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Freddie Rogers Jul 2015
"This is called the fisherman's hook"
That was my best friend alongside me fishing
Author of life turned the page of the book

Heart bigger than a heart itself
Hunting on Christmas was the only presence I wanted
He was my Santa and I his elf

Trapped in my mind with no release
Sitting under the lights crying "I need you please"

A figure appears
"You are becoming a great fisher of men"**
Here I am talking to gramps all over again
Freddie Rogers Jun 2015
Uprising greatness instilled within
                    Searching for trust to label a friend

Confined within his pre-destined fantasy
Sorrow building the foundation to light
Hollow building; exposing reality
The war with peace; an endless fight

Greed is corruption; corruption nurtures greed
                Paper and power is the hunger they feed

Living for what? Under a throne of lies
Demolished the tower that was once the source
He found redemption; with success to rise
Freddie Rogers May 2015
Brothers front with endless affection
Reveal true colors from deep within
Ocean blue eyes now chaotic infection

The ***** within stabbed by your own
Once was full but now is drained
Drought in trust left him alone

Bottled up sealed with sorrow
Eyes strapped ready for launch
Hopefully all is better tomorrow

Smiling face embracing his flaws
Perfection the effect
Betrayal the cause
Freddie Rogers May 2015
Sleep through the day
Wait through the dark
It's not what they say
It's what's in my heart

My body never sleeps, it just cries
Need another life before it's goodbye

Nobody knows
What really goes
Inside my mind
Should I be breathe or die?

Your brother in crime?
Nothing but lies
Turn your back?
Be stabbed with time

Im becoming unstable
From the deceit and fables
Should I trust them again?

**** it, im pulling the cable
Freddie Rogers Dec 2014
Monster we call protection
Hidden within our own declaration
Wealthy build and succeed
While poor find shelter to bleed
We the people isn't what we imagine
Simply a phrase causing oblivious contemplation

Disease, power, and war for what?
For the sake of being better?
**** this world, I'm done with this lett...
Freddie Rogers Nov 2014
Lonely and conflicted within
He loses interest yet stays persistent
Suspect to evil and sin

Pure heart yet cold soul
Good intentions yet no goal
Clapping to the beat of his heart
He cries out to every living part

Heart numb with fingers ******
Blurry path leads him to everything muddy

What more is there to this life?
Every girl wasn't much
Any drug with a button touch

I don't know how it got so bad
Everyone was once there like dad
All forgot and everyone's grown
I guess I'm better off on my own
Freddie Rogers Aug 2014
slice after slice the flesh fades away
almost to the the vein now
all I can do is lay

thoughts run like streams through my brain
twisting within I think I'm going insane

thought after thought death seems easier
covering my body with a numb coat of fur

hearing voices telling me what to say
I'll stay on this hell for another day
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