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 Jul 2017
Dr Zik
I am facing gigantic obstacles during travel towards You
Which make me more vigorous and resolute!
O’ my Lord!
And I assume them as mile stones
Dr ZIK's Poetry
 Jul 2017
Dr Zik
O' my Lord!
You have made me asterisk
Not a blot on the canvas
Canvas; the whole universe
And bestowed upon me title of
"Highest of all creatures"
And now
Your smiling face
Grants me contentment
Dr ZIK's Poetry
 Jun 2017
Dr Zik
Shining stars have got light from You
and started twinkling
You have bestowed night with stars,
Morning with heavenly dawn,
Flowers with a sweet smell,
Birds with alluring tweets
But when I saw my inner sight
I felt a **** and attained a divine light
And felt a bliss
So after that
I am unable to see
anything except You
O! my Lord!
There is nothing
outside of Your circumference
in the universe.
Dr ZIK's Poetry
 Jun 2017
Dr Zik
I am unable to stop falling pearls
From my eyes at night
You are not about to stop
Falling dew drops in the morning
O' my Lord!
Both the signs are unshakable
Of our everlasting Love
And the morning star is witness
Dr ZIK's Poetry
 Jun 2015
Dr Zik
I don't fear death
but to die in each moment
useless without you
Dr ZIK Poetry
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Come on
Thank you
See you
Good Bye

and perhaps
I can't do that

but I often observe it all
as a silent picture fixed on a wall
in your deep eyes
about to fall
Zik Poetry
 May 2015
Want someone for me
to hear me
to care for me
to love me
to love only me

Well Known that
i cant get someone like that

longs,longed, will long
cried,cries,will cry

self consoling
is the worst thing

in the world
but seems as a bold

how can i escape
can't die
can't fly

but to write
just my inner conflict...sorry for posting..
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Last cry of the ****
**** of sharp claw of falcon to catch the flying sparrow
A shriek of a pedestrian crushed by the sudden collision with rushed vehicle
Mourning and shouting of mothers of victims
Squealing of burned one
Screeching of helpless persons from the torture cells
Fear of future and misery of unemployed ones
Mixture of allowed and banned drinks
Violation of human rights
When rushed in veins of cruel greedy persons
After the passage of centuries
Continuously make the body to take jerks with amuse to perform a dance
With the beat of drums
The real Bhangrra of Karbastan.
Bhangrrah is folk dance Karbastan (Misery Land) Origin of the word "Karbastan" is in Percian and is a word in Urdu Language.
 May 2015
RW Dennen
Out of time
Out of money, out of rhythm, out of rhyme, without a dime
Borin' days, yawnin' nights, mischief wins
Stealin' cars, goin' to bars, Whorin' up,
snortin' stuff
Goin' to jail, out of bail
Behind bars with badman movie stars
Was out of time, now in with time
TICK......................................................TI­CK...............................................TICK............­................TICK ( phew! still more to come)............................................................­...TICK
And a lot more slow prison infinity TICKS!!!

Under the Great Comedian's tomb the crowd.
A bundle of tempestuous cloud is blown
About the sky; where that is clear of cloud
Brightness remains; a brighter star shoots down;
What shudders run through all that animal blood?
What is this sacrifice? Can someone there
Recall the Cretan barb that pierced a star?

Rich foliage that the starlight glittered through,
A frenzied crowd, and where the branches sprang
A beautiful seated boy; a sacred bow;
A woman, and an arrow on a string;
A pierced boy, image of a star laid low.
That woman, the Great Mother imaging,
Cut out his heart.  Some master of design
Stamped boy and tree upon Sicilian coin.

An age is the reversal of an age:
When strangers murdered Emmet, Fitzgerald, Tone,
We lived like men that watch a painted stage.
What matter for the scene, the scene once gone:
It had not touched our lives.  But popular rage,
Hysterica passio dragged this quarry down.
None shared our guilt; nor did we play a part
Upon a painted stage when we devoured his heart.

Come, fix upon me that accusing eye.
I thirst for accusation.  All that was sung.
All that was said in Ireland is a lie
Bred out of the c-ontagion of the throng,
Saving the rhyme rats hear before they die.
Leave nothing but the nothingS that belong
To this bare soul, let all men judge that can
Whether it be an animal or a man.


The rest I pass, one sentence I unsay.
Had de Valera eaten parnell's heart
No loose-lipped demagogue had won the day.
No civil rancour torn the land apart.

Had Cosgrave eaten parnell's heart, the land's
Imagination had been satisfied,
Or lacking that, government in such hands.
O'Higgins its sole statesman had not died.

Had even O'Duffy--but I name no more--
Their school a crowd, his master solitude;
Through Jonathan Swift's clark grove he passed, and there
plucked bitter wisdom that enriched his blood.
 May 2015
Dr Zik
Twinkling stars are unable to conceal the real picture of Karbastan
As knowledge is light!
So they twinkle at night!
In the meanwhile!
The beauty of dawn prevails everywhere
To stop the blowing of unwanted air
To console the victims and suffered from unwanted occurring
under the cruel shelter of night
As I think with full of might
To stop the blowing of unwanted air
Stars twinkle at night
O' passerby researcher! would you like to know
O' passerby researcher! would you like to do something for "Karbastan"?
as they all know!
as they know all
Zik Poetry Karbastan means "Misery Land" situated anywhere in the world.
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