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Nov 4 · 98
Colors of Love
Mary Frances Nov 4
I see love with all those beautiful colors,
with colors brought by Dusk and Dawn,
with colors when the Sun kisses the sky as it rises
and the horizon, as it sets.

I see love with all those beautiful colors,
like how blue the sky is in a clear, bright day,
like how fresh the flowers and leaves are in early Spring.

Though there are times that love is dull and dark,
with colors that are grey and black,
like how the clouds become heavy in gloomy days,
love still remains to be beautiful.

For to be loved is beautiful.
And being loved by him will always be beautiful.
Nov 4 · 99
Mary Frances Nov 4
I love to see you fly freely
without the shackles that bind you to me
without the thin red string that connects us
without the belief that we're meant to be.

I love to see you fly freely
with all the love I can give
with all the wish I can whisper
with all the smile I offer for your dreams.

I want you to be free
Not looking back to what you'll leave behind.
Free from worries of what should have.
Free from worries of what should be.
Mary Frances Sep 20
Our parting was silent yet the pain it brought was loud.
The tears were behind the twinkling eyes and sweet smile.
The fear of letting go went along with holding your hands.
The prayer for you to stay laid within feeling the  warmth from your embrace.
Looking at you with a smile was how I kept my silence.
Then I drown myself with  your memories as I reminisce.
Mary Frances Sep 13
That's the thing about having a broken heart.
When the love you felt was true and pure,
it still hurts overtime.
No matter how long time has passed,
the scar is as painful as the wound.
It's a ticking time bomb.
When triggered, you burst to tears.
Crying all the questions and regrets you have over the years.
And sometimes all you can do is breathe in deep
as there are certain pain and tears you try so hard to keep.
Aug 28 · 146
Those Who Wait
Mary Frances Aug 28
I've come across people who were waiting most of their lives.
Waiting for better ways on how they could live
while others just chose to wither away and die.

There were those who waited too long for love to arrive.
But when it finally came, they were already too afraid
to take the leap and dive.

There were those who waited for the meaning of their existence.
But when the opportunity came to define who they were,
they decided to let go of that chance.

There were those waiting for freedom.
But when the shackles were loosen and finally removed,
they chained themselves back.
For they missed the prison, their pain.

And then I've come across myself
waiting for the sun to rise and shine after the dark.
But when I saw the sunlight in your eyes,
I let you go and turned away with a silent goodbye.
Aug 14 · 222
Memories, Like Stars
Mary Frances Aug 14
Memories are just like the stars above.
Some shine bright. Some lack luster.
Some feel so near. Some, cold and far.
Memories, like stars, give the feeling of nostalgia.
Reminiscing the moments as how they were, as how they are.
Memories, like stars, grace the thoughts at night.
One makes the eye tear and the other gives it light.
Memories recalled make the heart happy and blue.
Because at the end of those memories, there's always you.
Aug 8 · 169
Mary Frances Aug 8
We met when Spring was young and bright.
Flowers bloomed as you walked by with your morning light.
Your smile made my leaves grow,
with the care you've given and the love you've shown.

And then Summer came and you had to leave.
Who will now shield me from the scorching Sun and heavy Rain?

When Autumn came and forced me to bend and fall,
I stood my ground against her with my all.

As Winter approached and froze the entire land,
I fought the cold with the promise of hope you left in my hand.

Finally, Spring came back and I saw you walked towards me,
to my frozen self who was waiting to be set free.
You were what Spring brought with him,
the promise of hope I kept.

The warmth of your embrace made me wish for what remains,
that in between the changing of Seasons, somehow we will meet again.
Aug 6 · 175
Mary Frances Aug 6
Parting is always painful.
It all ends with a goodbye.
May it be said or not,
or its reason, a truth or lie.

Parting is always painful,
for you'll never know when you'll meet again.
May it be soon or never at all,
you'll always hope, anticipate,
no matter how small.

