Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards
1 hour ago

The lies choke me,
constricting my throat with their icy tentacles.
Vines riddled with thorns,
twist and scrape inside my airway.
Blood running down my trachea
pools in my lungs,
Each burbling breath
a disturbing reminder of the webs I've woven.

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morning glory
morning glory
1 hour ago

You entered into my bloodstream just like the drug I was once so hooked on.
You said, "At least you can see your ghosts, mine prefer whispering things into my ears and never showing themselves."
I laughed because what else was there to do. You smiled, too.
I told you never to be like me; never to act like one of the ghosts that hovered around and stifled you.
You said that every time you saw me then, you couldn't help but see a blue light glowing around me.
You said I reminded you of hospital bathrooms and lies and imperfections.
I was just glad we were finally getting somewhere, getting to know each other.
I was glad you never asked why all my poems were written in the past tense, too.

let's not pretend the reason i have all these scars is because i was sad.
#love   #heartbreak   #lies   #death   #drugs   #heroin   #blue   #unrequited   #hospital  
10 hours ago

Beauty is draining from the world at an alarming rate
Nothing means anything anymore.
Sex is just a past time and not an expression of anything, trust or otherwise.
Words mean nothing, often biting and cruel
Society has grown jaded and water is thicker than blood.
Family keep secrets and speak not to each other, but to the masks each has created.
Friends are not true and often hard to find - loneliness is an epidemic, and no one cares enough to find the cure.

Within every cynic is a dissatisfied idealist.
#lies   #lonliness   #cynical   #cynic  
18 hours ago

the truth will
come to light.
it's already
peaking through the
bottom of your door frame--
the thoughts
to this day,
still smothered
insist at you to open
the door and let that light
that healing grace
cherish your skin.

and I know that you
have lived in this darkness
longer than anyone thought
you would,
longer than anyone could
possibly deserve to
and I know that
right now it is easier
to stay hidden in the shadows
of lies that grant you comfort,

but someday
I know you will see the light
and yes, tears will flood your eyes
as you mourn the hours
wasted away in the nothingness
of self-conscious denial
but you will find
all of the hope you ever needed,
or we'll give it to you

One day the truth
will come to light,
I know you're strong enough
to find it
I know the truth is
begging to be found.

I have faith in you.
#lies   #abuse   #hope   #faith   #friendship   #light   #someday  
2 days ago

This fascination
With material things
Pictures and words
Promises and lies
It make people forget

They forget what really matters
What is really important
They get too absorbed
In their pictures and words

A simple gesture
That's all we need
Nothing more
No pictures
No words

We get wrapped up in the technicalities
We complicate things
We add pictures and words
Even though we do not need them
To express ourselves

We have no need for these new languages
These new pictures and words
What we need is something old
Something nearly forgotten

It's older than the desert
Older than the ocean
Than the trees
Than the mountains

It's pure
Purer than a snowflake
Or a child's laugh
Or a sunbeam

It requires no explanation
No pictures or words
It's something we all understand
Yet we have forgotten

We have forgotten it
It's simplicity
It's embrace
It's warmth

What we need is love
True love
Love that does not need explanation
That does not need pictures and words
Pure love

#love   #pictures   #lies   #truth   #words   #happiness   #emotions   #pure   #warmth   #feel-good  
5 days ago

how 1000 miles can make a difference
in the tone of your voice
the frequency of your calls
the intensity in which
you love me

even though you swear up and down
backwards, forwards, left, and right
that you are faithful
I can see it

business and pleasure

why can’t you look me in the eyes
when you tell me how
you are


#lies   #sad   #relationships   #liar   #him   #travel   #cheater   #pleasure   #business  
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
5 days ago

Death is only the beginning
Death is the end of pain
Pain of the body
Pain within hearts
Hearts that tear
Hearts that break
Break my spirit
Break my soul
Soul of the innocent
Soul of the guilty
Guilty of labels
Guilty of hate
Hate that breeds
Hate that blinds
Blinds intelligence
Blinds the eyes
Eyes that discern
Eyes that see truth
Truth of our origins
Truth of a matter
Matter of fact
Matter of conscience
Conscience that protects
Conscience that guides
Guides the wise
Guides the strong
Strong in spirit
Strong in mind
Mind that sways
Mind that decides
Decides an outcome
Decides a fate
Fate which is chance
Fate that is life
Life has no box of chocolates
Life gives no sweets for free
Free is relative
Free is what we take
Take her hand in yours
Take the ring he offers
Offers promise of happiness
Offers his heart to give
Give without cost to you
Give without taking back
Back to where it resides
Back to being alone
Alone as in the beginning
Alone with only his pains

                ~FJ Thomas

Form: Blitz
#love   #lies   #truth   #life   #hate   #pain   #guilt   #innocence   #loneliness   #blitz  
5 days ago

Lips of deceit
  Bleed lies
Behind each word
She speaks

#love   #poem   #lies   #dark   #10w  
Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
6 days ago

Bully the bullies! If you feel you've been harmed,
You have! If someone looks at you wrong,
Break their neck! Others need to clean
Their act up! Don't need to apologize
Even when I'm the one who messed up
All along! Yes, it's a self-pity song!
You are in charge, you are the one!
Yes, this is the way you make due,
This is how you solve things! (All alone)
You always mess it up for me even though
You face this whole world on your own!
If by words alone I am "harmed" in my heart,
It's perfectly good (not vindictive)
(Dark vengeance, what's that?)

To go right ahead tear them apart!

Just how I feel. This poem doesn't resemble anyone I know. I swear.
#lies   #heart   #good   #people   #strangers   #head   #chase   #average   #joe   #vengeful  
Ysa Pa
Ysa Pa
6 days ago

During the brief moment
Of utmost vulnerability
The end of fairy tale kisses
Marking the era of a cruel reality

With the intention of shattering
You came, caressing the scars
With glimpses of desperation
And envying the collision of stars

With my inability to hinder
Your plans to have mine stolen
During my reconstruction of walls
You planned out the forbidden

You acted, without a shred of doubt
I responded, through utter loss
Now that its ended, I still can't believe
That what I warned others of, happened to us

Nts... Feb 17
#lies   #him   #deceit   #weakness   #unforgiven  
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