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I wrote a song today.
It's beautiful;
So much like yourself
It's sounds so wonderful, but is the first thought on my mind, that's it's done?
Is it 'is this chord progression the right one?'
No, the first thing I imagine, is how much you'd love it
How you'd encourage me to make it even better, to make it shine

How could I possibly explain to you, the depths of my longing for you to call me
How could I possibly elaborate, the warmth and love I feel when you hug me
How could I possibly communicate, the joy my heart fills with, when we laugh at our customers
I honestly don't know.

I haven't felt attraction to someone outside of a relationship in so long, I've almost forgotten what's it's like to
Run after someone, show them, prove, you adore everything about them,
That their mere presence is enough to brighten your day
I don't even care you're going to New York in the summer.
To me, all that matters is now.
That I, feel so, for you, and only you.
I have to tell you.
I will tell you.

And its spring
with birds chirping,
high or low but you would be smiling
with the force that unfolds smelling so wonderful
beauty all around you
and you see only the wounds!
why? why do you do that to yourself?
I know You no longer jump with joy as the seasons reshape.
But someday you might recall that the beauty within yourself
and let the blooming takes place from inside out.
Let seasons remould  you,
let all the past fall away,
and the buds bloom throughout your way
with no validation to sway.
Just you within you blooming with the butterflies turned on nearby.

Let seasons reshape you.
And seasons give you the power to bloom you!
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Here a mother nature stands in the trees, she sees dear animals and feeds them. She gives them tender and joy love.

Her name is unknown but she is someone who is head of this magical place.

She watches anyone and gives them her love and light holy care to them.

The people picture her as an angel or a beautiful goddess.

She tells them her name, her name is Luxshana.. goddess of love and nature. <3

A field in my mind
In the distance, a golden sunrise
Along the horizon, they dance

Wings so delicate
They float on the breeze
Racing and gliding, they follow whispers from the trees

A variety of colors, all of them once so vivid
Now slowly fading away
knowing I cannot long stay
I reach and I reach
but they’re not mine to keep
In my hands, there are only moths

My clock it keeps ticking
The sand it keeps rolling
The farther they’re going away

No anticipation
motivation too
my imagination took them and flew
leaving me thoughtlessly tied to the ground

I stare now at grey surroundings
day after day after day
they say this is nothing new
This is something I will get used to

I belong to the monotony
But in my gut, there’s a mutiny
I just can’t ignore
The butterflies don’t visit me anymore.

Butterflies in my stomach
I scarcely can breath
Hoping nothing goes amuck
Pale, white as death
I try to hide away my fear
Though it's hard to play calm
When it's something I love so dear

#fear   #heart   #butterflies   #calm  

Quick thoughts
the stem of worry
planted in
uncertain soil
leaves of growth
in no hurry
sprouting vines
start to coil
as buds blossom
a certain sweat
settlement hosed
watered roots wet
sunshine dances
photosynthesis fuels
where butterflies
are imposed

It feels
Good to breathe, to sit
Back fall into an embroidered nest of wild
Flowers, periwinkle and dandelion
Sip nectar as if the butterflies in this
Stomach have grown tired of latakia
Bonfires and rye
Sweat lodges, merely a vessel
For the prosperity of these feelings
I am nervous but my,
Exhaling before a field
Of vision entranced in kaleidoscopic
Constellation, this seems just

All good things take time.

If you see him and your heart-
doesn't flutter

your tummy-
doesn't feel like there are butterflies in it

hang on;
give the caterpillars time-
for time will tell you
what really matters.

#love #feelings #heartbreak #marriage #butterflies #wait #patience #time

By the time I get home from rehearsal,
The world has stopped.
I'm watching the movie
You've Got Mail,
and earlier the director said
our cast had finally achieved art.
Tom Hanks is a businessman
with the heart of a philosopher.
Kathleen saw a butterfly
on the subway
She thinks it went to
Bloomingdale's to buy a hat--
I envision monarchs
preferring kimonos.

#peace   #art   #movie   #butterflies   #calm   #relax  

Winged Fairies of iridescence
Shining brilliance, reflecting rainbows
Upon this Concrete Jungle
How do they heal the tiniest oasis?
How do they find the life in the dust?
Their fluttering & kisses
Are like promises to the heart
A lift then a lurch
To see such fragile beauty
Struggling against the Hot Metal Beasts
Oh, so bent on destruction
These tiny doctors heal the world
And spread such beauty, warmth & cheer
To our cold, sick, broken hearts
A pierce of light in all this darkness
Keepers of the Light
Keepers of the Flame
Kissing health & joy
To that which is ashen and dead
Like magic, blossoms burst
In searing explosions; like fireworks
A silent symphony of color
Oh, sweet treasures from the sky
Riders of the wind
A flap, a beat of tiny wings-
Angels come in all sizes
Messengers, healers of light & love
A true joy to the heart
A flame in the Night.

©Lesley Wood

To hear spoken words,
#hope   #nature   #beauty   #power   #butterflies   #flight  
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