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Aug 2016
I met a superhero once
He was actually a dunce
He tripped over all his words
When he’d talk to me for once
He was paranoid, insecure, always looking over his shoulder
At first glance, you’d think he was agitated bolder
But even though I didn’t understand what he was going through
I stayed with him, to be a friend
What else was I going to do
And after being with him frequently I finally understand
He was distant because the entire world was in his hands
His only job is to save it twice a day
He could never take off his disguise
He’s a fragile state of mind depressed and anxious, with a side of fries
And every time he flew away It’d make me want to cry
Because nobody knows superman without the shiny cape
And I know the person who’s just begging to escape
I know the heart of glass
Now in the ash because he dropped it in a flash
But superman's kryptonite might actually be his past
Don’t laugh
I told him there was only one thing he could do
Because I once was a superhero
And maybe you were too
The pain in his eyes was too much for him to hide
I showed him the pieces of the heart that he dropped in the sky
And surely he started to cry
A superhero is strong and mighty
Something everyone wants to be
But sometimes the strongest superheroes
Are the ones we do not see
Sometimes superheroes are depression with a cape
And to save the world we live in
Superman has to take a break
Written by
Riot  Pennsylvania
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