girl gonzo Sep 14
a new chapter beseeches for the death of the character
anew; atop the flood of cleaner fluid
scraps on the ground for the coming of everything contained
splashed with the seeds of Lavender
it smells nice but does the body writhe in perseverance under the foot
or does the palate for the crusade of being lost at sea finally the
magnitude that devours the movement in incadescense
like the swallowing of a sun
slow burn and nothing left but the absence of something that has been so familiar you can only feel it when the lamp refuses to turn on
you're left in the dark soaking in all the times that were the last and when was the last palpable throat that tucked your wrist upside down and whispered
you're not in charge
to be continued, might add to it later
I called someone a
did they know
that they had an
Oedipus complex?
I make Frued proud
on a daily basis.
Well here we meet again.
My old and ****** friend.
Let’s not pretend
that it’s the end
but instead that for now were over.
I had to leave you to be sane.
I said I was no longer playing,
and now the day
seems half as gray
but you’ll live on all the same.
Your a malicious indigent *****.
Whose only job is to make us sick.
So for now I say
like I pray
you’re a ticking bomb I intend to kick.
And yes I know you feel indifferent.
A thief of life who doesn't give a ****.
We’re sure not cured,
you twisted bird,
but I hope you heard
through my words
that for now till tomorrow my light is lit.
Good bye.
athena Jun 2017
you don't deserve a word
not even a poem
how does it feel
when you lost the people
you confessed you "love"

how did it feel
when your own medicine
ran through your throat?
how does it feel
to steal so much time
from someone who treasured it?
holding it close to her chest
against her rib cage

how does it feel
to steal something you don't own
from a family you "care" for

and how does it feel?
to see someone who loves me
better than you do
because you thought
no one could ever love me like you
you lying *** *****, you are wrong
Lainrz Dec 2015
I'm an alcoholic
drug addict
and this ****
doesn't have a thing on

Lenore Lux Nov 2014
You know what sounds nicest?
In your bed lying covers half drawn.
Afternoon bath just as I'm waking up.
Your notes upon nightstands and mirrors.

I hope you understand that I'd do
unspeakable deeds and make deals to
realize this vision --

but I'm only human,
you lecher

I'm not the one distributing kisses
I'm not the one love has found you
in paper and ribbon
I'm a companion for us
lonely ones, called suckers
I'm a ******.
kelia Jun 2014
looks like another night alone
a heavy eyed boy moving heavy boxes into your home
“i’ll see you tomorrow, love, when the light is new”
never felt as good as waking up next to you
but the way you crawl into my bed each time you come
well both those heavy eyes and i become undone
and you can blame it on things like running away
online, lost and found, reward, posted today
and wanted posters hanging around town
yeah, you’ve been around town
and i’ve been waiting up for you
but lover, i’ve gotta put you down
drink until that mark on your neck starts to fade
purple never looked good on you anyway

— The End —