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Jasmine Dar Apr 2017
I just look around
And try to search for
Someone to level the trembling ground.

I look for you
To make my dreams come true
But instead i see cold eyes
Indifferent to all the lies

I want you to know
So many things that i couldn't show
All the words i couldn't say
And i know it's me- I'm always the one to blame.

I just wish I could hold you close,
Smell your scent through my long nose
And talk about our day
Or maybe everything I wished to say.

I'm not saying you don't love me  
Its just that my obsession
Is way more than yours maybe
But now I'm left with depression

All  i want from you
Is maybe a call or two
Or think about me throughout the day;          
Text me without delay        

I wish I could make you understand
How much you mean to me
Because you are the sky to my land
Its you i can never reach
Some thoughts.
Jasmine Dar Oct 2016
Voices all over
But i dont hear a sound
No friend, no lover
Everyone seems to have drowned.

All my thoughts and feelings
My mind, a permanent home
And all the dread it brings
To talk to another, to roam

Is it because of that bad grade
Do they think I'm stupid?
Or is it because of this ugly braid
Begging for a farewell to bid.

I don't know why
No wants to talk to me
Because deep down i want to cry
But no one cares enough to see.
Jasmine Dar Sep 2016
I stumble in the haze,
Facing the grainy ground
No passion, no craze
Not even a sound

People tell me they see light,
Some more I must walk,
Be ready to fight,
They don't come in with a knock.

But for some the haze never existed
Stopping only when they attain
Then why can't I be benefitted
By knowing the destiation needed  to sustain.

Aimlessly walking in circles,
Look how far I have come
But the real hurdles
Only bend for some

Make my soul successful,
Give me the spark
I want this journey to be blissful
Don't swallow me in the dark

Why can't I decide
The easy route or the rough?
They said "Leave the latter aside.
It was only made for the tough"

I fear the unknown
But I must carry on
Seeds of opportunities will be sown,
Grab them before they're gone.
This is about how I am struggling to understand what I like and want to do with my future but i hope i will soon:)
Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
Thoughts profound,
Something meaningful in each sound
My train of thought,
Never to once halt

I don't want to rule the world,
But to find the world in each atom
And understand and comprehend,
What everyone cannot fathom

I am not predictable
Nor would I ever want to be,
The element of surprise
is the fire I want in me.
Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
Rolling on the beach,
like two pebbles on the shore
Happier than I ever was,
Hands entwined forever.
And oh, do you remember?
The time we hid from the world,
Laughing and smiling
as we huddled together
Wrapped in your arms in solitude.
It's crimson red,
the cheek where you planted a kiss
It's becoming blue,
And my eyes, a pinkish hue.
Your sweet scent
fills inside me,
I can never forget it,
It drives me crazy.
The memories fade
And get forged by insanity,
As You turn into sadness,
Your kisses into drugs of reality,
And the cigarette smoke corrodes me away
For have you really gone?
Or is it the darkness to blame.
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Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
Thoughts buzzing
Puzzles to solve,
Words gushing
But won't they all dissolve?
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Jasmine Dar Aug 2016
The beautiful visage 
eyes dark as ebony,
innocent and large

How subtle her features seemed,
under the soft light they gleamed
Lips stained with a cherry tint,
I wonder how hard she had sinned.

A crimson river flowed down my body 
Everything was blurry
Even her smile looked weary
But veneer with vanity.

The delicate hands held a knife
Because that was 
her way of conquering my life.
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