Parting is always painful.
Especially when the last you'll see is a smile.
Hiding the hurt, the regrets, the miles,
Giving an illusive dream you'll see it again
though you know that won't happen.
Mary Frances Aug 5
I've been asking every time I fall asleep,
that when I close my eyes, will I still be in one's heart to keep?
When tomorrow comes and I won't be awake,
will there be someone who'll cry for my sake?
If at the middle of the day, I will suddenly fall,
is there anyone who'll answer my last cry and call?
When everything is done and in time, I'll be gone,
will you remember the moment when I was your beloved one?
Jul 24 · 254
Mary Frances Jul 24
I haven't looked back after letting go of your hand.
It was a promise that you made me do.
I've kept that promise in every step away from you.
I've kept that promise in every tear I cried for you.
I've kept that promise in every moment I was missing you.
I've kept that promise hoping it would lead me back to you.
Jul 8 · 506
Your Kind of Love
Mary Frances Jul 8
Your radiance blinded my eyes
yet they didn't hurt.
Your words pierced my heart
yet I did not bleed.
Your fire set my soul ablaze
but I wasn't burned.
Your chains held me to the ground
but they made me soar higher.
This is the kind of love you give:
complex yet affable,
resilient yet comforting,
agonizing yet appealing.
Apr 24 · 518
Mary Frances Apr 24
People thought it only existed in fairy tales.
She found it cliché.
He brushed off the very thought of it.
But then it happened.
They happened.
We happened.
And we never expected it.
Mar 28 · 146
Mary Frances Mar 28
The Universe knew your love was right.
Yet, it's the same Universe that made the time wrong.
Feb 28 · 961
Mary Frances Feb 28
We both ask each other how we are, if we are okay, if we are fine.
We ask those standard questions to cover the ones we want to say. Until one of us slips and strips those words with their own facade.
We have moved on with our lives.
That's for sure.
But we haven't moved on from the feelings, have we?
Feb 15 · 1.4k
That Sadness in Your Eyes
Mary Frances Feb 15
That sadness in your eyes
the sight I want to know the reason why
you look at things with such a lonely gaze
like walking down a sad memory lane.

That sadness in your eyes
unconsciously reflecting what you feel inside
What made your heart gloomy?
Who made it hurt like that?

That sadness in your eyes
covered with your bright sunny smile
deceiving the hearts around you
and fooling your heart too.
Jan 15 · 1.4k
If I Stop My Own Heart
Mary Frances Jan 15
If I stop my own heart,
will it stop loving you?
Will it stop hoping for you?
Will it stop longing for you?
Will it stop missing you?

If I stop my own heart,
will you start loving me too?
Will you start hoping for me?
Will you start longing for me?
Will you start missing me?

I wonder.
Jan 14 · 143
Let My Tears Fall
Mary Frances Jan 14
I reached out unto your cage to release your shackles
but you closed your doors hurting my hands.
The pain is real and I am left confused.
All I ever wanted is for you to be free.
Yet you bowed your head in defeat
and retreated back into the shadows.
I'm not sure for whom my tears will be.
Do I let them fall for you?
Do I let them fall for me?
I've wounded myself and the scars are reminders of you.
I never thought holding on to you would be this painful.
I'm ready to take the fall with you
but you are full of what ifs and maybe.
So I guess I'll just let my tears fall for me.
Jan 9 · 508
Mary Frances Jan 9
I had my heart broken
when your lips spoke of forever
yet I couldn't see forever in your eyes.
Jan 7 · 631
Mary Frances Jan 7
I wished..
I asked..
I plead..
I prayed..
..for time.
..more time with you.

