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 Nov 2020
Last night I dreamt of you again.
A lingering gaze and the hand
That slides,
Too far,
Down a back.
I dreamt of a grin.
Shared only between us two.
Of blushing cheeks that long
To feel the graze of fingertips
And lips that quiver with loneliness.
 Aug 2020
Dark n Beautiful
Light hearted when I am with him
Devastated when we are apart,
I am a dreamer; he is a lay backer,
Without a genuine heart, our love is
like a unnatural clip from noughts&crosses
hate destroy lives, love can bring it back together
However, what is left of my Love for him dies each day:

We are apart, because it is impossible to settle this kind of love
We never dance; we never kiss on the dance floor
Our rhythm never entwined, he had no rhythm,
So I never experience a kiss on the dance floor,

Feelings alters when replace by loneliness
Love bails,
when a marriage fails,
wishing and hoping that our love would
be enough to hold them
Unlike a poor man's flowers picked fresh from the fields..
Without adversity
Free for plucking, never got a chance to blossoms
my love for him was marginal:
However, nothing but  deep respect for him
a part of me will always have to choose,
so, I choose to be happy , I choose loneliness
before, confusing pity for love..
 May 2020
Roger Turner - Poet
i looked out at the weather
the clouds were moving fast
Winter was incoming
The season would not last

With fences needing mending
And cattle still to ship
Winter would be early
I could feel it in my hip

Every morning I would  get up
Stagger down to get a brew
The pain was getting worse now
I'd lost a step or two

My daughter told me "Daddy"
"You need to see to that"
I'd grumble at her, smile
Then take my coffee and my hat

I'd go outside and wait some
Look out north for there I'd see
The last great wild pony
He's a stubborn one like me

I've chased him round these hill for years
Caught him once or twice
But, no one here could break him
No matter how we rolled the dice

He runs a herd of forty
I just let them go their way
I see them in the hills sometimes
And that's where I'll let them stay

There's other wild horses
Running round here that we chase
But, his...we let them venture
We let all forty have their space

Time has slowed me up some
It's got to him, I know as well
His is just from aging
Mine is where I fell

I was chasing wolves up on the ridge
They'd been running round the ranch
My horse slipped up and threw me
I landed sideways on a branch

I heard the pop and felt the pain
A searing burn through me
Beside me, lying helpless
My horse looked up at me

I did just what I had to
One swift shot between the eyes
Now, there I was out lying
A broken hip and ****** thighs

I'm not sure how when it happened
By rights I should have died
But, somehow, I can't tell you
That lone pony saved my hide

He saw me lying helpless
Knew the wolves were there as well
He took off once he saw me
Left his herd right where I fell

They walked in a tight circle
Kept me safe right where I lay
He took off to get assistance
His herd, knew they should stay

Like I said, I don't remember
How long I was lying in that space
But, I remember waking up and
I saw with him, a friendly face

They told me he wreaked havoc
Broke the fence down at my place
Kicked a fuss enough up
Then led my ranch hands on a chase

They chased him till they had him
This pony wild and free
He brought them to his herd of horse
He brought them out to come save me

He kicked the ground and whinnied
Looked at me, to say ok
The men loaded me up with them
I'd live to see another day

Fifteen years have passed since
I see him up there on the hills
While I sit outside just watching
The pain, it's helped some by my pills

A thousand wild horses
Well, for certain...forty one
Couldn't drag me to a doctor
Not while I can see the sun

He's a stubborn one that pony
Comes around I think to show
He ain't gonna go before me
And, I think he's right you know

My daughter keeps on trying
And I love to hear her try
But all the wild horses
Wouldn't even let me die

He's a part of me I guess now
Just like I'm of him of course
This stubborn limping cowboy
And that stubborn wild horse
 Mar 2020
Arcassin B
By Arcassin B

Hello Hi , its the mac attack to counter strike
and hit you back when shade is thrown,
I've lived my life in utter shambles , now the
king sits on the other side of the universe from
a crowded place in dept , greed and hate mixed with deception,
the stakes are too high now,
what it takes is social economic status
to further situate the problems that we all face,
you better wake up and pray,
bow to the gods and goddesses in their wake,
better quick learn where your place,
is what you need to be gracious,
find a peace thats more spacious,
live your life , **** a racist , a bigot , a pessimist,
lifes mysterious , a blurry mist,
don't you ever be scared of this,
simulate your mind as fearless,
everybody don't know what real is,
can we give you quick lesson?

