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 Nov 2016 Gypsy Ashlyn
Joe Black
They come every night,
Lines of your beautiful eyes,
I breath for you.
I've hide my tear in ocean,
Will love you till the day you find it.
I drown
Held against the chasm
Filled with burning desire
Filled by raging fire

Pure pain
Hurt amongst the smiles
The lies of pitied souls
Dark as blackened coals

I fight
Through tears of salt
Hidden beneath abused time
Unknown emoted crime

I sleep
Exhausted of life
Turned and locked by key
Cannot feel cannot see

I hide
Comforted by darkness
With warmth of heated embers
No-one now remembers

Now quiet
So quiet my heartbeat echoes
Constant like a lapping wave
Looking for the love i crave

It ends
Everything finds its way
Floating petal from a rose
Like all.. it submits to close
Your smile, it sets
Sunflowers ablaze
Making me forget
About every difficult phase

Reflecting back my image
As I stare in a daze,
They lock me in a cage
The jailer, your face.

Cannot move and
Cannot see
Don't understand,
If we're meant to be

No flaw in your appearance,
No defect in your talk
Your words give me an abundance
Of clarity and of thought.

My memory never stops raving
About the wonderful sight I saw,
When all i did was to bring
It back after capturing you in awe

No story is enough
To enchant me more
Than thinking about your laugh
And what else we have in store.

But I cant tell,
I don't want you to believe
That I'm your living hell,
Who is here to deceive.
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As I walked through the lamplit gardens,
On the thin white crust of snow,
So intensely was I thinking of my misfortune,
So clearly were my eyes fixed
On the face of this grief which has come to me,
That I did not notice the beautiful pale colouring
Of lamplight on the snow;
Nor the interlaced long blue shadows of trees;
And yet these things were there,
And the white lamps, and the orange lamps, and the lamps of lilac were there,
As I have seen them so often before;
As they will be so often again
Long after my grief is forgotten.
And still, though I know this, and say this, it cannot console me.
Come swim within this restless silence
the raging river deep within beckons

the cadences we hear
are the heart's untamed waters overflowing ,
eroding this heart's shorelines ,
leaving the thrummed edges wild

prevailing currents swelling ,
no longer able to be contained
within the soul’s boundless margins

impatiently lost and lovely ,
faithfully dangerous
I’ll be your ocean and you my sky--
feel the calming tide
flood in around us ?
I've been swimming in circles ,
treading water
in an eddy of revolving reverie
waiting for the world to turn ;

fighting to release the swirling currents
meandering through
the shadowed places  so deep within

how does it feel to be the sky
that bestows ocean's light ?

how does it feel to be constantly on my mind ?

... what a beautiful piece of heartache

✩ ✩☺ ✩ ✩  ... ©
Notes: from the sky full of stars collection

... the poem was inspired by the way we misbehave
in my dreams  ...,  and ...
Your eyes beneath the summer breeze,
Your glance before the mountain range,
A philosophic walk through earth,
Your heart inspires me to change.

A change of heart, a sudden turn,
My soul has left and come again.
And though with flames my passion burns,
I must show patience and restraint.

The second act of my own play:
The second I read out your name
I knew that something was at work,
A Holy plan, so I proclaim.

I see you with a solemn glance,
While I pretend my heart is yours,
Yet trapped as in a lovesick trance,
I realize I'm by my own.

Will it ever change, my fate?
Or shall I be confined in love's
Unending forest, and await
In lonely tides without your love?

I pray that I don't just move on,
But live with you in heart or truth,
And age with bliss and love forgone,
Forever hidden in our youth.
 Aug 2016 Gypsy Ashlyn
Luka D
 Aug 2016 Gypsy Ashlyn
Luka D
that sunset was a solemn thing
in breaking hearts would love dare ring
a beauty that should be so bold
to turn my lover’s courage cold
and still I believe true that I
in deep confusion loved the sky
but light of love did overstay
the sun set one year late that day.

and so I watched  the marbled clouds
be rid of all their silver shrouds
prepared for melancholy night
and frigid fangs of lost love’s bite
and in the waning sunlight soft
a single mourning dove aloft
did wake the stars in dying light
which took the sky with drawing night
and when I gazed upon the stars
at last I saw they weren’t so far
with all the thousands in the sky
it’s not so hard to say goodbye.
Ragged breathing turns into rhythm
A slice of the flickering light
A tender soul in a weak body in spasm
A convulsing loved one fighting with all his might

Yet you stand there in the corner
****** faced and cold, unwavering
Your face a blank canvas for the painter
A silhouette of sorrow never lingering

You look hollowly into empty eyes
The same emptiness reflecting the vanished life
The same emptiness holding in your cries
The same emptiness keeping you wrapped like a vine

Yet you stand there in the corner
With the repetition doing it all over
Loved ones passing by one by one
Until you of all people have no one

Yet here you are, standing by the bed side
An insistent tear in your cheek glides down
Dropping into the forehead of the one who died
Sobs at bay so you won't feel down

Yet here you are, agonizing in pain and misery
Facing Life's one final mystery
A moment where you face the greatest fear of everybody
By the bed side of a dying one you'll see
Goodbye Grandpa, I always try to stay stone faced when facing the bed side of a dying loved one. I just cry alone when I have the chance because the pain inside is incomparable to everyone, we  all have different pains and sorrows. The Grief that watching a loved one take his/her last breathe is quite a big one to deal with (when the ones you know constantly die within a period of months) for a long time. This last June had been filled with sorrow, and so was this week. I just hope, that maybe someday, just someday, people would be happy wherever they go into the afterlife. Goodbye sweet thing, your memories will be with us for our lifetime.
 Aug 2016 Gypsy Ashlyn
 Aug 2016 Gypsy Ashlyn
I met a superhero once
He was actually a dunce
He tripped over all his words
When he’d talk to me for once
He was paranoid, insecure, always looking over his shoulder
At first glance, you’d think he was agitated bolder
But even though I didn’t understand what he was going through
I stayed with him, to be a friend
What else was I going to do
And after being with him frequently I finally understand
He was distant because the entire world was in his hands
His only job is to save it twice a day
He could never take off his disguise
He’s a fragile state of mind depressed and anxious, with a side of fries
And every time he flew away It’d make me want to cry
Because nobody knows superman without the shiny cape
And I know the person who’s just begging to escape
I know the heart of glass
Now in the ash because he dropped it in a flash
But superman's kryptonite might actually be his past
Don’t laugh
I told him there was only one thing he could do
Because I once was a superhero
And maybe you were too
The pain in his eyes was too much for him to hide
I showed him the pieces of the heart that he dropped in the sky
And surely he started to cry
A superhero is strong and mighty
Something everyone wants to be
But sometimes the strongest superheroes
Are the ones we do not see
Sometimes superheroes are depression with a cape
And to save the world we live in
Superman has to take a break
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