Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
8 hours ago

All is left couple of hours before your train arrives.

We had the best summer forever.

It was our late spring love.

I wish we could stop here for some more time.

I wish we could press rewind and begin everything from the earliest starting point.

I don't need to hear those comforting words when I know you will leave me alone.

Promise me you will remember when the night comes.

The time passes by it is turning out to be hard.

When I know we can't do anything further.

Now it is all over.

"You entre my life out of nowhere, and sunddenly become my whole world."
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Eric Lewis
14 hours ago

Life Death Hope Loss
A canvas of happiness and sorrow
The Aesthetic of existing
Beauty in the painting
Admiring the painter
Every stroke from birth to final light
We wake the morning
We die to the night
Wherever we go
The static plays a melody
The sound of increasing pretense
As the serpents die of their own poison
Drink from their own goblets
The play is over and the curtains close
Thank you for coming
We hope you enjoyed the show
The Aesthetic

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Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
21 hours ago

Her life was perfect.
Perfect family, perfect friends,
perfect job, and a perfect boyfriend.
Her life couldn't get anymore perfect, but it did.

Perfect flowers at a perfect date,
perfect ring at a perfect place.
A perfect plan
and a perfect man.
A perfect girl
living her life in her perfect world,
who said "Yes." to her perfect man.

Even though in the beginning her life wasn't all perfect,
for every cloud has a silver lining.

A frangible girl,
who lives in such a frangible world.
Frangible dreams, frangible hope.
frangible faith, with a frangible heart.
She was a frangible girl.

Frangible was her name.
Her heart was so frangible
It could break in a frangible second.
She tried to mend her frangible heart back together,
but she lost all frangible hope.
Her frangible heart,
now shows a billion frangible scars.

For her life seemed so perfect on the outside,
but on the inside
what people can't see
there was a frangible girl
with a frangible heart tied at the seams.

Here's an addition to "Frangible".
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Broken Rage
1 day ago

I wondered
I pondered
I thought about it too

What is the stuff that
dreams are made of

The Stuff that

Shatters like glass
Shape-shifts like water
Splatters like blood
Stings like fire

The Stuff that makes


Eric Lewis
1 day ago

Dragged in by chains
You won't leave alone tonight
With everything you've said
Every crime commited
Here is a prison
Made of everything you know
Throw away the key
Because You won't see the day

All fear and shame
They knew my name
I was in bondage to every broken sin
All fear and shame
They knew my name
I was in bondage to every sin

And here I was lost
Bound to my cell
Past was calling
Burdened from hell
You took my place
Where nailed wrists bled
And the thorns that pierced
Where you died and bled
Taking my place

Breathing softly
As the casket closed
And iron maiden
To close me into binds
No escape
No closure
No escaping the exposure of this sting
Untill you came
And took the death belonging to me

And here I was lost
Bound to my cell
Past was calling
Burdened from hell
You took my place
Where nailed wrists bled
And the thorns that pierced
Where you died and bled
Taking my place

And here I was lost
Bound to my cell
Past was calling
Burdened from hell
You took my place
Where nailed wrists bled
And the thorns that pierced
Where you died and bled
Taking my place

Take this life and all its pain
Blessed Are you Slain
Blessed Is The Slain
Blessed, beloved return again

2 Corinthians 5:21
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Alan S Bailey
1 day ago

It doesn't matter what I say
And it doesn't matter what they know,
Tomorrow for me will be a rainy day
After they're through sending me where
No one even knows I may go.

And no matter what happens to me,
You'll be fine-fancy free,
You're all the same, just looking for something
Or someone that looks just like me to blame,
No one would hurt you just the same.

And what was the point for this madness
That won't ever come to an end?
No attempt to find a way to ease the tension?
Why can't peace between us ever begin?
So you can always be certain you'll always win.

#broken   #lost   #always   #cruelty   #win   #rainy   #spoiled   #sending   #homes   #punish  
Sara Jones
Sara Jones
1 day ago

I would die a million deaths if it meant I got to hold you in my arms again.
If it meant I could smell your cologne, I'd stick my hand in a hornets nest.

I know we don't work.
Baby I know more than most
I know that I'll continue loving you no matter what.
No matter who says I'll get over it, I'll get better, I'll be happier without you
It's not true

For my heart has clung to you as I try to rip it out your grasp.
It's as if you decide to tug right when I decide I've won and stop fighting it.

You show up somewhere.
You show up in my dreams.
In my thoughts.
In my heartbeats.
You're there.
Just...being... you...

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It's been...
Almost a month. To the day.

I've given it up. I can't do anything.

It feels like I lost him, like he's dead, gone, non-existent. And I can't bring him back because I don't have the power to do that. I'm not capable of resurrection.

There's only one who can do that. It's in His hands. If He wants to bring my love back from the dead and back to me, then He will.

Otherwise, I move on.
I go forward.

Who he is now is not right. It's not for me.
#love   #broken   #heart   #pain   #death   #boyfriend   #relationship   #breakup   #gone  

I called what we had
"A poisonous relationship"

I apologize but it's true
You made me physically ill
I had to medicate myself
In order to put up with you
And your apathy
And your people pleasing
And your mother and her fake religion

You made me sick
Like poison
Maybe not cyanide arsenic or mercury
Because I'm not dead
I'm healing
I'm getting better
Despite drinking your poison for such a long time I'm still here

Do every single girl a favour
Stay away from her
Jan 2

We had a love so deep; one that caused the oceans to cry every night.
We had a love so bright; one that shone through our eyes, and scared the monsters away because it lighted up every inch of the frightening darkness, one that the stars and sun envied of.
We had a love so big; one that caused the milky way and Jupiter and the whole universe to feel jealous.
We had a love so strong; one that could break diamonds and titanium, one that seemed to be indestructible and simply invincible. Oh, how wrong were we all...

Because within a blink of an eye all of that was gone

All of that was just an illusion upon us souls
Now not even the essence of our love is here to remain.

Our love is long gone;
Just like the clouds in a sunny hot day,
Just like my patience when I get too desperate and mad at God because of losing you and not understanding why,
Just like the explosion of a shiny star resulting a supernova,
And just like the air inside my lungs in the middle of the night when missing you becomes too painful and overwhelming.

Don't EVER take the person you love for granted, you never know when might be the last time you hold them in your arms, because nothing in this unpredictable and short life is promised, except death.
#love   #broken   #life   #sadness   #you   #universe   #missing  
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