Don't cry tender soul it's not your time
Ask me anything and you shall see
Nothing is as hard as it used to be
I've brought you strawberry milk, let me nom your feet
Everything is perfect, your kisses all over me
Love me like I do you, you are the start of everything

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It's just like you told me,
The horrors of your dreams come true
Flooding my timeline
My days are now efforts to avoid drowning
So tonight, i'll nose dive into the hurricane.
There's no place to hide out here.
Both our hands are filthy and no one will touch us.
But tonight, i'll hold you close
And we'll fall asleep to escape our plight.
We'll live in our dreams, if only for the night.
If we could fly,
Then we'd fly south.
Away from everything,
Everything That threatens our happy future.
Pictures of dead decaying dreams.
Framed photos of this moment
Floating atop the mass dump of the times
We wasted.
The times we failed to spend in each other's arms.

So we failed to gather again at the end of the Purge.
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Te quiero, te quiero ver,
Dime cuando, dime amor.
Te veo en una imagen,
Que me hace querer más de ti.
Eres como la lluvia, la luna, las flores.
Eres un sueño dulce, así te veo:
Bella y decidida como un instinto que se vive.

Te quiero, te quiero ver,
Antes de que ya no pueda más,
Antes de que estalle por tanto amor,
Antes de que la luna deje de estar llena,
Antes de que el viento se lleve las nubes cargadas de agua,
Antes de que la flor se abra y se marchite.

Te quiero, te quiero ver,
Con una sonrisa en el rostro
Y un te quiero en la lengua.
Tu voz me calma,
Tu imagen me hace soñar,
Tu mensaje me llena
Y el no verte... me da más razones para verte.

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19 hours ago

You are forever gone, but the memories you left with me
will live forever.
Forever engraved behind my heart, and hidden between the depths of my soul and mind
You will never fade away like eternity's existence


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1 day ago

Love me the way I don't love myself,
  Love me like you've never loved yourself,
    just us two
     desperate and affectionate
   badged with your validation
an indication of my worth
all sit on the tip your tongue
at the top of my head
           three words, from two eyes
              two eyes with three words  
                 this desire to be cherished
             all in the way we never cherish ourselves
me and you
both as selfish as they come
creators of an insecure and vulnerable romance
only made to serve ourselves
a fluffy filling of excitement and anticipation
only to make days seem shorter
and life seem more worth it
      how pathetically sad
            you and I
              the two who
                  never loved each other
                   but wanted to love ourselves

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Damian Murphy
Damian Murphy
1 day ago

Though darkness shall often descend
One should remember on such days
That dark days will come to an end
As the light shall return always.

If a poet falls in love with you,
Don't take it for granted;
They don't write poetry
For just anyone, you know.

February 24, 2017.
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Maggie Rowen
Maggie Rowen
1 day ago

there were words I couldn't speak,

words I couldn't see,

feelings I couldn't find,

feelings I couldn't hide.

The day you said you loved me,
the day you walked away,
the day you said I'd come to find
no one else could make me feel this way.

I believed every word you said.
I believed you now and I believed you then.
The difference between us, is you still left.

I stayed, for two years
and when you finally said you loved me
I saw all my dreams becoming true.

Then I saw her. She just showed up.
The only person besides me you kept in your life.
So for months I let the torment work its way through my body
until I was simply rotting.

Every time I tried to explain the hurt that bounced around inside
all I managed to do was start a fight.
But I loved you, and I love you,
and I tried my very best,
until one day my insides tore, and I was now an external mess.
As my insides poured out into all the wrong places,
I felt the burning sting of pain beneath my sleeve.
The wounds reopened, as I was closing.
My arms were cut to bleed.

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nina babic
nina babic
2 days ago

Gloved hand swabs, swirls clean that patch
of gum inflamed by injury.

You cannot remember the operation,
but it stings, howls all day and night.

Blood splatter on white gloves
still examining the disaster zone.

Eyes glazing, heart pining
for that missing tooth.

Inside the mouth now,
only a hostile scab remains.

Close call, they say you were
almost lost on the operating table.

Tooth rooted so deeply that the pull
caused your heart to skip.

General anesthetic, no relief
even in the depths of sleep.

Groggy, awake, you still pine
for that tooth so severed

from your mouth and
all the years that it

grew beside your tongue,
you will always miss.

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treadmill, treadmill, treadmill
my mind is in routine
exercising all of your expressions
unorthodox and quirky mannerisms
your decisions are exasperating
my mind is exhausted as i try to
your previous steps.

memorise, memorise, memorise
your voice loops through my head
there are cracks in its harmony
but it plays like a lullaby
even in my dreams
your imperfect chords hang over
like a utopian sillouette.


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