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Dec 2021 · 268
Glasgow Girl G1 Dec 2021
As a child, I laughed, as my hands nipped with cold
I played in the snow with no gloves,
I was bold!

As an adult, I pampered and painted my nails
If I broke one, I whimpered, I bothered  
I wailed.

As a teacher, I clean and I care and I feed
My hands they are broken, cracked
Sometimes bleed!

Our children are lost in a world of new rules
made up by an army, a gaggle,
Of fools!

They mask-up, obey, and they do what they're told
Too scared to rebel, to be free,
To be bold!

Jun 2021 · 199
Glasgow Girl G1 Jun 2021
Lilibet Lilibet
What’s in a name?
Doria Doria it’s just not the same
It’s too private and gracious
And won’t fan the flame!

If you’re starting a brand?
Then the tag line is crucial
But to trade on your Baby
Well, that’s downright Brutal!

Do they have no shame?
In this quest to stay ‘Private’
Yet **** out their spawn
While the, dignified,
Stay Quiet!

Apr 2021 · 2.1k
Pink Moon
Glasgow Girl G1 Apr 2021
Oh my…
My love, I saw the moon, and she revealed the truth
Of me, and you, and dreams so true
The lust, the lie, the loss!

When first I saw your handsome face
The sparkle in your eye
I loved you then
I love you now
But truth, it never lies!

You promised me the sun and stars
The sea, the tide, the sky
You took my soul
My heart
My life
But, in the end, love died!
26th April 2021
Pink Moon in Scorpio
Dec 2020 · 688
Tame the Tongue
Glasgow Girl G1 Dec 2020
My tongue gives so much pleasure with honey flavoured praise
She bears ripe fruit and drips with perfumed sap
If you merit her attention she’ll treat you with delight

Her touch is warm and tender
If she is cherished…


She’s tamed to speak with merit but there is no guarantee
She won’t spout bitter venom if you’ve wounded me

Men have tried to tame her with strength and brutal lust
They met with bitter poison

Killing lust forever…

Jan 2018 · 354
Decent Coffee!
Glasgow Girl G1 Jan 2018
Seedling planted in Meru, resistance to disease

Result in cherries ripe and sweet, grown in a Kenyan breeze.  

Support hardworking farmers, who toil and strive to live

Let’s lift the mist and misery, ethical coffee is not a gift!
Sep 2017 · 606
An Arse Assist!
Glasgow Girl G1 Sep 2017
The Narcissist

Attention is the oxygen that feeds this phobic mind
Abandonment is death to them, they'll not respond in kind
Ignore them at your peril, adore, or see their wrath
Their self is false and hollow, they’re only worth is death!

You’re adoration gives them life, dependent on approval
They’ll laugh at you but not themselves, their temperament is cruel
He’ll goad and taunt and torture you, he’ll take you to the brink
It’s me; I’m mad and paranoid, that’s what he’ll make you think.

But if you dare reject them, they try to rip you down
They cannot stand to be the ****, or lose their bogus crown
Their ego is but all they are and you supply the rest
They look to you for solvency, will **** you’re dying breath!

Get Rid!
I checked my receipt as soon as I tried it and I absolutely did not buy the *******.  Got refunded withing the cooling off period!
It was a very speedy transaction!
Sep 2017 · 375
Molly Dyke!
Glasgow Girl G1 Sep 2017
Hello World!

Wee Molly is a lessie bean
She’s very bright and cheerful
When people hate and censure
It makes her sad and tearful!

‘Cause Molly, she loves everyone
Pure love to her is sacred
Her innocence protects her
From prejudice and hatred!

Aug 2017 · 5.4k
Body Parts!
Glasgow Girl G1 Aug 2017
Men ‘love’ with their Muscles 
Women with their hearts
This leads to some confusion
When sharing body parts!

When ***** asks ******
“Are you coming out to play?”
She wants some kind of guarantee
He’ll not just ******, then run away! 

When he presents his love stick
Pretty it is not!
So, if a girl accepts it
She must like you a lot! 

So tidy up your quiver bone
Keep your flesh tower fresh
Spice up your wee sausage
She’ll sort out the rest!
Aug 2017 · 7.5k
Walk On By!
Glasgow Girl G1 Aug 2017
If you see me in the street, just smile,
Then walk away.
You’ll wonder why I fail to speak,
The reason, I don’t care!

You see, when you, were in my life,
I offered part of me
But you had narcissistic traits
So now, you cease to be!

Best way to **** a Narcissist is to withdraw attention!
Mar 2017 · 1.1k
Turned Off!
Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2017
Gently lit with candles
The atmosphere was soft
But then he put the light on

It nearly put me off!