And the Sunset witnessed it.
Dec 2018 · 925
Pain for Two
Mary Frances Dec 2018
Her heart ached for the sorrow she saw in his eyes.
She reached out her hand to him.
Yet he chose to drown himself alone in sadness.
She burdened her heart of pain for the both of them.
Hearts were broken. Tears were shed.
She cried for him while he cried for another.
Dec 2018 · 1.5k
The Most Beautiful Gift
Mary Frances Dec 2018
I look at myself everyday
in the mirror and then realize
I've been given the most beautiful gift
I could ever ask for - my existence;
my chance of life;
my chance of love.
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Reaching Out in a Goodbye
Mary Frances Dec 2018
I was about to hold your hand
when you said goodbye but
you already started walking away
and all I had to look at was your
back as you go.
Nov 2018 · 1.1k
Sad Fairy Tale
Mary Frances Nov 2018
She was just
one of his once-upon-a-times
in reaching his happy ending.
But for her,
he's already the happily-ever-after.
Nov 2018 · 675
The Tragedy of His Love
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He loved her
with everything he had,
with everything that was left of him.
He promised his heart to her.
Told her to call his name
whenever she needed him.
She never knew that was the last time.
And as he took his last breath
in the darkest alley,
it was her name on his lips.
But she didn't hear and
she would never know.
Not now, not ever.
Nov 2018 · 317
Lost in the World
Mary Frances Nov 2018
She grew up too fast to catch up
with the fabrications of the world.
And all that was heard was the cry
of her lost innocence.
Nov 2018 · 8.1k
Feasted in Half
Mary Frances Nov 2018
You feasted yourself with
the beauty you saw in front of me.
The smiles, the laughter, and
the nonsense talks behind
those mischievous glances.
Yet you never cared to look
or even spare a glimpse
at the scars branded at my back.
Nov 2018 · 148
His Salvation
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He got lost along the way
abandoning what's left in his sanity.
He forgot himself while chasing
the dream that was not meant to be.
All he remembered was the warmth
of her name on his lips and the
feeling that came with it.
And that's how she saved him.
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He wept for her bleeding heart
when she had no more tears to shed.
She fought with all her might
to save him from his demons.
He waived his morals for her freedom.
She waived hers for his.
The ransom was their lives.
The bet was their love.
Until they didn't have anything left
but memories of what once was,
what could have been, what it should be.
Nov 2018 · 524
The Love She Knew
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He held out his hand for her to hold
when she was afraid and unsure.
He comforted her worried heart
with the strength of his smile.
He saved the last of her will
with the warmth of his words.
And then with all the things he did for her,
he became the love she knew.
Nov 2018 · 200
Will You?
Mary Frances Nov 2018
Will you yearn for me?
Will you be there to weep and call my name?
Will you reminisce the remembrance of what we are?
Will you still wish for me in every shooting star?
Will you still pray for me during Sunrise?
And feel my warmth when you lull yourself at Sunset?
Will you still give me a part of your heart?
And revere the mark I left in your soul?

