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  Jun 2018 Collins
Hell* Is Where I Dreamed Of You
And Woke Up *Alone
Collins Mar 2018
There's a spark in your eyes that makes me jealous...

Even hope doesn't shimmer that bright.


look in to my eyes.

down, down, down it goes.
this abyss of nothing whole.

galaxies made of broken pieces of me.
hollowed voices drift from every chasm of a fractured soul.

this darkness is greedy.

so close your eyes, and pull yourself away.


these hollowed voices beguile you,


galaxies transfix your gaze and siphon your light.

so close your eyes, and pull yourself away.

Because there's a glint in my eye, that's beginning to make you jealous.
Collins Mar 2018
I'll sit....

...and I'll wait.

Beat me, brand me, berate me.

I'll sit...

...and I'll wait.

Tell me I'm nothing, tell me we were nothing, tell me you don't love me.


I'll sit...

...and I'll wait.

Starve me of your attention, disappear from my sight, remove all memories of us.

And still...

I'll sit...

...and I'll wait.

"Poor idiot."

They'll say.

"She'll wait forever if she doesn't learn to leave for herself."
Sometimes patience is not a virtue, learning to let go of someone is hard. Letting go of an idea of someone or something is difficult, particularly when that idea is so whole and complete for you, the notion of it not existing has never occurred; facing that reality can be testing. Learning to let go for ones own well being is crucial to moving on.
Collins Jan 2018
I want nothing and everything in order,

Every shade of pink,

And hue of blue,

I’ll paint every edge and corner of my mind with every colour of you.
Collins Sep 2017
You gave me your hand,
I gave you my heart,

Together we wander
Hand in hand

Through Valleys,
Across Rivers,
Over Mountains.

Hand in hand.

But then you went somewhere I could not follow.

Through the parting veil you slipped.

Beyond my sight.

To a place where only my heart can cling to you,

And though my path is shrouded,
There's a single thought that gives me light,

I'll love you with every beat of my Phantom heart.
Collins Jun 2017
There was a sparkle in her eye that would set my heart on fire,

Even though it burned, the blisters were worth the softness of her lips against mine.

But blisters burst

Open wounds fester

Flames turn to wildfire

Then all I could taste was ash

And I begged for it to rain.
Collins Apr 2017
"There you are!" cried my lips.

"Where have you been?" weeped my eyes.

"Just as I remember" sang my arms.

"Never leave again" whispered my heart.
The Ancient Greeks believed that when Humans were created; they were created as 8 limbed creatures that roamed the Earth, with 2 noses, 4 ears and 2 mouths. Fearing that the Humans would one day rise up against the Gods, Zeus gathered them up and tore them in half., and scattered them in to the four winds. Humans were destined to roam the Earth, searching for their other half.
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