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Gypsy Ashlyn Nov 2017
Trembling hands
And coffee cups of wine
With a full heart and a gentle mind
Carol Jeane
Did you have to go?
I know its been so so
Carol Jeane
Did you know
I've been dreaming of you
The memories
Are slowly and subtly
Can you hear me?
For my Nanny, Carol Jeane. RIP <3
Gypsy Ashlyn Nov 2016
No room for me
The little creatures that lurk in my head,
They say there is no room for me
I don't posses the required amount of instability
It takes to be me
So they will do it instead
They will rewire me and fix me
These little hollow things will fill me
Then I shall be hallow too
Gypsy Ashlyn Nov 2016
I want to help you
But I don't want my steps in your sand
If you wish to keep your beach clean
I'll keep by my tides
But slowly
You have become a person I care about
Like a friend
A niece
A sister
And though you let others
Pour their black tar of intentions
Into your pure mind
Don't let it infest your veins
Don't let it block your heart
Spit out the spite
And let it dry up on the concrete
Under the warm sun
Forget the ones who forgot you
They worry no longer
You should too
Keeping your distance from someone you care about and worry about is hard
Gypsy Ashlyn Nov 2016
I wanna get the high I'm used to
Light headed
Bed ridden
Weak heart
Hospital admitted
It's the best, right?
A party every night
Till you say goodbye to your mom
Boarding that flight
To Philly
I remember the emotions that would fill me
All those songs on repeat
Flashing back
Gripping the counter as I fell down
All my dreams denounced
I gave up my ambition
Handed it over for a bottle
My last two dollars
Were spent full throttle
On the dope
Or a hit of my roommate ****
Thinking that that's just what I need
Take a shot
Then smoke
While the ******* is dripping down my throat
It's not pretty
When your favorite shirt
Is ruined from a nose bleed
Then everyone looks at you strange
Best friend saying that you've changed
You're no fun
You're to serious
Then they stop calling
Ain't that mysterious?
It's time to let go
Put down the bottle
Stop scrounging for a roach
You put out a week ago
Paranoia is no small price to pay
You should be paranoid when you can die any day
From your own hands
From your own brain
Grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference
Gypsy Ashlyn Nov 2016
My abilities are stronger than I see
I mean, we can get along
But I won't attach so easily
The parasitic tendencies
That reside in my skull
Slither like a snake through my body
Touching every heart
And infecting your soul
Though I do not wish to linger
I fear I have overstayed my welcome
I have dreams of us together
But I should shelve them
For my grappling grip on your lungs
Has left you weary and blue
Gypsy Ashlyn Sep 2016
You will never please everyone
The brutal truth you refuse to face
Each morning in the mirror
You are bound to fail
And chase your own tail
We are only humans
And fall at the fault
Of our own grounds
Expectations are an
Ill disease developed in faith
And is sent through the veins
By the army of love
We are all victims
Gypsy Ashlyn Sep 2016
Just tell me where you have to go
Baby, I will follow you home
You can grip the wheel
Do your own thing
Baby, I will follow you home
Bass heavy
Let the vibes flow
You've been drinking
I know
I can follow you home
You don't have to let me inside
I just gotta be sure you're alright
Keep away from the blue lights
Playing it cool so we don't fight
I can keep my distance
Let you think this through
Finish your drink, I'll pay
I just want you to fall asleep okay
Don't you stress the deep talks
I wont bring it up now
Fingers in your tangled locks
I know you're not proud
I can follow you home
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