Oct 1, 2014      Oct 2, 2014

you were shaking
you were crying
all your galaxies
your entire world
was swimming upside down
and I just didn't know
what to do or say
though I could have said so much
so instead
these words left my lips
I'm sorry

and it was so ironic
because this time
I was the one
with worthless apologies

your lips curved downwards
you were disappointed
I couldn't blame you
I was disappointed too

Nov 1, 2014      Nov 3, 2014

During every stage of life
I am a failure
Stupid,stuttering child
Always messing up
Probably never going to succeed
Pointless to try anymore
Over life as it is
In a dark place
Never anybody's first choice
Totally incompetent
Exiting stage left
Nobody cares
Time to quit.

because your mind could not process the disappointment yet. Then - hurt, sadness, shock - flit
Aug 22, 2014      Aug 23, 2014

Hope surges upward from your core and to the heart. It warms your blood as your heart crushes into itself twice every second and unbelievably, your mind starts to think of a million and one possibilities. Your hand tingles and finally, after what seemed like eons, you think you are feeling hope again. You start suppressing it out of reflex- an unconscious, uncontrollable action. You push it down, right back to the void it came from but its too late and your lips are curving upwards into a gentle smile. You anticipate euphoria -almost can feel it at the top of your fingertips and you finally let yourself believe and hope.

It comes crashing down without warning. For a second, you still smile because your mind could not process the disappointment yet. Then - hurt, sadness, shock - flits through your mind. You still hold on to your hope like a child who refuses to let go of candy. Your smile wavers. But just like grabbing onto handfuls of sand, hope will fall out through your tightly clasped fingers. You realised that your hold on hope is no longer and instead, it is replaced by cold, unforgiving reality.

Like an icy slap to your face, like an unexpected kick to the stomach, like a bite from a dog you have always love- that is how disappointment feels like.

my feelings are so poignant, i don't think i can ever express it adequately in words. but i tried.
*The word disappointment weighs heavy inside my mind
Jun 22, 2014

The word disappointment weighs heavy inside my mind
It hangs on my shoulders like an anchor
It seeps from my pores
and causes blood to run from my veins
The girl in the mirror stands hollow and emptied by the world
lost in the desolation of space and time
she does not feel warmth;
she cant even will hot tears to flow from her eyes
she is left in silence-
with the word 'disappointment' haunting her thoughts

May 19, 2014      May 21, 2014

the feeling when you start growing
apart from a friend,
the feeling of a movie sucking
compared to the book,
the feeling when you fail a test
you studied hard for,
the feeling when you look in the fridge,
and there is no food,
the feeling in your stomach when all these
things happen,
that's the feeling i get when i
look in the

Kara Cole
Kara Cole
Apr 22, 2014      Apr 23, 2014

It is the worst of all emotions
Creeping in like a snake
Seizing your breath and tongue
A chill that raises the hair on your arms
Your stomach drops and your face
Turns hot
It is not fleeting like anger
Or easily soothed like sadness
It's brother is bitterness and
It's sister is misery
Leaving a stain that can only be cut out
It seems to travel in packs
like hungry wolves
Devouring the rays of light
Following you like a shadow
Greeting you in the morning
It is tireless, relentless, determined
It is an open wound that lasts a lifetime
A series of battles in a war that must be won
So we are not consumed and buried
Holding fast to hope no matter how small

Despair and disappointment
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
Jul 6, 2014      Jul 8, 2014

The Dazzling Divas
Have an elaborate plan in place,
Brimming with absurdity and scandal.
Their hopes far too high,
They traipse home rejectedly,
Despair and disappointment
Plastered on their heads and in their hearts.

For Vanequa. <3
I look at myself and all I see is disappointment
May 25, 2014      May 26, 2014

I look at myself and all I see is grey
I try so hard to pray it away
I know it's cliche
But I can't stand my own face

It's sad eyes
They see through my lies
My oversized thighs
My failure to revise
I despite this disguise

I look at myself and all I see is disappointment
Try harder I mumbled in exhaustion
What a collision
My own derision

One day, soon, I will look at myself and all I will see is joy
My reflection, I will enjoy not want to destroy
I will not be coy
As the sun dawns
All will be gone I vowed

I look at myself today and all I see is hope
For I am proud
I want to scream it loud in crowd
I am proud of me and you
And with that statement I feel so new.

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Nov 15, 2014

Alone and cold.
I do it myself.
Others try and get close,
They just wanna help.
But this emptiness inside my chest is breaking me down,
Tightening my throat,
Making me drown.
I'm sorry for the depression;
I'm just so cold.

Another night in my car thinking.
It's freezing outside,
My body keeps shaking.
On the verge of tears,
I'm doing my best to keep quite.
Only thought on my mind is them.
"Please keep having fun,
smile, laugh,
The night is young.
I'm out here so I won't bring you down,
I'm trying my best to not make
A sound"

Well, fucked up again
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