So then I asked him softly
"Switch the light off please?"
He said,
"My darling you look fine!"

"I know, it’s you, not me!"
Mar 2017 · 1.2k
Relationship Status!
Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2017
We're in a state of being friends
This thing that we call bonds
How strong a link
How much the love
It’s so much more than fond!

We’ve know each other
Most our lives
We’re intertwined and woven
But never have we fallen out
Never were we broken!

When times are hard
And spirits fail
We pick each other up
We love, support and carry through
With a word, a thought, a touch!

So moving forward
We are strong
Together we are better
Until the end we’ll carry on
F R I E N D S…they come no better!
For The Mary - My Friend
Mar 2017 · 906
No Fear!
Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2017
Trouble is, myself I own
You can’t control me
Leave well alone!

Don’t try to tell me what to do
I’ll take care of me
I don’t need you!

So learn this lesson, Loud and Clear
I own myself
I have no fear!

So, if you care to take a shot
I’m worth the risk
Restrict me not!

And if you think I’m worth it
Try not interfere

Suddenly you’ll look
I’m no longer here!

Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2017
La prima volta che vi ** visto,
Vi ** amato con ogni cellula del mio essere.
Questo sentimento mi ha diviso il cuore
E ** avuto bisogno di proteggervi!

Quando ** tenuto la mano
Il calore della vostra pelle
Mi ha dato un sorriso
Brillava come le stelle!

Dal momento in cui avete l'aperto gli occhi
Avete vissuto nel mio cuore
Poi quando ** sentito il pianto
Volevo prendere il vostro dolore!

Finché Dio non ci separi.  
Mar 2017 · 1.4k
Wrong End of the Stick!
Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2017
Misunderstandings hurt your heart
They tear at friendships
Pull souls apart!

So if you do not understand
Reach out and ask
Show your hand!

Between what you mean
And what you say…
Amend the stick!

Don’t just walk away!
"Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost." Khalil Gibran
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Be Careful!
Glasgow Girl G1 Oct 2016
Be careful with my heart
For it's not yours to keep
It tends itself to care and love
And holds my feelings deep!

Attention now you have it
Tend it, keep it safe
Because it might stop beating
Till it finds a safer place!
Contemplation on Glencoe.  A place that will always have my heart! Mx
Aug 2016 · 1.1k
Glasgow Girl G1 Aug 2016
Perhaps we will
Perhaps, we might
Or like Napoleon declining *** said,

“Not tonight”

Life’s full of possibilities
So, try not to be trite.
It could be there in front of you
You blink,

It’s taken flight!
Inspiration is also  born from negativity! Rx
May 2016 · 730
Glasgow Girl G1 May 2016
I knew he was a player
So, I didn’t get involved
I stayed there on the side-line
But never touched his *****!

I watched him with his other halves
Advantaged by position
He played the field and tackled
This dude was on a mission!

He's scored his final goal
Set up his final long ball
The flag is up, time has been called
He’s found his final fixture!

No more wins, just ties!
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Love Amy!
Glasgow Girl G1 Apr 2016
Amy is a clever girl
So confident and bright
Her work is always in on time
She always gets it right!

And if it's not she takes advice
Corrections quickly made
Performance wise, what can I say?
She's brilliant on the stage!

So, farewell pretty girl
Good luck, you will go far
I know that in the coming years
You'll shine and be a star!

To Amy Love an exceptional example of excellence!
Nov 2015 · 1.5k
Goodbye my Friend!
Glasgow Girl G1 Nov 2015
The stilted conversation
The formal tone of voice
He's too polite to not reply
He feels he has no choice.

I reminisce and chatter
Babbling on and on
But then I finally realise
His interest has long gone.

I gave the hand of friendship
But that was not to be
We’ve hit a void, an emptiness
Now memory, set him free!
Apr 2014 · 1.2k
High as a Kite!
Glasgow Girl G1 Apr 2014
Last night I had a dream
I was on a boat
It was sinking

Suddenly I was walking
On water…

Then, all at once I began
To float…

I woke up flying…
As high as a kite!
Mar 2014 · 1.3k
Glasgow Girl G1 Mar 2014
He’s not how I remembered him
All charming, tall and handsome
He’s podgy, dull and boring
His cockiness has left him

I nearly started snoring
When he told a story
He’s also going baldy
He’s lost his crowning glory.

I’m not saying he’s not charming
He’s sort of…in a way
But not the man I dreamt of
He’s definitely away!

He’s jaded, tired and bitter
There was no spark or flutter
He asked me if we’d meet again?
“Not sure?” I think I muttered.

— The End —