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Henry Koskoff Jul 2018
Crimson curtains opening and closing and draping over a cliff say:
          it’s showtime
          (or lights going on and off).

Let’s go through the alphabet and use alliteration:
          Daffy Duck, Porky Pig,
          (or other creatures getting hurt tonight).

I hope and dream that their hopes and dreams have plummeted like their bodies:
          by the wayside
          (or waist-side, or waste-side, or cliffside)—

low tide that surges shores like the seamstress from New Zealand:
          those Kiwis,
          (or feijoas, or passionfruit).

But passion don’t matter to us folks, and neither do kangaroos! We have our own hops:
          Pabst Blue Ribbon draining in sad funnels
          (or Bud Light, a treasure).

Second is the best, but Third is the one with that treasure chest in his stupid palm:
          not even knowing what to do
          (or how to act).

Are you serious, bro? It’s called a shotgun! Shoot it with my key:
          pop the cap to release pent-up pressure
          (or you can just chug normally).

Choo-choo trains chug, Thomas and me, little plastic wheels in hot pursuit:
          I know you can do it
          (or my name’s not Percy),

as I violently consume swizzle sticks before the sepia glow of:
          That’s all, folks!
          (Or is it?)
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
ole fiery light, september banter
summer goose and winter gander
three, two, cannon fire
silly little fool playin a lyre

ole fiery light, new and amber
vermin tender, vermin camber
tease and trees and loverboys
gypsy kid with gypsy toys

ole fiery light
navy drunken night

ole fiery light
a sparrow taking flight

ole fiery light, september banter
summer goose and winter gander
three, two, cannon fire
silly little fool playin a lyre
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
visage on mirror
rembrandt could have painted this
sheer cloth, bare body
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
her food is rotting
you can see the mold on it
she shoves it away
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
light escapes upon
the little ridge of his lip
and bounces to me
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
if you ever find yourself
tangled in a wood
please call my name

if you're falling
through some sort of
musky molasses
ill be there
among the muck

if the gasping ember blows
and winter cuts into
your warm body
i will send five fires
to ignite your veins again

if rocks stop on you

if they perpetrate a storm

when you feel it

try to summon me

because i would lift you out of blue flames
i would let the tips scratch my porcelain flesh
and i would writhe
for you to be free
Henry Koskoff Jan 2018
you're ok
you're fine
you're ok
no your not
what are you talking about
no stop you're ok
you're fine
no you're ******
dont you know it
ur ok
its alright
you're ok
you're fine
**** u
you ****
why are you like this
no its not u
no it is
no your good
you're fine
you're ok
ur alright
you're fine
calm down
you're fine

AHH i hate you
just breathe
you're fine

its fine
it’s alright
calm down

hey dude are you ok?

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