never thanked God so much
until i met you
my home, my serenity
the only love of my life
and to whom my poems of love
solely belong to
- i wrote this before he left me
athena Mar 4
he may have left me
when he said he wouldn't
he may have yelled
when he said he'd stop
but i know deep down
we had something good

he's the only boy i married
at least in my heart
but marriage is a lifetime commitment
it's for those who don't leave
for those who love
and for those who are faithful

i've spent 1,095 days with him
but i do not wish to have my time back
for it was a beautiful time
and it was a beautiful love
that i thought would never end
athena Mar 4
you asked me before you left
and i asked myself when you left
how can you love someone
who is not yours?

you don't belong to me anymore
i'll never see another day with you
another sunset, another sunrise
another episode

i shall say goodbye
to the nights when i weep
with my tears in your arms
i shall say goodbye
to the laughter, stories
and the things you promised
to keep

but how will i forget?
a life that we built
and the love that we had?
and how will i forget?
the night you told me
that you want to grow old with me
and the day that you said
you are tired of me
now i ask, how long did you love me?
- because, i will love you as long as you allow me to.
athena Dec 2019
what do you have against me?
you're only scared of a baby
an unborn child
and a happy family

maybe you don't know
how much i love him
or how tight i embraced him
after he piled my clothes
on his front door

maybe you don't know
how i accept him
his anger and his howls

maybe you don't know
how he sees home
in my eyes

maybe you don't know
how he loves me
oh, so honestly

oh, maybe
that's what you have
against me
i have true love
and you don't
  Oct 2019 athena
Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son

Sleep So Silently, You'll Rise Smile On Your Face
Don't Desire Age, Don't Lose Your Sense of Place
Revel In Your Innocence, The World Won't Seem So Strange
You're Beautiful, You're Beautiful, And Safe.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Be,
Who You're Destined To Be.
Love Everyone You Come Across,
Chase Your Dreams, And Never Stop.

Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son
athena Sep 2019
an alcohol infused less than five-feet human being also feels like what humans could feel, to find someone who would really love you is phenomenal. it could feel like the first day of high school or the ringing bell. opening birthday presents or the thin ice cold mint that travels through your nostrils. lifting your right feet up higher than you can or for as long as you could hold his hand during the winter storm. stepping on the sand feeling the corals and the caudal fins of those miniscule creatures inhabiting the sea where you lingered burying your feet deeper and deeper feeling them dissipate. smelling freshly baked cookies or pouring moscato in the morning. wearing a different pair of socks and checking the doorknob 42 times. pulling a microscopic thin thread out of your plastic button or making sure that the wooden tiles are staying where they should. washing your hands every after five minutes or smelling the musk of a new book. writing while you wonder where he could be, would he love the strokes or the way you chase the changing weather? the way you carelessly laugh and your creative ways to put life in the jungle varmint or putting your head on his chest and feel like you belong there, that's when you know that there is something sweeter than heirloom wine.
- for Nikko, of course.
  Sep 2019 athena
I am sorry
I have failed to stay happy
like how you would have wanted me to be.
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