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Desire Dec 2019
Ive lost all motivation on loving you
Being with you is tormenting
You drag my soul made blue
And you've made me hate loving

Anger corrupts my heart
As beautiful awakenings disintegrates
You enabled my introvert
Now depression reincarnates

I'm so blue it has become evil
No remorse can be tamed
Everything seems vile
It appears I am chained

Loving you felt so euphoric
Until you cursed it for fear
Now I stand disorientated
As everything is unclear
Desire Dec 2019
In the end of the day
Who's there for your lonely thoughts
Not to put a blame on anyone
But i’m the one alone on this loft
Made me feel so selfish for thinking theres no one
But truly there really is no one.
Desire Dec 2019
As I think of this world
That includes the people I do not adore
I second guess myself
And if my surroundings are enough
I look to the right of me
And see displeasure in the wannabes
Then look to the left
To recognize the ones with no depth
Truth is I don’t know anything
But this feeling of company is way to uneasy
So I structure my soul to distance itself
From people and their drawn attention to chaos
They call me emotionless and unfree
But it’s way more logical to be an absentee
And disregard the scattered pieces of my breaking heart
From the boundless interaction of humanity’s scars
Desire Dec 2019
Sometimes when I sleep
I pray my eyes won’t start to peak
And see the eyes of tomorrow
Become my future sorrow
Desire Dec 2019
A sparkling light of hope shines
With a heart rate multiplied by 2
The feeling of comfortability and divine
Is part of that third eye breakthrough
Desire Dec 2019
trying to calm myself down as I flee
all I can remember is that body decaying
his last breath was with me
and it went something like, “no please!”
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