Will you? When I'm gone?
Nov 2018 · 552
Mary Frances Nov 2018
He lived a perfect life.
He was good, unselfish, affluent.
And they thought he was happy.
He smiled, laughed.
But inside, he always knew.
His life was a lie.
He lived a life good for two.
Yet, he loved truly.
That's the only truth he knew.
And all they had was a note after.
Written were his woe, his joy, his wish, himself.
He was then beside the Moon feeling her warmth,
embracing her beam.
His empty sorrows ended.
He was finally liberated.
I would like to dedicate this entry to our LGBT brothers and sisters who are still persecuted by society because of their preferences. And are still living a life that's expected of them because of these persecutions. I was inspired in writing this after reading a book where the main character's father committed suicide after his daughter discovered who he really was. He didn't want to live a life of lie anymore and wanted to be true to himself but he also didn't want to destroy the family he built. He was torn between his family and himself. He couldn't take it anymore so he decided to end it forever and just left a note for her daughter saying he'd always love her.
Oct 2018 · 708
What Happened that Morning
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Then he went back thinking there was
still something he could go back to.
But she shut her doors to him.
She was not being selfish.
She just wanted to save herself
from another pain.
She wanted to save her heart
from another sorrow.
And that was the moment
she felt free.
This is a continuation for What Happened that Night
Oct 2018 · 166
The Irony of It 2
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We tend to avoid things that can cause us pain.
If we are afraid to be wounded,
then why do we break hearts?
Oct 2018 · 651
What Happened that Night
Mary Frances Oct 2018
He thought everything was alright
since he never heard her sobs.
So he went on with his life after
a halfhearted apology.
And she went back to bed
filling her favorite pillows
with her silent sorrows.
Oct 2018 · 933
Gift of Love
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You are the Gift of Love
I gave to myself.
My love for you
defies distance,
conquers barriers,
and transcends lifetimes.
Oct 2018 · 193
My Dream
Mary Frances Oct 2018
When I was a young girl, I loved to watch couples getting married and told myself that one day, I'll marry a man who can give me my dream wedding. Now that I'm all grown up, I still love to watch couples getting married but instead of wishing to marry someone who can give me my dream wedding, I'd love to get married to the man who knows my dreams and love me still no matter how simple or grand my wedding will be.
Oct 2018 · 338
Loving You
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Loving you
is when the
pen makes love
with the paper
with the foreplay of
mixed altogether.
Oct 2018 · 131
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You are the promise
I'm willing to be
engaged with.
This is for someone who made a promise to me years ago (together with a promise ring) and is very diligent in fulfilling it.
Oct 2018 · 214
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Understand and know me
not just by reading
the summary and the prologue.
Read all the chapters
until the last period
where I bared my heart.
We've been judged by other people but they haven't read everything. All they know are the things being passed on from one mouth to one ear. It would really help if they will take the time to read everything before they make judgments.
Oct 2018 · 149
When the Heart Gets Tired
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Don't wait until
her heart gets tired
before you do
something for her.
You can reason out
with the mind
but not the heart.
Oct 2018 · 125
How You Affect Me
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I get drunk just from
the thoughts of you.
Imagine what will happen
if you'll be close.

This is how you affect me.
Oct 2018 · 166
Real Talk
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Cut the chase already.
It's not fun anymore.
You're just hurting yourself.
And honestly, I don't want to be blamed about it.
Oct 2018 · 444
The Irony of It
Mary Frances Oct 2018
How can you help rebuild
something that's broken
when you were one of those
who broke it in the first place?
Oct 2018 · 142
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I am a collection of shattered,
broken glasses.
My sides and edges are sharp
and may cause a wound
to whoever dare to hold me in their hands.
You may think that only my large shards can hurt but the truth is,
it's the small ones that can create the most pain.

Despite these things, is your love still
willing to embrace my brokenness?
Oct 2018 · 201
Mary Frances Oct 2018
We started with sweet,
sensual exchange of words.
But instead of ending up
under the sheets,
we ended up with broken hearts.
Oct 2018 · 373
Love Cycle
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Win me with you actions at Dawn.
Undress me with your words as the Sun rises.
Make love to me with your heart as Twilight breaks.
And Love me with your all as Evening comes.

Then let's repeat that cycle.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Mark, Engrave, Replay
Mary Frances Oct 2018
Let's mark the Sunset with the kiss from our love story.
And when the evening comes,
let the Moon work her wonders and engrave it into our memories.
Then we'll replay it as the Dawn breaks til the Sun rises.
Oct 2018 · 153
Mary Frances Oct 2018
No one can take you away from my heart,
not even Death.
I may forget the details of our sweet memories
but my heart will remember the feeling
of the most wonderful freedom of our love.
Oct 2018 · 160
Mary Frances Oct 2018
It's bittersweet how you become
the love I see in my eyes
yet the pain I feel in my heart
at the same time.
Oct 2018 · 234
Your Words
Mary Frances Oct 2018
It's amazing how your words,
simple they may seem,
make me speechless.

It's amazing how your words,
common they may seem,
make me feel very special.

It's amazing how your words,
true they may seem,
make me want to stay in a dream.

It's just amazing that even your words
make me feel so loved.
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