6 hours ago

A broken face, 
yet the hate 
Countless reflections, 
self inflections,
of pain.
Razor sharp 
jagged shards, 
a soul...
Shattered apart, 
reckless heart,
no control.
But burning tears
can't hide
what I see... 
in that broken face, 
the disgrace 
in me....

Not my best work, but they can't all be!!
8 hours ago

with shaky fingers
i clung to you
whispering to don't leave me

i know our rose
has lost its dew
i just couldn't set you free

our love
a wilted flower
i'm still asking it to bloom and grow

but your eyes
were fragments of shatter
no more buts as i let you go

#love   #broken   #sad   #lettinggo   #torture  
Kristin Elizabeth
Kristin Elizabeth
13 hours ago

in the end
we will both lose
the universe hands us love
and we try to dismiss the feeling
pick and choose another distraction
to use and abuse
you want someone cold
someone who can calm you down
who is not like you or me
I am too much of a fire
to be the one you desire
shake you up
make you crazy
your bullshit love
makes me lazy
yet here I stand
wanting to be in your company
because you looked inside
understood the rollercoaster ride
of my emotional, chaotic side
I want you because you know
what it feels like
to be like me
but in the end
it is only going to kill me

love is a losing game
#love   #poetry   #broken   #lust   #relationship   #romance   #him  
Carly Jo
Carly Jo
1 day ago

I can't pretend I don't see your face when I rest my head at night.
Or that I don't wish it was you
I held tight.
I keep trying to forget your smile
And your silly laugh.
Feelings of emptiness
knowing you're now only sweet memories from my past.
Shivers tracing up my spine whenever  I hear your name.
My heart pounding in pain.
Questioning the things I used to feel
Wondering if they were actually real.

Until tonight..
When I shed a tear realizing you were nowhere near.
Now I know what it is
that I truly fear.

Really rough.

I've forgiven you for tearing my heart apart
Pretending to be someone you're not
For swearing eternal love then torturing me with your unique cruelty

I've forgiven myself for believing the performance... the promises
For seeing capacity in you that will never be realized
Wasting my precious life force on someone so undeserving

You never actually asked for my forgiveness
And yet once again, I am giving you something from my heart....
That perhaps you do not deserve....

It was much harder to forgive myself....that was the true accomplishment.  Compassion for oneself is SO much harder. Why is that?

We will never be WE again. Maybe WE never were....except in my mind and heart
1 day ago

You were my friend
before anything,
but you seemed
to forget that
along the way.

1 day ago

think you
found love once,
you let her

#love   #go   #broken   #heart   #heartbroken   #old   #let   #letting  
1 day ago

All I do
is care
about those
who could
care less
about me
I guess
that is

#friends   #broken   #okay   #friendship   #heartbroken   #old   #caring   #care  
2 days ago

It's fancy meeting you here
I say as if I haven't been
Planning this run in for weeks.
And you give me
A smile in passing,
As you join the girl
You always prefered.
And I say it's okay,
And I scream it's okay,
To myself more so than to anyone else.
Because who am I
To dare
That you could ever
Love me again
After the way
I left you?
So before you go,
I just want to say,
You were my biggest mistake.
Not because you tried,
But because I walked away.
I recall all the attempts you made.
You wanted to fix my world,
Save a scared little girl,
And I threw you out.
I threw you away
Before with opened eyes
I realized
I needed you to stay.
No one else has ever looked at me --
Not the way you used to.
So it's funny,
Running into you here,
When I've been running
For all of these years.

You and the kids look so happy. I'll call you if I ever go back to Virginia.
#love   #broken   #heart   #lost   #past   #relationship   #mistake  
2 days ago

I have a head full of memories I thought we'd keep making
You were the only one they're for me
The only one who cared for me
Your name sounds like a Symphony
No one else will ever come above you even if you hate me
I'm not sure I'll ever forget you
But I won't chase you
Your happier now then you were with me
I cry every night that your not with me
You were no
You are the most beautiful person I've ever met
An we were a perfect Duo
You knew me
I knew you
I thought I did
You brushed me off like I meant nothing
It seemed so easy for you to say you were happy without me
You told me to stop calling you by your name I gave you
You blocked me and when I walk past
It's like we never met
I've got my world
You've got yours
An for reason my world still has your name all over it

It fucking kills me...

I hate this town It's so fucked up and all my " friends " dont give a fuck..
#love   #friends   #broken   #pain   #hurt  
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