As the people were enslaved,
It became more quiet.
As the people were abused,
It became more quiet.
When the Earth was poisoned,
People said nothing.
When women were raped,
No one could hear their screams.

I stay humble, I work hard, I don't complain.
I do my absolute best. I take the worse and give people the best. Even when I haven't slept I'm happy to do anything for anyone. Then it happens. I'm forgotten, alone to be used by any and all. I want to be a common thought, something that happens right away, at what cost do I have to give to receive it? I've followed my own path but have picked up so many strays that do not replenish what they use. I am forgotten forever to be abused.

#love   #trust   #hate   #abuse   #forgotten   #pride   #save   #used   #betrayed  
Alec Boardman
Alec Boardman
2 days ago

Dear Harry,

I see you're doing well these days.
One year later and I still watch as you grin and laugh with your friends.
Sometimes I just grin as well knowing the truth behind the plastic you call a smile.

You once told me that you feel like you don’t belong.
You get a burning in your chest thinking of how awful humanity is and how you wish you were a robot so your brain would match your body.
But when I told you from the anxious walls of my heart that I sort of feel the same but I'm not making a metaphor, I'm transgender
You said that I didn't feel it as intensely as you did so my identity wasn't that important.
I suppose I can tell you now that you became the reason why I agree with you about humanity.

Your face sickens me.
Sort of funny how everyone calls you Harry Potter because of a scar shaped like a lightning bolt on your cheek and it was a big joke and I always laughed because what a coincidence even though I never read the books or watched the movies and now because of you:
I never will want to.

I don’t know if you realise that you’ve shattered me.
Shattered me like the board you can cut in half thanks to years of karate and your hand crafted swords are part of the reason I never crossed you because if I just change myself hard enough maybe you would stop saying you could use them on me if I kept talking about how much I love everything if everything isn’t you.

Sometimes I would wonder if you could hear my knees fighting not to snap in half.
I would wonder if you knew that you are like a hurricane; strong and unpredictable.
And like a hurricane, you came storming and when your thunder rumbled and rain paraded all over me it left nothing untouched.
I could say you're a forest fire but that would make it hot and quick and emotionless.
No, you are a hurricane because hurricanes are wet and windy and raw and wild and it left me drowning.
Unlike a hurricane, your damage can not be fixed with teamwork and donations from those that feel sympathy.
The damage you’ve done is permanent and even with all the repairs I’ve made in the form of therapy sessions and promises that I shall overcome,
I am still in ruins.

You are bitter but not sweet.
But for 17 torturous months I only saw it the other way around.  
Reaching out to try to catch onto something worth fighting for
But this isn’t worth fighting for

Because my hands hurt from writing I’m sorrys.
Because my brain hurts from pushing out reasons you’re not worth it.
Because my soul hurts from fighting the back of my mind that still loves you.
You have rendered me obsolete.

March 2016
2 days ago

I am not a landfill for
I am not the void to repair
Damaged masculinity
Yes, I am a woman
Comfortable with my sexuality
But, aren't I supposed to decide
When i want that kind of intimacy?
Everyone's got their demons
I'm always the dirt beneath their shoes
As the climb from the pit
I want to be more
I want to be whole
I want to be strong enough
To stop it when I say no
Rape is a four letter word
I wish I didn't feel it in my bones
When the one I loved hushed my cries,
I said no

#love   #depression   #anger   #abuse   #betrayal   #hurt   #ptsd   #rape   #assault  
Amanda S
Amanda S
3 days ago

kisses turn into monsters my
mind can't conjure up
they leave an ocean of pinks, purples, and blues,
yet I say nothing

this sharp - teethed demon
comes after me as fast as
a bullet can go

in my head,
i run rapidly, to the edge of the world,
but physically,
i stay as still as the sea

if I move,
he will come after me at supersonic speed
and i'll drown deeper
under these pink sheets

*for all of those whos consent has been violated*
#abuse   #dark   #ocean   #sea   #pink   #sheets   #assault   #foreboding   #consent  

I lie down on my pillow
Watching  my tears
Falling between the cracks
Of my   broken window
There wasn't enough
Room  to console it

#abuse   #hurt   #prison   #wound   #sentence   #accused  

Men should respect women
not hurl violent insults at them
This behaviour is not acceptable

Abuse violence  anger control phycial
Mental  controlling  should never be condoled. .
Alex Berthelot
Alex Berthelot
5 days ago

and however you arrived here today,
whether it was your soul raging just as much
as the storm around you and finding yourself
pounding on the door between then and now
with bloodied and bruised fists,
or whether it was feeling your heart shatter
into a million pieces and so bravely picking
each one up and trying to complete the puzzle
of your heart with no guide, once again.
you are here now
and here is becoming home
and you are piecing yourself whole again
and you are learning that no guide is ok
because now you get to decide what whole is
and how whole feels
and then one day you'll learn that the storm
wasn’t the only force raging inside of your soul,
courage was there all along raging just as strong.
courage was the pounding on the door of now, bruised fists and all.
courage was the piecing together of your heart again
and soon you’ll learn that underneath all of the rubble and pain,
you were always whole.
pieces of your heart together or not,
you are and have always been undeniably whole.

Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

You can't fix something that's not broken,
you can't change someone who doesn't want to change,
you can't decide how a person should be,
you just simply can't,
is it so hard to see?

You walk around and try to control everything that comes your way,
you're shocked when someone doesn't do as you say,
you think you're God and that we should all obey,
the truth is no matter how much beauty you endure,
you'll never be anything more than what's inside of your soul.

Your soul is darker than the night,
your heart is as cold as ice,
I'll never fall for your spell again,
You're just a devil in diguise
Nothing more, nothing less

If somebody here needs a change,
look in the mirror and watch it shatter.
You're broken and bruised,
and give others abuse.
You're living proof that the outside is no reflection of the inside...
Beautiful outside, rotten inside.

#abuse   #fake   #bitch   #hurt   #cold   #pretty   #mean   #soulless   #rotten  
The Dybbuk
The Dybbuk
5 days ago

He told her he loved her,
he meant every word.
He swallowed the liquor,
To make love a blur.
His fists and his actions,
no longer his own.
Every interaction,
cut down to the bone.
She thought that she loved Matt,
but realized the facts.
He lived like a rat,
who carried an ax.
He hurt other people,
But damaged her most.
Beneath the church steeple,
Lays their lost love's ghost.
He left marks on her soul,
They were angry and red.
Now Matt's six feet under,
With a hole in his head.

The story of a girl I'm glad I met, and a man wish she'd never met.
#love   #death   #drugs   #abuse   #ballad  
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