Kasey Lee
Kasey Lee
Dec 15, 2014

Disappointments are normal. And if I end up disappointed, I just don't feel disappointed anymore, because it's too routine to faze me

Marie Belle
Marie Belle
Apr 23, 2015

i am
scared and disappointed

i am scared
for whats to come
to me
and other people

i am disappointed
at people
for causing
me to feel
this way

i am disappointed that i am scared

scared and disappointed
It's not love that leads to disappointment
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor Rigby
Feb 3, 2015

It's not love that leads to disappointment
But rather attachment.


Apr 19, 2015

I hate the look that
you have when you look at me
when I disappoint you.
I am nothing but a failure,
with nothing to blame but myself.

Despair and disappointment
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
Jul 6, 2014

The Dazzling Divas
Have an elaborate plan in place,
Brimming with absurdity and scandal.
Their hopes far too high,
They traipse home rejectedly,
Despair and disappointment
Plastered on their heads and in their hearts.

For Vanequa. <3
May 19, 2014

the feeling when you start growing
apart from a friend,
the feeling of a movie sucking
compared to the book,
the feeling when you fail a test
you studied hard for,
the feeling when you look in the fridge,
and there is no food,
the feeling in your stomach when all these
things happen,
that's the feeling i get when i
look in the

For in hope I expected, but t'was disappointment I got.
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Jul 14, 2014

What tragedy has seeked me out this year, I know not.
For in hope I expected, but t'was disappointment I got.

My thoughts on loving someone...and the time when Messi missed his shot at the free kick in the Fifa World Cup Finals with Germany :/ i wrote this when Gotze scored..
Lily IS
Lily IS
Jan 12, 2015

The suns shines,
the cactus dies,
and then the water comes.

#sun   #rain   #water   #desert   #disappointment   #cactus  

One crossed the oceans
Yet nothing met him on end
A letdown indeed

Pull out your giant cock


Please visit my Poetry Slam winning poem:
An Ode to My Cock

John Holmes Penis

Ron Jeremy
(Ron's my personal favorite because of his sense of humor, success and respectable Home Depot worthy tool.)
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