5 hours ago

Do you like your world of fantasy?
Where you live in twisted lies?
Your words are woven a shield of art,
behind which, you believe you'll never die.

You cry for help behind your brambles,
where thorns prick and wolves cry.
Do you realize you tended to them yourself, dear?
You sentenced yourself to die.

#lies   #fantasy   #victim   #brambles  
Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
14 hours ago

I've forgiven you for tearing my heart apart
Pretending to be someone you're not
For swearing eternal love then torturing me with your unique cruelty

I've forgiven myself for believing the performance... the promises
For seeing capacity in you that will never be realized
Wasting my precious life force on someone so undeserving

You never actually asked for my forgiveness
And yet once again, I am giving you something from my heart....
That perhaps you do not deserve....

It was much harder to forgive myself....that was the true accomplishment.  Compassion for oneself is SO much harder. Why is that?

We will never be WE again. Maybe WE never were....except in my mind and heart
20 hours ago

Running around lies and pleasure,
Stirs within her and each day she finds she loses a part of her
with every passing fib she is lying to love and not loving to lie.
Each night she lay her head down with tears streaming warmly down
her rosy cheeks with much despair in feeling like such fraudulent character on daily schedule.See's many sights of fun things to do and places to go also so many people she has come to know but in falseness the popularity holds no pride and no place for someone of her kind to stay or hide.

Running around with much that she does take pleasure so the addiction to continue wins over and over; She is drowning with liquor each discouraging drink screams at her and shouts to her one at a time soon there she is repeatedly time after time her tears are that of plenty she is in too deep with much to lose that lost little girl might as well be you!! or boy?! Because nearly each of us takes a moment in time to lie and deceive so this is the consequential punishment from God holiest thine she had received.

He gave his blood so we can live while he was to sacrifice! Why does it have to be us mortals here were designed to sin on a journey of continuous battle of good verses evil and tainted pride to dis own our exact same human race?!? Lets step forward and time erased so we can go back to those leave it to beaver days.

So we are built to lie cheat and everything in between
Made with Emotions we lose it here and there;
What you need to remember is he is always just there!
Awaiting to hear from your heart if you mean it with Truth he is Legit
he is there just waiting to hear you speak in a raw way.
Being forgiven for what you have done does not come easy! So just like those streams of tears the rivers do still flow and you are worthy of being loved so as of now it is time to Let it Go!

Be the one you know you can be what ever that can mean for you,
Leave feeling refreshed and undefined by life traumas and events be the Truest one you have always been meant to be follow pure happiness in honest form be the prevention of your own personal storm. Some really are reborn. So take the time to dig and see find it out what is within thee. Be you & Be True think about the things you choose.

This is just myself feeling inspired to write about Love while in a Rut and my thoughts of how change is to be if you truly reach deeply and think about your issues or if you think I have no issues ask those watching you in life to maybe shed you some light. we often forget were all human and the same so try to not judge and just simply Love in Return, this is not about if you believe this is about you finding your zen in a honest way to release and refresh to broaden perception.
#love   #lies   #hate   #god   #hurt   #sorrow   #truthful   #discourage  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
1 day ago

Promises are worthless, with so little truth behind them
Words don't cost a dime, they're free and inaccurate
Honesty is a rarity, if you find it hold it tight
Truth is barely known, find it and make it yours

In a world where lies are woven in the syllables we toss about
We could use a little more integrity in societies built on falsehoods

#lies   #truth   #honest   #falsehoods  
Anne Santos
Anne Santos
1 day ago

oh how easy would it be
for my lies to be truths
all would be good and sweet
like eating ripened fruits

although aromatic, these are
definitely rotten from the core
would you dare take a peek
and see what lies in store?

#lies   #sad   #fruits  
Winter Raven
1 day ago

Crystalline illusion
Spun like a spiderweb
Swirling and deceiving
Do you know the truth?
Or do you prefer to live a lie?

It's shattered now
You're crying
You chose to dwell in a lie

#lies   #truth   #illusion  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
2 days ago

I was silly to think that maybe there was something
here and I was enough for you.
My poor, numb heart needed someone
and I thought you could be the firefly
to thaw me, but now I only feel
the stupidity of my actions,
of how unapologetically I pursued you
with so much blind hope.
I waited. I waited and waited
and boy, did you have me fooled,
because I thought you were going
to wait for me too.

~~ You have humiliated me. ~~
#love   #lies   #sad   #heart   #eyes   #stupid   #loss   #relationship   #breakup   #feel  
Rafael Melendez
Rafael Melendez
2 days ago

I'm sorry to say you don't know me. You say I'm a good person, while I look you in those reflective eyes. Glossed to the point I can see my lies in your eyes.

#lies   #good   #bullshit  
The Trumpoet
The Trumpoet
2 days ago

Did you support that Donald Trump in his campaign last year?
Why didn't all his hatefulness fill you with dread and fear?
Did you believe his B.S. or did you hate Hillary
so much that you preferred a jerk who likes to grab pu--y?

At some point did you realize the truth he cannot tell,
when he fibbed about inaugural crowds and voter fraud as well?
When he misled you on healthcare, did you finally agree
that lying just like breathing; both come to him naturally?

And what about his henchmen, tangled up with Russian ties
to the Kremlin and the oligarchs, in cahoots with Putin's spies?
When Trump heaped praise on Vladimir, were you just too blind to see,
or did you hope that your leader would be Comrade Trumpsky?

Oh how could this have happened? What an awful, global mess!
A big buffoon's in power, do you finally confess?
Did your vote help to elect him? To the Whitehouse was he sent
because in a fit of madness, you said "Trump for President"?!

'cause in a fit of madness, you said TRUMP-FOR-PRESIDENT?!

This poem can also be sung to the tune of "The Hoedown Song", which was a common feature on Drew Carey's former improvisation show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?". You can see and hear this poem performed with the music on YouTube at

To see a variety of "trumpoems", take a look at
#lies   #regret   #russia   #president   #putin   #united   #election   #voting   #donald   #trump  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
4 days ago

I promise
I won't ever break your heart again
Take advantage of your devotion
Razors up through my throat
the verses I sweetly lie through
secret smiles, my seething teeth vibrate
The weight of words in pixel and ink
May keep the cold truth freezing
The virulence hiding behind
what once were naive eyes
fed and sleeping in chains

One sweet word,
Is all I have left
If it's even that
#trust   #word   #lies   #broken   #faith   #always   #cheating   #lover   #sweet   #one  
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