 Aug 2018
I put my hand on your knee
Silently, with every laugh,
Hoping you'd catch my hint.
You offered me a ride
To my too close car,
Hoping I'd catch yours.
And because I get a sense of deja vu
Every time you're in the room,
I wasn't surprised when you kissed me.
"Thats enough for now".
You walked away,
With my heart wandering after you.
 Jul 2018
Harley Hucof
Do you ask yourself , like me ?
When will your obssesions leave you be ?

Will time ever stop so you can truly be free ?

Once again i am all by myself , facing the sea

the city is empty

I am leaking thoughts
Trying to make sense of the man i have become

I try to focus but i keep drifting away

The city is empty

There is a conflict inside of me full of sway
Lost in the thought of the voice i must obey
Far beyond myself, it is the only way to keep at bay

I let go as i fade away

In the background the echo of a queen made of clay: pray my son! You must pray!

Words Of Harfouchism
 May 2018
We were always crazy kids with crazy dreams.
And we never changed.
Crazy kids.
With their crazy ideas.
Ideas of world peace and of no hunger.
These crazy kids they say.
But I’m one of them.
A crazy kid with her own crazy ideas.
Crazy dreams.
Dreams full of nothing but the future.
Crazy girl. With your crazy thoughts.
Stop for a second.
They’ll say give up.
Don’t do it crazy kid.
Don’t ever look back.
Or down. Or away.
Crazy kid with your crazy thoughts.
What will you think of next?
I want to progress... I want to change things.
 Feb 2018
We're standing in the middle of the forest
and there's no one around.
Your hand is in mine but your

skin is as cold as your eyes.
A bird flies aimless above us-
who is more trapped? you ask.

I don't reply, but my heart shakes.
I feel dead as the snow, curling down
like kinks in an old man's hair.

Everything is white, as though God
took his paintbrush and white-washed
all the emotion away.

I'm scared, though I don't show it.
I stumble. We move through it.
Your hand is in mine.
 Jan 2018
I feel like river water.
And I don’t belong to stagnancy,
yet I’m caught in a lake.


I’m destined
to move silt and sediment.
And overturn
submerged pebbles
so they won’t see
the green of moss.

I’m meant to surge
and eat into banks
so I could be split -
to make more of me...

My reach would extend
far and wide -
like scraggly fingers
grabbing at the
face of the earth.

My energy channelling
through careless forks
and into slimmer branches.


My soul is river water....
And my heart renounces
the throne to idleness.

Yet I am,
but a lake.
 Dec 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

Out of all of the injustice that I haven't got
for people throwing my name in the dirt stomping feet,
instead of coming to my face while I make new
enemies in that time, for me I kinda liked when
these kids misinterp',
In that time I wasn't even in school and more rumors
piled on from all the hate that i received in the recent
Around a bunch of ******* cowards just to channel
all the anger on , I fist fight in the street with no new tears,
they thought I had fear.

One day this random girl that added me on instagram
was so pretty , I just had to introduce myself,
I didn't know what her condition was and  kept I taking losses
after losses in a state of mind I couldn't bail.
fast forward two days later talking to her on the phone
with a voice so southern it was like a heaven hotline,
I noted to her to her in way of saying that you shouldn't be alone
while viewing all these creepy guys,
We fell in love instantly after she told me how she felt
cause she fighting off mental issues,
The same way was I when my anxiety was about 10 on
mental scale menu,
No matter what I went through,
I know that she would come through,
when my world was too blue.

The last time I ever witnessed her loving embrace,
her mental illness put her in a simulation phase,
I told her I loved her , my heart was bolder,
but my heart wasn't ready when she said she was bipolar,
And not like the anger phase more like the forgetful short
term memory loss and abandonment,
I could be hurt more than this anyway , but this hurt me the most
cause when she left I didn't try, to get her back and
tell her that I just wanted to be her husband , all I have from her
is a picture of blue eyes.
I miss you.
 Nov 2017
Arcassin B
By Arcassin Burnham

loving how your feeling when you look at me.
memories of you my eyes can't unsee.
special like the woods that we use to run in.
emotions felt sturdy when we were just friends.
it hurt so bad when you left me now.
I couldn't get you back,not even somehow.
did you get enough of me, but not feel nothing.
you're glad you turned your back on something.

Especially when your not the one
I find attractive,
I'm stuck beyond two souls and a cracked
Giant boulder, captive,
The eye of the beholder,
Watch me fall for something quite older,
Even in line of being lost is progression,
I hardly got the message,
The ice is really thick but it melts quite quick,
And your time runs out,
Now the fires are lit,
And you've wondered what you missed,
In your life,
Is it right?
It was never wrong,
You'll do anything for i-tunes songs, but you,
Just bootleg them,
Lost and found , like soul collective,
Oil color with prospective,

You're an artist not retrospective.
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