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Jul 2015
A little boy sits alone, with a world before him to explore
soon this boy grows up, not that same little boy as before
when reaching adulthood, feeding his curiosity becomes his goal
but he has not yet learned, true wisdom to maintain that control

Now a young teenager in a crowd, he senses he’s different and feels sad
so he inquires of others, and is given answers that to him just don't add
not long after this young man marries, happy and with a family of his own
he becomes overwhelmed with this depression, and feels like he is all alone

The challenges of marriage were too much, on him taking their toll
reaching that point many of us get to, he begins searching his soul
in time a transformation takes place, a degree of serenity he finds
his life slowly becomes focused, confidence and belief now shines

How many of us at one time or another, fall into this melancholy and start to wonder
is it possible that we were so deaf and blind, unaffected even from the noise of thunder
all our lives heaven sent us those messages and signs, to wake us from this our slumber
yet we chose to satisfy our materialistic desires, priorities on our list, each with a number

Skeptics and scoffers evade the logic of their folly, ignoring the truth hidden from within
unwilling to change their ways, acknowledging this truth means having to admit their sin
they err lacking the knowledge, G-d does not treat us severely when we repent while alive
but if we fail to mend our ways, love and forgiveness, for ourselves alone do we deprive

I learned this lesson myself many years ago, praying for direction from the One above
never again to put my faith in man, I was rewarded with the wisdom of truth my true love
wisdom is within the reach of all, patiently awaiting those willing to drink and draw near
with but one condition which all must follow, to acquire true wisdom, sin you must fear

Where there is fear of sin, there is enlightenment, and wisdom has a place to call home
without fear you cannot control yourself, unhindered, your evil inclination is free to roam
your hopes and desires they can really be achieved, but remember to always remain true
that road to ultimate happiness, is to acquire that wisdom, a gift understood by so few
Joshua Adam
Written by
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